DJ Omen - Mac & Brad : Lethal Legacy


1. Intro - Real Gangstas (DJ Omen & Cy Young Rmx)
2. Forgot About Me Feat. Bun-B & Lil Wayne
3. Emeritus
4. Mac and Brad
5. I Never Snitch Rmx
6. Cypher
7. Amazing
8. Ocean 7
9. Can't Get Right Feat. Bilal
10. Rush Young Chris Feat. Sigel
11. Baby Don't Do It Freeway Feat. Scarface
12. Rain
13. Mom Praying
14. Return Of the Bad Guy
15. Guess Whos Back Feat. Sigel & Jay-Z
16. 1000 Bars Feat Memphis Bleek
17. Face Off Feat. GFK
18. Mr. Scarface
19. Southside
20. Look At Me Now
21. Barrell Brothers GFK Feat. Sigel & Styles P
22. This Can't Be Life Jay-Z Feat. Scarface & Sigel
23. In Cold Blood
24. Nothing Like It
25. The G-Code
26. You Already Know Fab & Cassidy
27. Highpowered

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1 st

(1st) hiphop is not dead she with me all day 24 /7
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GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THEM GIANTS HAHA


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who dont like footbal HAHAHAHAHA... what a QUEER!!!!!!! This dude plays soccar lmao "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"


Ayo football is the shyt, but on the real thohow come only America and Canada play football n the rest of the world plays soccer? Why do the winers of the Superbowl, MLB and NBA call themselves "world champions' when all the teams are American? Just curiosity my niggas caz I was burnin 1/2 an o.z. wit my girl and she asked me dees same questions and I really couldnt give shawty an answer lmao.
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hey soccer is our football,

hey soccer is our football, cant knock either, both these artists are raw, high pwoered is raw is hell with that bin laden sound, and beanie just dropped a solid album too, both them dropped twelve track cutz, thats how to do it , instead of master p like 24 tracks, not that his shit wasnt cool in the late nineties. I am still bumpin the old face, I only heard the single of the new album and the crazy intro, I am gna get to it, hopefully this is as good as that biggie mix, but new ya dig