DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar Present Cold Flamez - Homicidal, 2012 (We Warned U)

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01. 2012 Intro
02. Do It
03. Miss Me Kiss Me
04. Nobody Illa
05. Aint Ya
06. Losing My Mind
07. I Am Da Best
08. Bedda Beware
09. Higher
10. Get It Up
11. Without You
12. Slow Motion (Hormones) The Rotation Song
13. Lost My Girl
14. I Feel So Alive
15. 2012 Skit
16. Ufo
17. We Comin Thru
18. Hoes Aint Shit
19. Something For The Bitches (Bonus Track)

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checked out dat miss me kiss me video on youtube shit ok. dudes usin dat robot voice shit, lol. these niggas look like a punk rock rap group so aye if u like dat kinda shit den aye download it but just ain for me, peace.
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Keep your Asprin next to you before downloading this..

I wish they would put a warning label on shit like this
They defiantly swingin from Waynes dick and mimicking his swag on this shit, they not only rap just like him they decided to make Auto-tune their entire rap scheme... so the entire time you listenin to computerized bullshit
This shit got lame quick, all the side of my head hurt just from skimmin through this shit..
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they warned us

what dis ugly long shit is doin here? classified in da westcoast genre.. r u kidin. i cant believe i'v download dat fart