Trey Songz - Love King


01 Trey Songz - For The Sake Of Love
02 Trey Songz - Til The Day I Die
03 Trey Songz - It Would Be You
04 Trey Songz - Lil Freak
05 Trey Songz - Lemonade
06 Trey Songz - All The Way Turnt Up
07 Trey Songz - Over
08 Trey Songz - Absolute Heat
09 Trey Songz - Put It On My Tab Feat Sammie
10 Trey Songz - The Machine
11 Trey Songz - I Wanna Rock
12 Trey Songz - Hard
13 Trey Songz - Drop It Low (Remix) Ester Dean, Diddy, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
14 Trey Songz - Make Moves
15 Trey Songz - Big Spender
16 Trey Songz - Im Right Here
17 Trey Songz - Customer Feat Raheem Devaughn
18 Trey Songz - Play House
19 Trey Songz - All My Life
20 Trey Songz - Pack Ya Bagz
21 Trey Songz - Inseparable Feat Mariah Carey
22 Trey Songz - Yesterday Feat Toni Braxton

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This dood makin Usher sound like garbage. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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still listening

still listening haven't made my mind up yet
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I cant listen to too much of this (I guess she broke my heart, that bitch)
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Well he sings better than Usher, But where Usher lacks he gains somewhere else, like ability to dance and all that other shit, i don't know if Trey Dance tho i haven't seen any of his vids, Trey definitely get bitches in the mood tho, bitches aint too much into Usher no more so if u wanna set the mood right this that dude.
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right on point

definitlely agree between the two i bump the trey songz over usher for the moment. Time to let trey songz be in the spotlight. He is doin his thing and yes it gets us ladies in the mood.


usher will always b dat nigga.. But trey go hard.. He doin his thing
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Usher use to be that nigga

He played out now, and females for whatever reason stopped listening to that nigga, probably because of his choice of women or somethin, who knows but i ain't never liked Usher but i remember when Females did so his CD"s came in good use for a time, now ask any female who they'd choose to listen too.. (well except white women)
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it's O.K

has a mix of songs from slow to uptempo. and an occasional lovemaking song with a few remixes in there.. when i think of a R&B cd i want to hear that Jupiter Love type of ish.. Your right crime does pay, but then you pay for your crime


this is a good DL ,cant be gangsta all the time and no, usher still better than songz
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he is just killing

he is just killing everything right now! Is this mix worth it though? someone let me know
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Kinda Old

But Trey Songz is the Weezy Of R&B..He jacks everyone's beats and lays the murder game down on em'
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If you dont have these

If you dont have these tracks you should dl. trigga is real nice! dudes got flow and voice. trey can tear a track up...
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Haha This nigga BRONXFAGBOYWHITE still editing his post from hours ago on that Chris Banga comment shit. Haha, he tryin to draw attention to his but booty boyfriend Luigi Super Mario Bros lookn faget. U a fuckn clown son! He cant detach away from his booty lovers page to comment on another tape. HAHA. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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sounds good.
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H MuLLa BaaayBaaaY

HMooGa Got MUcH BuNnZ wiT DaT Ni99A TriGGa PlaYin In Da BacKgROunD hahaha u no Pu$$y GettiN A$$ Ni99aZ !!!
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Trey can't do wrong these days
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This is better than

This is better than Ready....IMO of course -God must love stupid people, he made so many.
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idk how to download the mixtapes? help please
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how to download
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This love
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I have a new mixtape i fell in love with this 1 here
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Smooth and Sexy

He has become a sex symbol in every sense and people are now getting to know Trey Songz betetr as an artist.
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Loven this one... Trey go

Loven this one... Trey go hard on the lyrics and them high notes but Usher do got the moves *South Tx Gurl*