DJ Ill Will & Topic Present King Official - Twin Towers

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SRC Rapper & Boss Life World Inc. CEO Topic along with Justo Nominated DJ - DJ
Ill Will Present 19 yr old Southern California Rapper King Official's Official
Debut project "Twin Towers"

1. Dj Ill Will Speaks
2. Skit (Intro)
3. Who U Know
4. Dj Ill Will Speaks [My Style]
5. 80's Music
6. T.O. & K.O. Skit
7. What It Dew
8. Take U Out Feat Sel Davis & Avanege
9. Lets Get It Feat Topic
10. The Sermon
11. Lil Mama
12. So Rich Feat Rashad
13. All 4 The Love
14. Cold Summer, Hot Winter Feat Avanege
15. Quest
16. Bonus Track

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i hope if you are going to

i hope if you are going to put out a tape about the events from 9/11 you atleast have one good song about it.. but it doesnt look like you do.. so fuck yo tape nigga! and you aint no boy-scout!!
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Thats so funny

When I suck 2 dicks at once I call them the twin towers cause after they blow they go down!
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Wut kinda GaY shit iz dat 2

Wut kinda GaY shit iz dat 2 say ?!? Faggot mu'fuka!
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I think the album is kinda

I think the album is kinda HoT...Im feelin dem beats aswell. OnE........