DJ Purfiya - Stop Sleepin Vol 8 (Hosted By Mika Means)

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1.Mika Means Intro
2.TI-Feelin You
3.Fabo ft Bobby Valentino-Feel So High
4.Young Dro-All That Money
6.Brisco ft Flo-Rida Billy Blue & Ace Hood-Just Know That Rmx
7.C Ride ft Mika Means-Dashboard
8.Bama-I Know How To Surf
9.OJ Da Juiceman ft Gucci Mane & Camron-Half A Brick Rmx
10.Big Stacks-Numba 1 Stuntman
12.Yung LA ft Lil Boosie-36 Ounces
13.Young Dro ft Yung LA-Take Off
14.Mika Means-Cant Believe It Rmx
15.Slow-Too Many Hoes
16.2 Pistols ft Slim-My Girl
17.Jay Rock ft Game Gorilla Zoe & Busta Rhymes-All My Life Rmx
18.Paul Wall ft Webbie-Bizzy Body
19.UGK-Game Been Good To Me
20.Big Boi-Ringtone
21.Ron Browz ft Busta Rhymes-I Promise
22.Tom G ft Frank Lini-Step Down
23.Mika Means-Spend Ya money
24.Shonie ft Fabolous-Let It Go
25.Rick Ross ft John Legend-Magnificent
26.Mika Means Outro

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What the hell is this? I guess anyone can put out a mixtape and call themselves a DJ now? I could of downloaded each .mp3 and played them in my IPOD and avoided listening to mika, or a shameless purfiya or firm life entertainment plug between each and every track. None of the songs where mixed into each other. Anyway me and a few of my friends had a good laugh on this one.

ay pussy where ya mixtapes

ay pussy where ya mixtapes at? i see u dissin purfiya on these mixtapes and i dont see no mixtapes from u. nigga stack ya credibility up and ya game up cuz u aint seein my nigga right now


This mixtape got bangin ass tracks. Purfiya one of the hottest Djs and this is why.

Ok so...

Ok so... let me think how to respond here, it's hard when dealing with ignorance. #1. I dont need a mixtape, I DJ live! Not on a computer. #2. So If I decided to make a mixtape, can I just download songs off the internet or off someones myspace page, burn em to a cd and call myself a mixtape DJ? #3. If I talk in real cool slang like you will I be remembered? Your a fucking joke. stfu.