Hunt - Free Hunt (Mixed By DJ E Stacks)

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01) Walking Down That Road
02) I'm Paid
03) Me They Gon' Pay
04) Talk Rap Ft Smitty
05) Haters Ft Jim Jones & Elephant Man
06) Hey Dj
07) Freaky Ft Javon Black
08) Stay On My Grind Ft Acafool
09) Pockets So Heavy
10) I'm A Rider Ft Sean Kingston
11) Lift It Up Ft Lil Wayne
12) Letter To The Carters
13) Pause Ft J-Son & Same Blood
14) We Getting Money Ft Bad Azz
15) 105 Bars Pt 2
16) What We Live Forft Rihanna

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Who is hunt? Who ever said

Who is hunt? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout


and the dude on the left with the glasses.??