DJ McG - Best Of Collie Budz


1. Collie Buddz - 01 - Herb Tree (3:09)
2. Collie Buddz - 02 - High Grade (2:41)
3. Collie Buddz - 03 - Burn Down The System (3:19)
4. Collie Buddz - 04 - Youth Today (4:03)
5. Collie Buddz - 05 - Private Show (3:16)
6. Collie Buddz - 06 - Gimme Love (3:32)
7. Collie Buddz - 07 - Young Girl (3:23)
8. Collie Buddz - 08 - Hustle (3:18)
9. Collie Buddz - 09 - Sensimillia (3:13)
10. Collie Buddz - 10 - Come Around (3:19)
11. Collie Buddz - 11 - Touch Di Sky (3:01)
12. Collie Buddz - 12 - Do It Better (1:58)
13. Collie Buddz - 13 - I Smoke The Best (1:08)
14. Collie Buddz - 14 - Dont Deny It (1:22)
15. Collie Buddz - 15 - Defend Your Own (3:49)
16. Collie Buddz - 16 - Searching (2:54)
17. Collie Buddz - 17 - What A Feeling (4:16)
18. Collie Buddz - 18 - Poppin (0:34)
19. Collie Buddz - 19 - Make Me Better (0:57)
20. Collie Buddz - 20 - Blind To You (1:26)
21. Collie Buddz - 21 - Love Deh (1:06)
22. Collie Buddz - 22 - Lonely (2:47)
23. Collie Buddz - 23 - Tomorrows Another day (2:49)
24. Collie Buddz - 24 - Moving On (3:34)

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collie buddz is fly def

collie buddz is fly def gonna give this tape a listen

does this have the song wit

does this have the song wit krayzie bone?
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Rosary Beads Are NOT Jewelry!!!!!

I wish that all these artists that claim to have religion and God in their life would stop wearing rosary beads as a necklace! Rosary beads are NOT jewelry. Rosary beads are held in the hand and rubbed during prayer. The beads have significate meaning. A rosary is a circular string of beads used by Roman Catholics for counting prayers. In the Western church, the rosary commonly consists of 5 sets of 10 beads, for the recitation of the Hail Mary (Ave Maria), separated each by a single bead for the recitation of the Our Father (Paternoster, or Lord's Prayer). The Glory Be to the Father (Gloria Patri) is generally said after each set of 10 beads. The reason most rosary beads are barely able to fit over the head is for exactly what I am complaining about. They are not meant to be worn around the neck. They are meant to be gently moved through the hands while praying and counting each bead as it represents the prayer being said. I am not trying to be some poindexter bitchass motherfucker, but I just want everyone that is of a religion that uses the rosary, or similar (Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims also have prayer beads called a rosary, just respectively in their languages), to understand that wearing the beads as jewelry or to be cool or look like you flossin is commiting major blasphem and retards themselves of greater knowledge and respect for their own beliefs. All praise due.... thats where i got it from!

You are definitely not some

You are definitely not some "poindexter bitchass motherfucker" for sure. The rosary is made exactly the way it is so it could be worn around the neck. The roman catholics u speak of.....wore it around their necks and then removed it when it was time to pray. I have never encountered in my 13 years of catholic schooling, a rosary that could barely fit over your head. Maybe you came across a childrens one that was smaller in size. Not only is ignorance okay....when used the way you just used it, its actually kind of funny so please continue to be an idiot.
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Amen 2 Dat