DJ Noodles & Hunt - Pockets So Heavy Mixtape

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01. Hunt - Rising To The Top Ft. Lee Wilson (Prod. By Patrick Star)
02. Hunt - Dum Dum Tress (Prod. Y.E.A. Productions)
03. Hunt - Pockets So Heavy Ft. Gucci Mane (Prod. By Grand Larceny)
04. Hunt - Young Millionaire Ft. 2 Pistols & Smitty (Prod. By Hustle Heart)
05. Hunt - Show U How 2 Do It (Prod. By 76 Beats)
06. Hunt - Talk It Over Ft. Tyler Woods (Prod. By 9th Wonder)
07. Hunt - Playing By The Rules (Prod. By One Way Beats)
08. Hunt - Microwave Ft. Kocky, Ya Boy, Smitty (Prod. By Kocky)
09. Hunt - I Had A Dream Ft. J-Son (Prod. By Jaywon)
10. Hunt - I'm Paid (Prod. By Hustle Heart)
11. Hunt - If It Wasn't For My Paper (Freestyle)
12. Hunt - Paper Touchin' (Freestyle)
13. Hunt - Fuck Um All Ft. Red Cafe & Fabolous (Freestyle)
14. Hunt - Sunshine (Prod. By Ballistick Productions)
15. Hunt - Breaktime Ft. Nino Bless (Prod. By Hustle Hreat)

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who tha hell iz diz nigguh???

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Hunt and DJ Noodle info

Hunt is from Tampa, Located on the west side of Hillsborough ave, which is a known Hispanic/mixed area, i live about 10 mins from that area.. He's a underground rap artist that been rappin for a min, he's pretty decent, don't sleep on em.. DJ Noodle is also from Tampa, Fl so thats good he's helpin out his homeboys along with DJ Smallz thats also from Tampa, Fl and usually hold up all of Florida, Both DJ's are Big time DJ's in the Mixtape game.... Which is mind boggling why Tampa don't have a big music scene, Tampa should be where Atlanta, and New Orleans is by now in the game. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Because Tampa into stupid shit

When you got a bunch of Grown as Nigga's bumpin Jook Music outta dey car dats why Tampa aint on the map, the real nigga's out there listen to shit from either miami or Atlanta or New Orleans or Up north, dey had Khia and that bitch was Funny first, a lil hood then we all found out she fake as fuck... Atlanta Been blessed with a Music game for a good minute, not as long as New Orleans thought we all know New Orleans Pioneered some of the music we listen to on a regular so mad props, But Atlanta got dis shit on lock for now with R&B, Rap, and Pop... Thanx to all the promotion companies out hea and Studios, Tampa don't support dey local artist much and don't have many studio's so dey losing out everytime the south get the wave.
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NoOneNose Ririzzlm check 'me

NoOneNose Ririzzlm check 'me they gon pay' production 76 beats by hunt and fastlane with jim jones and jadakiss (d block, dipset beat) mixtape hunt n season or sumthin
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i kno this niggas babymoms

i kno this niggas babymoms jessica lol but yeah um where dnic is talkin dats my side of town CHiCO WORLD u allready kno