DJ JS-1 – DEMOlition


1-Demolition Intro
2-Slow N Low (Unreleased Demo) - Run Dmc
3-Touchdown (Demo) - Snoop Dogg
4-Slaves - Cenubites
5-Untitled (Unreleased Demo 1996) - T La Rock N React
6-Queen Bitch (Reference Trk Original) - Biggie
7-Capital R.A.S. - Ras Kass
8-I Wanna Be President - Channel Live
9-Untitled - Grand Puba
10-Raise It Up - Large Pro (Main Source)
11-Chillin' W Marley Marl Promo - Mc Lyte
12-1 Flip Styles - Sadat X, Grand Puba, Diamond D
13-Open Mic - Eminem
14-Remain Anonymous - Ras Kass
15-Untitled - Grand Puba
16-Get Live (Unreleased Demo) - Rahzel N Organized Konfusion
17-Props Over Here (Original Demo) - The Beatnuts
18-Give Up The Goods (Original Demo) - Mobb Deep
19-Come On - Sadat X N Biggie
20-Untitled (Go Queensbridge) - Tragedy
21-Check A Bitch - Kool G Rap
22-Unofficial Mahogany 2? (Unreleased Demo) - Rakim
23-Getz Funky - Esp (Tha Alkaholiks)
24-You Got Dat - Edo G
25-Time - Large Pro (Main Source)
26-Don't Ask For Money - Grand Daddy Iu
27-Peace Prosperity N Paper - A Tribe Called Quest
28-Poor Young Dave - Snoop Doog
29-Backstabber - Eminem
30-How Ya Livin' - Brand Nubians
31-Like This - Freddie Foxxx (Bumpy Knuckles)
32-Keep Ya Mouth Shut - Lord Finesse
33-Cool N Calm - Pete Rock N Cl Smooth
34-Step Into The Ozone (Demo) - Oc
35-To Each His Own - Showbiz N Ag
36-Enter The Dragon - Kool G Rap
37-Midnight Wrecka - Pete Rock N Cl Smooth
38-Survival Of The Fittest - Mobb Deep
39-Nas Will Prevail - Nas
40-International Arrival - Organized Konfusion
41-It's Gettin' Hectic (Unreleased From Return Of The Boom Bap Lp)
- Krs-One N Dj Premier
42-Represent (Original Demo) - Nas N Dj Premier
43-Machine Gun Funk (Premier Remix) - Biggie N Dj Premier
44-I'm Not Superman - Gangstarr
45-Hard To Kill (Original Demo) - Showbiz N Ag
46-It Gets No Better - Casual N Pep Luv
47-Welcome To The Grooveyard (Demo) - Esp (Tha Alkaholiks)
48-Scenario (Unreleased Demo) - The Beastie Boys
49-Three Little Pigs - Dmx
50-Everythings Cool (Demo) - Rakim
51-Coyote - Jungle Brothers
52-Flip Dat Shit - Naughty By Nature N Onyx N Biggie
53-Georgie Porgie - A Tribe Called Quest N Brand Nubians
54-Bootleggin' - Large Pro (Main Source)
55-Word To The Wise - Del
56-Fat For The 90's (Demo) - Lord Finesse N Ag
57-Props (Unreleased) - 3rd Bass N Brand New Heavies
58-Untitled (Freestyle Demo) - Special Ed
59-I'm Convinced - Showbiz N Ag
60-Biggie Got The Hype Shit (Demo) - Biggie
61-Take It Back To Brooklyn (Demo) - Ole Dirty Bastard
62-Untitled - Nas
63-Principal Of The New School - Big L
64-Can You Feel It - Casual
65-Bust A Lil Somethin' - Lord Finesse
66-I Declare War - Kool G Rap
67-Stunt Of The Block - Super Kids (Tragedy)
68-County Blues (Freestyle Demo) - Snoop Dogg
69-Call Me Conceited - Edo G
70-Who Stole The Clipprs (1991) - Common Sense
71-Scenario (Cypher Demo) - Atcq, Lons, De La Soul, Blacksheep
72-The Mighty One - Do It All (Lords Of The Undergound)
73-It Ain't Where Ya From - King Sun
74-9mm Rhymes - Kurious
75-Rasta Imposter (Freestyle) - Ll Cool J
76-"A" For Effort - Common Sense
77-Bring The Rock - New Style (Naughty By Nature)
78-It's My Thing - Grand Puba
79-Just Another Day In The Projects - Nas
80-Rampage (Unreleased Freestyle Demo) - Ll Cool J N Epmd
81-D Nice Rocks (Call Me D Nice Demo) - D Nice
82-Cooling One Day - Organized Konfusion
83-Check The Fine Print - The Artifacts
84-Ice Cream Man - Method Man
85-Unstoppable Force - Dmx
86-Scuffin' Those Knees - The New Style (Naughty By Nature)
87-Mind Ova Matter - Organized Konfusion
88-Caliente (Demo Version) - Cypress Hill
89-Hypnotic (Unreleased Demo) - Rakim
90-Biterphobia - Eminem
91-Raw (Remix Demo) - Big Daddy Kane N Kool G Rap

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