Jay-Z - Real As It Gets (The Blueprint Remixes) (Produced By UrbanNoize)


01-Jay-Z-Interview On Real Time With Bill Maher (Intro) (Part 1)
02-Jay-Z-Ruler’s Back (Urban Noize Remix)
03-Jay-Z-Brooklyn Go Hard (featuring Santigold) (Prod. By Kanye West)
04-Jay-Z Feat. T.I., Lil Wayne, & Kanye West-Swagga Like Us (Prod. By Kanye West) (New T.I. Verse)
05-Jay-Z-Jockin’ Jay-Z (Prod. By Kanye West)
06-Jay-Z-D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune) (Urban Noize Remix)
07-Jay-Z Feat. Kevin Rudolf & Beanie Sigel-Ignorant Shit (Urban Noize Remix)
08-Jay-Z-No Hook (Urban Noize Remix)
09-Drake feat Jay-Z & Nas-Fear Success (Prod. By DJ Khalil)
10-Jay-Z Feat. Chris Martin-Song Cry (Urban Noize Remix)
11-Jay-Z Feat Kanye West & Adele-Never Chasing Pavements (Urban Noize Remix)
12-Jay-Z Feat. Fabolous-When The Money Goes (Prod. By Sami Wilf & Jermaine Dupri)
13-Jay-Z Feat. Pharrell-Allure (Urban Noize Remix)
14-Jay-Z Interview On Real Time With Bill Maher Part 2
15-Jay-Z-Show You How (Prod. By Just Blaze)
16-Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z-Maybach Music (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)
17-Jay-Z Feat. Kid Cudi-Already Home (Prod. By Kanye West)
18-Jay-Z-History (Prod. By Kanye West)
19-Jay-Z-Talks About Timbaland Produced Songs Leaking From BP3
20-Jay-Z Feat. Mary J. Blige & Swizz Beatz-Your Welcome (Prod. By Swizz Beatz)
21-Jay-Z Feat. My Chemical Romance-December 4th’s Black Parade (Urban Noize Remix)
22-Jay-Z Feat. Timbaland-Ghetto Tech (Prod. By Timbaland)

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imma check this out
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Theres only like 300

Theres only like 300 American Gangsta blend remix mixtapes so why am I not suprized someones already doing this with BP3 and its not even out yet except the leak.


BP3 came out yesterday...
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it doesn't come out till 9.11.09

that is the official release date.
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Ive been bumpin BP3 for two

Ive been bumpin BP3 for two weeks now, just like the kid cudi Ive been bumpin since saturday that doesnt come out till the 15th. Ive tried to tell yall to go to pirate bay . org and get torrent files there
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hey chop remember i am no youngster... i have been downloading since Napster actually worked... had that, reakwon, kid cudi... pirate bay is ok but i find the straight google search with torrent and the name of the album, works good too... pirate bay doesn't list everything, when you have an apatite for music that has reached nearly a terabyte.


Came out 9-8-09 they pushed it up due to the leaks so yea its out
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WOW google and torrents!!!

WOW google and torrents!!! huh! you guys are master downloaders!!!! Thx for the tips...
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True, I like pirate bay

True, I like pirate bay cause I have a 120gig Zune and I can download movies already in ipod/zune format so thet sync right to my zune with no work at all. But yea the google works too, thats how I found the new Yung Redd Eviction Notice 3!!
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rapgodfathers.com new shit

rapgodfathers.com new shit err day!! pushin 625 gbs


You're wrong. I have copy in my hand as week speak...

shows how much u kno..

shows how much u kno..
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Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G.....IMA WHOOP SOM ASS!
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Well get ready for some ass

Well get ready for some ass whipping then bc if you are expecting anything even close to BP or BP2 you are about to be in for a world of surprises, in my opinion only half of the BP3 if that was even worth the space on my ipod, i am not sure which direction Jay is trying to go with his new music but i am not too pleased with his effort at all, if you want some shit that will make you forget about how whack the BP3 is, and save you some time of ass whipping, i suggest you spend your money wisely and go buy Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, bc that album is fire and that is going to be the street shit that you are looking for. BP3=5/10 & OB4CL2=10/10 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804

jay ziggy

HOVA !!!!
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Mixtape Is Good But Remixes Aint Dat Great.. Nothing New =]

BP3 was not garbage at

BP3 was not garbage at all...it wasn't as good as BP..but i don't see what ya'll want him to talk about...He's not gonna talk about slangin crack and shootin guns anymore he's a fuckin multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi multi millionare...actually he may even be close to a billion...he still got a super nice flow...it was a good solid album..go buy it.
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i will have to agree, i would never call it his best effort but i would hardly call it straight garbage... oh and considering he sold rocawear for $410 million alone, and kept controlling stock shares, and they pay him for his design consultation, that just being one business interest of many, he has sold smartly.. http://rap.about.com/b/2009/07/09/jay-z-tops-forbes-2009-richest-rappers-list.htm he cleared 35 mill last year, surely he is the richest rapper alive now i would say.
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Money aint everything

Just because you have money doesn't mean you have talent; and this my friend is a talentless album. No effort at all just straight nonsense.
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i never meant to imply that him being rich gave him talent and i never meant to imply that it was the best of his albums... i like reasonable doubt and still listen too it, but like i said i don't think it was garbage like was said, that's all... but to say talentless... i would like to see your talent... maybe it just wasn't in your taste?
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Fuck outta here

How you gone sit yo ass up and type some stupid ass bullshit like that?
how the fuck you gone say Jay Z shit ain't talent?
that nigga has Mastered his craft, was BP3 weaker? yes in some regards yup, but to sit up and type Jay Z in the same sentence as "talentless" makes me think your either some pop culture lovin kid or some ignorant old ass nigga that don't understand what Genre' your listening to
The money means he was rewarded Handsomely for his craft, his fortunes as it is (close to a Billion) means his fan-base appreciate his Talents and have rewarded him by going out in mass and "BUYING" his album, instead of downloading them, he invested his money well in other business ventures which turned into residual income for him and has turned his name into an Enterprise, but it all started with his talent otherwise he'd be another camel faced lookin nigga in New York in the ghetto wishin he had what other niggas with money had or up on these blogs talkin about a Multimillionaire not havin talent.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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I said the album was

I said the album was garbage, or as dninc said "weaker" bc i did keep 8 songs, and i was expecting similar to the other BPs, anyways on to this guy Jay-Z album Talentless???? WTF? Jay is a fucking lyricist, one of the best mc's to ever do it, you have lost your mind, maybe you should go listen to the album a little bit closer and then maybe you will change your mind. You should be banned from this site for typing that comment. Mfizzle do you see this shit???? 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Well everybody said the same

Well everybody said the same thing bout American Gangsta, that it was garbage and not as good as his other cds. And when I first heard it I didnt really like it but Jay-Z cds grow on you after time, I love american Gangsta now and I would have to say alot of other people do cause they have remixed it so many times. And Jay-Z will never make another reasonable doubt or any other of his cds again cause Jay-Z has grown and aged and evolved over time, do you do the same shit you did 20 or 10 years ago?? I fuckin hope not! Music is from your soul and emotion, the album reflects that time in there life, if you want another Reasonable Doubt he would have to be in the same situation, same attitude and everything he was in when he made it. And if all his cds sounded the same then why even keep buying the new ones?? I pretty much like every song on BP3 except On to the Next One with swiss beats but my friend loves that song. I didnt like Forever Young when I first heard it but I couldnt get the hook out of my head, and Already Home was a instant classic if you ask me. BP3 is just as good as any other album he has ever put out but no its not the same as any of them. If anybody disagrees maybe you should try to evolve with the time, or go find someone that sounds the same every song they do, maybe Juiceman is for you!! And if Jay didnt have talent he wouldnt still be makin music. How many artists go belly up as soon as they get some money and loose there hunger and motivation?? But that happens to everybody, how many Football, or Basketball players are straight ballin till they sign a fat contract and get paid. If your drivin by money motivation and not talent then what drives you when you have 10 mill??
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stop ur rambling

stop your rambling dawg! you could of easily squizzed all that stupid shit you just said into a couple of sentences. lol dudes tryin to kick knoledge and end up soundin like idiots! you tellin us shit we already know man!! ...and gawd damn dawg are you unemployed or some shyt?? you stay in here around the clock! and please dont give me the same excuse all this internet nerds say.... "i have an internet business so i stay logged in all day"..? WTF EVER! -gaygaygemini iz my bitch!-

you see even homie here

you see even homie here agrees this cat has to grow on u..and i forgot how garbage the american business man album was ...this nigg is desperate on the music tip none of his shit makes it to the hood anymore he sells good because of white people and they ain't feelin this shit no more be honest about that ..and now he's using the nas approach which is hate on nigg's who ain't rappin about other nigg's music..thats all they do feed on the whole hip hop is dead becaus ethey know new york dont have any relevant artist and some nigg's gone agree to that whole assumption ..granted hip hop is fucked up in ever way but not dead,but listening to some of this shit certainly some shit from out east ..i see how u all can say that tho..but as long as we got outkast who jus needs to make a rap album..scarface..luda..common..z-ro..e-40..shit aint going no where jus to name a few u nigg's keep watching bet and think thats what hip hop has come to....i'll tell ya sum the genre of rap that everybody loved would have killed so call hip hop..and that being gangsta rap..niggs liked murder and mayhem ..but hating on this shit thats clearly for a younger generation..and if beats was important everybody would be listening to talib ,mos def..in which all them came from native tongues style of hip hop and lords of the unda ground yeah...class is in session... im 28 by the way!!!!

im straight on listening wat

im straight on listening wat dis nigga has to say..

im straight on listening wat

im straight on listening wat dis nigga has to say..
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the real question is whatt is rap music gonna be with out jay z besides gay dance music auto tunes and AYE AYE OK... ( besides the game, dblock and 50)
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

Are You Serious?

Without Jay there would only be Game, D-Block, and 50? Are you serious? What about Eminem, Raekwon, Method Man, Redman(Underrated), Nas, AZ, Ludacris, OutKast, Fabolous(Underrated), Banks, Joe Budden(Underrated), Lupe Fiasco, T.I., hell i will even throw Jeezy, Cam'ron, Lil Wayne, Young Buck and Kanye in there, Jay is a great MC no doubting that, he is one of the best, but he could drop dead today and i would not be effected. Maybe you should broaden your horizons a little, you mean to tell me that your top 5 alive is Jay, Game, 50, Styles P, and Jada? I assume Sheek would not be in your top 5 because he is the least talented out of the LOX in my opinion. 50 definitely would not have made the cut though, if i had to choose a top 5 alive. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804

ON sum real isht homie jay

ON sum real isht homie jay fell off after the s. carter album he proves it he also gain something with that colabo which was the south..which can be said for alot of artist..by doing the big pimping song with ugk jay crossed over to another region and eventually the world making him one of the most respected in hip hop or the rap game..but thats where it stops..this been bitin off any mf u have or haven't heard for a minute now cam exposed that ..then he came back with one on cam but it wasn't the same check that old shit out..and u'll see cam isht basically was biting using the orginal beats or jus making refences to the song..but jay isht was in his most proud work all his big sinhles check it out for ur self ..even the ones that wasn't ,,they still where classic samples ..here's a secret jay don't write isht down but maybe he need to start because this aint it even tho b3 is alright but what about kingdom come ...black album was str8 but be real it had to grow on ya..he in most nigg's top wateva because of his status in the game he made good business decisions...new york/up north niggs need somebody thats y jay gets so much attention he all they got that reach us in the south so they try to keep him a float ..but isht they been trying to pass the torch for a minute for real they know this nigg ain't what that is...pappoose they annointed that nigg 7 still try to..they annointed this nigg ja rule until fitty kill him..but they still rode that nigg ..they'll take anybody .. and this comin from a cat that listens to alot of different music..charles hamilton..i rememeber canabis...common ,pshyco drama..gillie tha kid...jr writer ..cass..joe budden ...mood musikkk..niggaaaa...isht go hard ...but even nigg ..like cory gunz...hell rell a mafia..free a- mafia...a lil max b..definitely freeway & beans...stack bundles ...tom gist..maino.. and u know sum on the real the nigg yayo had flow back in 02 -03..banks to..isht i thought juelz was about to take ova ..with back like cooked crack series..and the from me to u album ..but hey you north nigg's keep lookin for the next mf to compete with the south on wateva level commerail or street ..it'll never happen..ya'll jus pray cam..do his thing on killa season 2 ..which i even hope that hoe be on point.. get sum little brother the minstrel show in ya collection if u like this cat, kanye..lupe.. niggs like that

yo ya dudes is seriouz

okay been listening to hova since reasonable doubt yeah there have been some changes he don't rhyme about the streets anymore but to critique his bp3 as garbage ya definitely smoking some good shit yeah the beats wasn't on point but he worked with what he was giving and made a hot album honestly out of 5 stars this effort would get 4.5 his verbal prowess are number 1 you want some old jay go pick up one of his old albums this is a new era a new jay and frankly you cant compare jay to no other rapper because he is a trend setter call him twitter jay cuz same niggaz that talk shit about him are the same niggaz who follow his blueprint i just think the picture wasn't painted out correctly and you don't understand his verbal skills bp3 is serious especially a star is born and already home in my eyes the weakest song on the album is reminder
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i know my IQ dropped reading

i know my IQ dropped reading this nonsense... are you serious, big pimpin, bro that is a good song, i have always liked ugk, but to act like that was the huge shining achievement... people on here want to talk about it both ways like , commercial success doesn't mean anything, then he was the best when he was most commercially successful... not saying you said both, just that both arguments where given... shit i liked the black album the first time i heard it, it didn't have to grow on me at all... like i said before, i think your age would be the biggest factor in weather or not you liked this new album.

I know jay is the savor of

I know jay is the savor of the north,but lets be real for a sec,nigg's didn't even fu..wit jay into tupac was gone,nas and all the so legends them negros would have been jus another rapper from the east if pac hadn't been murdered ...secondly the brother didn't reach his peek until he got the south behind him...i lost some respect for the guy with the whole cam ..thing at rocafella,but he put's out maybe 3 or 4 hot tracks a yr and been doing so for a minute seperate the business from the music and you'll see theres 20 more nigg's with the same style as jay..mos def is wayyyyy....better lyrically but ya'll want annoint him because he'll never go commerial,it's all spoken word ..kanye...common ..lupe..talib all the same style not much appeal to there flow but still good content..as for jay i tried with dude i really dont like to have to listen to a album and dam near make myself like it,because it's jay z..d.o.a. has about 1 or 2 lines worth listening to..granted the b3 is solid but i want let u nigg's act like it's the isht,because honestly it's not hell the rick ross album was better...this isht jus like belly 2..they fucked that name off with b.s...same with the blueprint title ..he wasted it for real..he should have called it kingdom came cuz he followed that same b.s.all in all jay still top 5 because of what he brought to the game..and most of u nigg's didn't listen to reasonable doubt until u heard it was supposely a classic..like i said no one benefited more from 2pac & biggie more than jay..he's not that relevant anymore no more lyric's to steal i mean 8 & 9 bars worth for a hot single everybody gotten smarted in hip hop nigg's gotta weave thru the b.s.. now a days anyway..real hip hop heads would pick it off instantly...he rode biggie coat tail until he couldn't no more ....everybody tried look at master p he did the same to pac at the time jay was doing it..didn't help him much as far as music...u want a classic album download that scarface untouchables...1 last thing niggs act like there standard of music is exact ..u nigg's dont define music ya'll kill it soulja boy has his genre because he made one plus the boy cold at production,,better than most..jay always gone have a solid album he's top notch look at his body of work ..besides the tupac & biggie r.i.p. death help ..he rode jus blaze, pharrell, and who ever is popular..no in house shit all timbo..kanye speaking of which he never wanted kanye to rap because he knew those sick beats woyldn't come exclusive to him abymore ..thus the fall of rocafella along with some more hating by jay..with all his sucess he tried to hold the brother back along with cam ..he said dipset was dead weight like cam said how and i jus sold a million copies ..come home with me...and has never sold less than gold ..cam also stated that even his a& r sold 100,000..more than music so it's clear u nigg's follow a hater... 100
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this album(BP3) is serious not on blueprint 1 status but its serious his flow is SICK! A STAR IS BORN...CRAZZZY. The intro says it all "PEOPLE KEEP TALKIN BOUT HOV TAKE IT BACK, IM DOIN BETTER THEN BEFORE WHY WOULD I DO THAT" theres probly 1 or 2 songs that are uhhh other then that GREAT ALBUM HOV.