Hurricane Chris - Louisianimal 2


01 Hurricane Chris - Intro
02 Hurricane Chris - Bad Guy
03 Hurricane Chris - Servin'
04 Hurricane Chris - Go Hard
05 Hurricane Chris - Real Live Freak
06 Hurricane Chris - Coke Bottle
07 Hurricane Chris - Freestyle
08 Hurricane Chris - Whip It
09 Hurricane Chris - Mo Money
10 Hurricane Chris - Niggas Be Hatin
11 Hurricane Chris Feat. Lil Boosie - Lime Life
12 Hurricane Chris - Coldest Rapper
13 Hurricane Chris - Gangsta Shit
14 Hurricane Chris - Put You In Yo Place
15 Hurricane Chris Feat. Big Poppa - Rep Dat
16 Hurricane Chris - Outro

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Haven't heard this nigga in awhile...shouldn't be a disapointing mixtape hurricane be spittin that fire -I'd Rather Bang Screw-
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Dont Know

I Dont know what to think about dis mixtape
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Nice Mix

I had this for a good min and finally listened to it today,Definably a good mix he hungry for sure.
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Still Doin' Da Dam Thang

Chris Be Do In It Big Homie, He Gots Respect In Tha Lonestar State Mayne Fa Real Ever Since He been Fuckin' Wit Tha Homies Play-N-Skillz. 100/100. -[[REAL RECOGNIZE REAL...NO NUTZ, NO GLORY]]-
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this got a few decent tracks, i neva fuck with chris that much but this not that bad....but him and boosie had that tape category 7 i think....but any way its on this site, he was ok on that piece i think this worth a d/l for hurricane fans no doubt....
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Bout time this nigga gets something out fuck... its been ages since i heard a hurricane track. Young Money At The Top Is Where They Found US! Stop Hatin!
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I aint downloading this shit

I aint downloading this shit till I get a legit some1 give me a legit rating...please(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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you need help here see for your self homie.....
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First off rookie to the site u need not xpress that word in ur comments or better yet ur vocab!!!!And if u wuz a Chris fan you would known that him and Boosie dropped a mixtape...(Site Veteran)...Hightech 3stakz!!!
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funny i been waiting to hear something from this dude 4 awhile i thought he was gonna have a CD comeing up but i never heard anything about it i dig the kid he nice with the flo i'm Dlin this right now and will rate it, not that MY rateing matter
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he had a new cd in december.

he had a new cd in december. called Unleashed
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good drop

This lil nigga dont drop too many mixtapes so ima give it a go.
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always willing to try

always willing to try something new.....
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Seems like everyone has an open mind about this...guess I'll dl as well...
-God must love stupid people, he made so many.
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huh me too. i thought people

huh me too. i thought people were gunna bash the shit outta him, ima give it a go too. fuck it haha
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shit fire I fux with this!!

shit straight fire Didnt really like ay bay bay except for the remix but I fux with the tape he did with boosie this fire though 7 outta 10

i think he's alil

i think he's alil underated....the blk shyne's on niggas, then i son them.
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Its str8

#8 is my anthem for the time being. Working my wrist yeah im whiping whiping
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top it

this should be at top no doubt....and yo that bone uni 5 shit worth a listen.....
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Im not really a H. Chris fan (at all), so i waited for a min to give this a try (plus i was bumpin that jada), but i gave it a listen and i be damned, it's not bad.. 6.5/10, aiight/not bad worth the dl.. he put a lot of work into this one, i listened to his old stuff once and i was not impressed, i think he's growing up and taking himself and this rap game seriously now.. he still got some of that Poppish rap shit but this is a pretty good mix.. who woulda thought?
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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yea i'd have to agree 6.5/10. i thought this was going to be alot of club type music but i see he went in a different direction.
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this is actually one of the

this is actually one of the best tapes musically i have heard in a bit on here to bad it is only about 50%
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No Complaints

I don't have any complaints bout H. Chris, sounds like he proving those who looked over him to take another look and see what u got a Fucking LOUISIANIMAL! Hell is full of musical amateurs!
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good listen

it was a good 1 time listen, but it was kinda lacking substance. But good for any Hurricane Chris fan. 6/10
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hurricane chris raw as fuck

hurricane chris raw as fuck

wtf is a jay electronica ?

aye bay bay was this dudes dj, he really a raw type of rapper,category seven wit boosie was his best effort to me. I believe doing that tape with boosie inspired kinfolk..Cuz always been high tempo/buck so u know what the labels said .. 7/10..he did step out of his norm on this,plus boosie locked up so he can get some of that spot light if he's smart about the whole situation ! These Urkel a88 nigg8 is turn'in into Stephon..!!