DJ Khaled & DJ Nasty w/ Oddz.N.Endz - Soul Survivor (Hosted By Young Joc)

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The Oddz.N.Endz production duo of Jay Houston & Nino first landed
on The Unit with their rock/hip-hop mash-up Got The Hood On Mash. If
you enjoyed the creativity and originality of that mixtape, or would call
yourself a remix fan, be sure to grab this one. With all-original remixes/
mash-ups produced with Dirty South/Soul-inspired themes, this mixtape
pairs Jeezy/Curtis Mayfield, T.I./James Brown + Ying Yang/Rick James.

1 - DJ Khaled & DJ Nasty - Intro
2 - T.I., Lil' Scrappy & James Brown - King In A Man's World (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
3 - Young Jeezy, Jay-Z & The Dramatics - Get Up & Go Crazy (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
4 - Yung Joc & Rose Royce - Goin' Down (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
5 - Young Buck & Marvin Gaye - Shorty Wanna Get It On (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
6 - Richard Pryor (Skit)
7 - Ying Yang Twins, Mike Jones & Rick James - Badd Mamma Jamma (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
8 - Trina, Lil' Wayne & Curtis Mayfield - Don't Trip Out (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
9 - David Banner & The Spinners - Play Tha Fool (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
10 - Fabolous, Young Jeezy & Curtis Mayfield - Dead The Damn Thang (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
11 - Richard Pryor (Skit)
12 - Slim Thug & James Brown - The Boss (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
13 - Dem Franchize Boyz & The Temptations - Lean On Me, Rock Wit It (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
14 - Ying Yang Twins, Bun B. & Rick James - Git It To Me Baby (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
15 - Lil' Wayne & The Dramatics - Smiling Faces (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
16 - Richard Pryor (Skit)
17 - Lil' Scrappy & DeBarge - Problems (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
18 - Young Jeezy & Isaac Hayes - Look Of A Thug (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
19 - Akon, Nas & Donny Hathaway - Ghetto Boy (Oddz.N.Endz remix)
20 - DJ Khaled & DJ Nasty - Outro
21 - Bonus: Juelz Santana, Middlemen & Diana Ross - Baby (produced by Oddz.N.Endz)

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mutha fuckin hot!



fuckin crazy !!!!!!!
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this shit is crazzy

i reccomend this mixtape to al the real music fan this shit is crazzy mixing the old with the new once again big props to mfizzel 4 this tape


i can't download this shit with BitTorrent:S
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this looks nice

this looks nice.. shame most of the artists are from the south. but have classic people like james brown.
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its a shame that your such a hater...

recognize the south fool, we got shit on lock right now!
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south all sound same.

t.i album king was poor. only a few good songs. the south now are poor. all sound very similar. and its the same old same old all the time. scarface is prob the best from the south. slim thug just sounds like an idiot.whats up with the way he talks. and all they grills. damn expensive braches. i'm not even a cam'ron fan but his album killa season is better than any album i have from the south. im just happy the west is getting back on the map. and N.Y sounds like they are starting to up there game. but hey man this is my option. u can have yours.
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ever heard of chamillionaire or lil wayne?

listen to their albums and tell me that all southern rap sounds the same. i agree, there are some cats that just spit about the same thing over and over again and scream their names out every five seconds, but im sick of everybody talking down on the south like we aint got no lyricists.
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

yo man i said that was my view.

yo man i said that was my view. yer i got chamillionaire album and it ain't all that. lil wayne ego is 2 big for me to even start to listen to him. he was in that destinys child song. and had some wack lyrics.
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

Nick Cannon Album was better than Lil Wayne

THREE 6 MAFIA used to be good. but there new album is prob there worst so far. i can say the same for JUVENILE he used to be hot. but hey his album is going to towards a good thing. i will tell who the most underrated guy is Bizzy Bone.
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

just before i go today i better just say.

just before i go today i better just say. i was joking about that nick cannon thing. he is a first class fag.

man you talk to much cam

man you talk to much cam aint even from the south for one, two the south is the hottest out right now, three new york will come back this year next year its midwest and west coast turn to shine baby. chitown love baby

Good Lawd! STFU!!

Someone needs to smack this Dj Khaled in the head with a frying pan during his foolish outbursts, The bastard sounds like he has some kind of turrets syndrome, repeating himself over and over...hes been doing this shit for years in the radio in Miami..but now to have to put up with this shit on a mixtape is insane!


i agree...out of all mixtape djs, khaled really needs to shut the fuck up, really annoys the shit out of everyone that have to put up with his joints....clue's ha ha needs to chill too, that shits annoyin as hell....i can deal with kay slay at least he don't sound like some faggot with a pineapple stuck up his ass...fuckin do it like green lant or sunthin, use some fuckin effects an jus glad big mike dont talk as much nowadays than years past, good thing for dude cuz dude do got some exclusive joints everytime out...
paidthacosttobedaboss's picture

oh dam did i really write that.

oh dam did i really write that. camron from harlem. but his album was pretty good. been a dipset fan for years.
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just shut up

just shut up

this mixtape is too tough.

this mixtape is too tough. its not often you hear sumthin like this. how could you hate on lil wayne? you gotta be crazy to say he aint good.

Man, okay name a rapper that

Man, okay name a rapper that says there name more then 5 times on a track from the south instaed of fucking mike jones he makes us look bad fucking kiddy ass 50cent kiddy flows.


he needs to make more of these blends, they off the chain foreal

King In A Mans World

"king in a mans world" is hot but the james brown sample in the basically mimics the same structure as junior reid in the games "one blood". need to up the creativity!!!


Man this tape is hott, don't know if they just put it up here or just givin it some more airtime, but this has been out for a minute now, a long minute...Cop this shit