DJ Rob E Rob - After Party Vol 28

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1. R.I.P Intro - Guru, Mr. Rantastic
2. Beyonce - Put It In A Love Song
3. Nicki Minaj - Woohoo
4. Drake - Find Your Love
5. Kanye West - Heartless (Interlude)
6. Drake - Over
7. Drake - Over (Rob E Rob Mix)
8. Trey Songz - Does He Do It
9. Drake Interlude
10. Drake (Interlude)
11. Drake - Say Something (Rob E Rob Mix)
12. Rihanna - Rude Boy
13. Omarion - I Get In
14. Nicki Minaj - Little Freak
15. Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock (Remix)
16. Snoop Dogg (Interlude)
17. Ludacris - How Low
18. Break Up (Interlude)
19. Lloyd Banks (Interlude)
20. Lloyd Banks - Beama Benz, Bently
21. Young Money - Roger That
22. Ginger Breadman
23. My Chick Bad (Ladi Dadi Mix)
24. Ludacris - My Chick Bad
25. Dorrough - Ice Cream Paint
26. Robin Thick - In The Morning
27. Good Life (Interlude)
28. Nicki Minaj, Sean Garrett - Massive Attack
29. Yung L.A - Aint I
30. Crime Mob - Knuck If You Buck
31. Stupid Wild
32. Lil Wayne - Steady Mobbin
33. Wasted
34. Money To Blow (Interlude)
35. Young Money - Bedrock
36. Yellow Lemonade
37. Souljah Boy - Turn My Swag On
38. Souljah Boy - All The Way Turnned Up
39. Wacka Flaka - O Lets Do It
40. Lil Twist - Where They Do That At
41. Bricks
42. DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win
43. Rick Ross - Maybach Music
44. Trey Songz - Invented Sex (Rmx)
45. Daddys Home
46. K-OS - 4321
47. Keisha - Tick Tock
48. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me
49. Justin Bieber - Baby
50. Olivia - Here We Go (Produced Bytony Dofat)
51. Beanie Man - Chacaran
52. Sean Paul - Temperature
53. Tony Matterhorn - Dutty Wine
54. RDX - Bend Over
55. Mr Vegas - Hot Wiok
56. QQ - Stookie
57. I Am Blessed
58. Gyptian, Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh
59. Camron, Vado - Speaking In Toungue
60. Red Cafe - Im Ill
61. Fat Joe, Young Jeezy - Ha Ha (Slow Down)
62. Soul Ii Soul - Back To Life
63. Gangstarr - Take It Personal
64. Gangstarr - Dwyck
65. Nice & Smooth - Funky For You
66. Nice & Smooth - Hiphop Junkies
67. Slick Rick Doug E Fresh - The Show
68. Papoose - Bucket Naked
69. Maino - Bring It Back Dj
70. Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beats - Stop The Party
71. The Dream - Love King
72. There Goes My Baby
73. Dirty Money - Angels
74. Blankman - Waterfall Cash Flow
75. Im Not Afraid
76. Echo
77. Teiarra Mari, Redcafe - Sponsor
78. Rob E Rob Facebook, Twitter Info
79. Trey Songz - Neighbors No My Name
80. Rob E Rob - Contact Outro
81. Exit

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dont waist ur time^Fuck You^

dont waist ur time^Fuck You^
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haha did you really download this junk?
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Always Str8 Bitchin !

You Bitch More Then A Hoe In Heat Bro ! Dumb Ass Inbred . Go Down Load Country Mix Cds Homie !
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this ol lame ass nigga keep makin the covers nigga need to go kill himself "No Signature Required and Dont Need A Cosigner"
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pickin on females now?

all you do is try to start shit with everybody. didnt you just clown on another dude for not knowin how to spell. waiste? you mean waste? nobody cares about your opinion. that is very evident...
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im not pickin on no 1

im not trying to start shit with no one, I'm simply voicing my opinion which is what every one is doing, its the people that don't realize that everyone has their own opinion who i start shit with. they are to ignorant and dumb/not open minded to realize other peoples opinions...finish line^Fuck You^
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Puto No Body Wanna Hear Your Cock Sucker !
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you crossed the goddamn line already

You say your voicing your opinion. you keep throwing around "Close minded" and "ignorant". open your goddamn eyes man, and read what your writing. you are straight bitching on every fucking tape you come across that aint produced by dre, and you probably didn't even give the shit a listen. I get it. you dont like it. Just shut your bitch ass up and let somebody else voice there opinions instead of you going into defense mode because somebody doesn't like your "opinion". shut the fuck up or go to datpiff. damn.
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y dont u go smoke another

y dont u go smoke another pound of weed, STFU and talk about music ^Fuck You^
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i wasnt even talkin about you i was talkin about waka flocka or however you spell attention.. "No Signature Required and Dont Need A Cosigner"
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Nice uniform girl! I

Nice uniform girl! I personally thank you for your service to the greatest country in the world!
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bet^Fuck You^

bet^Fuck You^
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Do you intentionally not write anything in your subject box sometimes so your "^Fuck You^" sig shows up in it?
just wondering that
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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no i just never take the

no i just never take the time to fill that in, really no need 4 it^Fuck You^
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its jrock and weezy need i say more?//In Brooklyn we don't give a fuck about rubber band stacks Niggas will rob you for your money and give you your rubber bands back//


lol,somebody beefing and screw aint involved?get him D....this is like round 4 already
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