DJ Get It Rite & Audiomuzic - I'm Nobody Man


Brooklyn rapper Audiomuzic releases his new mixtape I'm Nobody Man hosted by DJ Get It Rite.

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Known as the working mans rapper AUDIO MUZIC is a local
New York City m.c. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in
Brooklyn, NY. AUDIO MUZIC brings a laid back street essence
style to his music. Growing up he would rap in street corners and
local parks which gave him a true understanding and respect for
hip hop. His inspiration comes from Rappers AZ and Tabi Bonney.
AUDIO adds: “AZ and Tabi these guys aren’t in a major
label they do it by themselves and you can feel the life in their
music, because it truly comes from the soul.” A strong belief in
having a good time on the mic than trying to be tougher than the
next artist, gives AUDIO a very down to earth persona.

03-Da Revolution
05-Just Rhyming
07-Drake The Snake
08-Never Give U Up
10-Nursery Rhyming

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Brooklyn____> The roof is on fire

i've only listen Robbery for the moment;that's a good idea to include video. If all the hip hop "stars" make you sick,this tape is for you "There's a war going on outside"


This nigga flo wack as hell but he still manage to make me laugh with his circus act.. Damn, is this what Brooklyn come down to?? Weak.
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This is a good example that theres shitty rappers in every region, not just the south.
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is this supposed to be for real?

pitiful... i bet dudes in high school cafeteria's can do better than this...


this shits pretty funny. this dudes gonna get straight blacklisted dissin everybody. decent tape tho i guess, but dude obviously has nuthin good to rap about so he jus disses people. prolly jus tryna get on, even tho he says hes not
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i likes this shit, he dissin

i likes this shit, he dissin all dem stupid mufuckas.If you a fan of diss tracks then track 2 an 7 is fo you. This tape got that classic bk east coast vibe, except numba 9, that track's jus some pop music shit... Jus Chill


This video is garbage too. Yo, get a day job cause eerbody you tried to diss would straight smash you if they heard this shit. " IF YOU AIN'T GETTIN PUSSY, YOU BETTER BE GETTIN HIGH "


Whats with the cover? Didn't fif do this already. Come up with something original. I'm still stuck on that cover... It must have taken 5 min to put that together. Is that nikki choosing him over drake... makes you wonder what he thinks about in his spare time. three reasons this mixtape fails. The video, public feedback, and that lame ass cover. Better luck next time?
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he also diss nicki in that

he also diss nicki in that second song too, i aint take a good look at dat cover when i first downloaded this tape, but its all good its still an ok east coast tape ... Jus Chill

Go ahead and stick up for him

I'm not looking for "OK" tapes, I'm looking for that next star to break out tape. ANYBODY can go around dissing celebrities, probably do it better than this guy. How about he try releasing a single about shit he deals with in real life, a story, past experiences, something that we can relate, understand, and quite possibly respect. This is more of a comic relief! You probably going to say should have downloaded his mixtape, but he lost me at his weak attempt to market himself. I hope aspiring artists read this, they'll know what not to do when trying to get discovered.
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naw man i wadnt tryna stick

naw man i wadnt tryna stick up for him, i was jus sayin i aint seen it, i mean i know he fuckin up on his tracks with his flow, i jus like hearin diss tracks mane. If he woulda came a lil harder an memorized his raps instead of makin it seem as if he was readin em off paper this could have been a much better tape, cuz i know what errbody sayin about his flow and shit and i do agree with yall. I'm a keep lookin for dis guys music tho and hope that he progress.But real talk tho i wasn't eva hatin on yo opinion bella music... Jus Chill


Yea I here you. I just like to separate the pretenders from the contenders. Wish this guy luck, maybe he'll try a different angle one day and I'll give him a shot. Maybe I just miss andre3000, RZA, Luda, 50 in his prime, you get the picture. And a big thanks to bishop lamont, cashis, Crooked I, joe "stop smoking weed" buddens, royce, Lloyd banks, juelz, t.i, wiz, b.o.b, kanye "tone down on tight clothing" west, EM, jim "hit or a miss" jones, even rick ross putting out decend material. just to name a few.

stop beating up on the guy

stop beating up on the guy its funny and entertaining sounds like a famous rapper is on mixtapetorrent trying flip things around I heard the tape its not bad at all Its better than souljaboy. I guess if a rapper is worth millions the record companies dont want some bozo from the street killing they image. Its all a game like they say Good luck to audiomuzic keep doing ur thang
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if u gonna make a diss song

dont do it with a mushmouth slow ass queer ass lyrics corny ass MF haha shits lame
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if u gonna make a diss song

dont do it with a mushmouth slow ass queer ass lyrics corny ass MF haha shits lame


This is defenetly an eastcoast tape if u from the south u probably not gonna get it and say its wack cause he aint talking about hoes and shit but that videos funny I dont care who you are thats funny right there
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im gonna listen juss cuz! *414 n da bill'din!!*
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lol! i thought the video was

lol! i thought the video was halarious but i dont think ima give it download! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!

NYC BABY...............

Yeah Im gonna be a lil bias here cause Im from the east but I like this shit the video is funny yeah 50 did it but this cat is doing it in a funny way and if you guys listen to the tape you can hear his flo switching up maybe he just recorded this in a rush or he just trying to tell the story but i dig it though Track 3&4 sound like that classic shit
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horrible. this dudes

horrible. this dudes delivery is trash & his lyrics are no better. prob from bk heights with the cosbys.


makes me feel sad to be hispanic,sorry audio but this shits wack but theres one thing u are good being a hater great job