DJ Michael "5000" Watts - Grey Tape Live

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01. Point Blank - My Mind Went Blank
02. Big Tiger Feat. Lil Ron, Lester Roy, Blyndcyde & Tubby - Drank Up In My Cup
03. Michael Watts Break
04. Fat Pat Feat. C-Note - 3rd Coast
05. Lil Flip - We Blow Endo (Freestyle)
06. Lil' Mario Feat. Slim Thug & J-Dawg - Scarface Freestyle
07. Lil Keke - Southside
08. Michael Watts Break
09. Big Moe Feat. ESG & Big Pokey - Maan
10. Slim Thug Feat. Chamillionaire & Paul Wall - Before Da Kappa 2K1 (Freestyle)
11. Michael Watts Break
12. Unknown Artist - Unknown Song
13. Michael Watts Break
14. DJ DMD Feat. Mike D, Fat Pat & Lil Keke - So Real (Remix)
15. Fat Pat - Ghetto Dreams
16. Fat Pat Feat. Big Steve - Body Roc
17. Z-Ro - Freestyle

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Grizz TTU's picture

This How Dem Texas Boys Do It 8/10

Great tracklist, Best type of underground CHOPPED AND SCREWED. This take me back to the good ol days of mixtapes ...Getcha Guns Up
TAMEKKAAA's picture

AkA Blacc-Creepa R I P DJ

AkA Blacc-Creepa R I P DJ SCREW
Yung Screw 817's picture

MAYNE!!! ..........hold up

This is some classic Swishahouse shit right here!! Luv it mayne!
Mr.Southwest's picture

Already! Some Fat Pat

Thats What im talking bout ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
dninc's picture

Well yea

aint nothin wrong with some ride music, snatchin this up.
      [- HBO/TREME -]
* I Bleed Black and Gold, NOLA to the front of the line *
enyoutees's picture

awwwready this shit took me

awwwready this shit took me back to college luv it mayne "Herb is the HEALING of a nation, ALCOHOL is the DESTRUCTION!!!!!" BOB MARLEY {BLACK AND GOLD SUPERBOWL}
Yung Sir3's picture

Chamilitary Mayne.

Not from texas But i luv there music c/s.
UntamedGorilla's picture

I feel ya, im not from TX

I feel ya, im not from TX either. Went to college in OKlahoma and I just fell in luv wit TX music too.
Jack.Herer's picture


I'll give this a listen if its Swishahouse. Anyone know if Yung Redd is gonna drop something soon?
BiNLaDeNCLiPz_713's picture


Tite azz grey tape mix....but itz just a recordin of watts grey tape mix from 97.9 on sunday nites so the censorin fukz it up!*HOU$TUNNA*
mr oak cliff tx's picture

MAAANNN! Takes me back to

MAAANNN! Takes me back to 2000...Freshman year in college... I blow indo, I may be on Jay Leno.
Willie D 713's picture

about time

9/10 Finally some good Texas music to ride to, we need some more Texas shit, like that killa kyleon mixtape im still bumpin that shit -I'd Rather Bang Screw-