DJ Noize & B.o.B. - Time 2 Shine

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01 Intro
02 Nothin On You (Valentino Moroder Remix) (Ft Bruno Mars & Yeyo)
03 Stronger (Remix) (Ft Playboy Tre & Swagg)
04 This Is My
05 Nite Life (Dj Noize Blend) (Ft B.O.B)
06 I'll Be In The Sky (Basement Beats Remix)
07 Interlude
08 Past My Shades (Ft Lupe Fiasco)
09 Airplanes (J.B.Eatz Remix) (Ft Hayley Williams)
10 I'm Lost Ft T.I.
11 The Fire (Remix) (Ft John Legend & B.O.B)
12 Tightrope (Wondamix) (Ft B.O.B)
13 369 (Ft B.O.B)
14 Teach Me How To Dougie (Remix) (Ft Jermaine Dupri, B.O.B & Bow Wow)
15 What The Fuck Is Up
16 Doing It (Ft B.O.B)
17 Atlanta, Ga (Dj Noize Blend)
18 On Top Of The World (Ft Ludacris)
19 I Don't Know Ya
20 Hip Hop Ain't Dead (The Future)
21 I See Ya
22 Everyone's Lookin' At Me (Ft B.O.B)
23 I Did It (B.O.B Congratulations)
24 Do It Slow (Ft B.O.B)
25 Hood Dreamer (Ft B.O.B)
26 Haterz Everywhere
27 Haterz Everywhere (Valentino Moroder Remix) (Ft Wes Fif)
28 Bet I Bust (Ft T.I. & Playboy Tre)
29 Fame

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alota Old but i fuck wit

alota Old but i fuck wit b.o.b* iiN ThE CuT RoLLiiN DooBies UPP *
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Is This Official?

Looks all old. Anything new on here?
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there are some remixes i

there are some remixes i havent heard
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Ill have to atleast check it out. I dig B.O.B.s material...
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bobby ray not so

popular with the brothers, he aite tho no doubt i may check this out $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$
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Yea, he aiight i never was

Yea, he aiight i never was into his music tho, not because of his swag or followin the rest, i just think his boring really.. not sayin he has no skill, he's just.. iight, i wouldn't buy his shit or go to a concert but i wouldn't change the radio if he came on..
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True... A lot of people don't like him cus they think he went to mainstream. I dig his shit tho because to me dude is creative as hell. He's his own. Works with computer sounds and live instruments and does it his own way. He said at first him, the label, and T.I. wasn't gettin along because he didn't like what they wanted him to do and finally they let him go his own direction. Plus his music is good for group situations. It can please a wide variety of folks.... Side note, definitely not in the runnin for any top lyricist spot though...
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He Reminds Me Of k'naan There Both lyrcally Good In my Book. $Listen to the Truth$
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he looking gay on the cover lmao

he look like will smith back in the day on this fuckin cover.. but shit the dude can rap, lyrics are always on point ~DIVIDE AND CONQUER~