Biggie Smalls Demo Tape From 92-93


1. Unsigned Hype Demo Tape
2. Another Rough One (Demo)
3. Biggie With the Hype Shit ('92 Demo)
4. Do What You Wanna Do ('93 Demo)
5. Macs & Dons
6. Blazing Chronic
7. Can I Get With Ya (Version with Extra Verse)

biggiedemotape.torrent6.25 KB

ill, but...

this shit is ill but some tracks got cursin' clipped, uncensored versions? dj voiceover is hella annoying...


Good UP 't0mmyb0y1983'. Now this is what I'm talkin' bout, some exclusive classic type ish. Carry on, ca-carry on, carry on tradition people. Not the best quality but it's a demo tape, what do you expect. "We used to be a ghetto secret/ can't make my mind up, if I want that, or the whole world to peep it/ now I carry on tradition/ f*ck a bum wack rapper makin' his career outta dissin'/ peace to the strugglin' artists and dead one's gone, we miss 'em/ I promise I carry on tradition" -NaS Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1