DJ Racks And The Mixtape Mobb Present Jim Jones And Game - Blood Runs Deep


01. Jim Jones - Plenty Money
02. The Game - Gangstas Ride (Feat. Jaz-O)
03. Jim Jones - Fast Money (Feat. ATM)
04. The Game - Trunk Music (Feat. Strong Arm Steady)
05. Jim Jones - Hoochie Coo (Feat. The Black Keys And Mos Def)
06. The Game - Bang Along
07. Jim Jones - Break Me Off (Remix)(Feat. Gucci Mane And Raheem Devaughn)
08. Jim Jones - Rep Harlem Forever (Feat. Juelz Santana And Tobb Cobain)
09. The Game - Im So Wavy
10. Jim Jones - Feddy
11. The Game - Pussy Monsters (Feat. Ludacris)
12. Jim Jones - Buy You A Round (Feat. Chubbie Baby And Verse SImmons)
13. Jim Jones - Hustlers Serenade (Feat. Nakim)
14. The Game - Flashback Memories (Feat. Raekwon)
15. Jim Jones - Religion
16. The Game - American Dream
17. Jim Jones - Blockstar
18. The Game - Mafia (Feat. Jim Jones)
19. Jim Jones - A-1 Yola (Feat. Bun B)
20. The Game - Freestyle
21. Jim Jones - She Can Get It
22. The Game - Freestyle 2
23. Jim Jones - Ice Cream Paint Job

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who cares's picture

Is dis official?

Is dis official?

nah deff not if you want the

nah deff not if you want the game d/l the other tape
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Why is there some of Beale

Why is there some of Beale Street on this cover?? B B Kings club and you see the Memphis banner, atleast take the time to make a new cover that actually goes with the tape, fake ass fuckin Djs
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why would we ever need an

why would we ever need an unofficial jim jones cd? im pretty sure hes in the running for worst rapper alive

got damn it whats wrong wit

got damn it whats wrong wit game? same ol fcukin trax