DJ Ty Boogie - Blend City 28

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01 Djtyboggie - Intro (Blend)
02 Fat Joe & Young Jeezy - Slow Down (Blend)
03 Usher - Daddys Home (Blend)
04 Trey Songs - Say Ahh (Blend)
05 Rihanna - Rude Boy (Blend)
06 (Blend)-Alica Keys - Un Thinkable
07 Trey Songs - Invented Sex (Blend)
08 Mary J Blige - I Am (Blend)
09 50 Cent - Do U Think About Me (Blend)
10 Rihanna Ft.Young Jeezy - Hard (Blend)
11 Joel Ortiz - Call Me (Blend)
12 B.O.B - Nothing On (Blend)
13 Red Cafe & Fabolous - I'm Ill (Blend)
14 Charlie Boy - I Look Good (Blend)
15 Teara Marie Ft. Gucci Mane - Sponser (Blend)
16 Ester Dean & Chris Brown - Drop It Low (Blend)
17 Loyd Banks & Juelz Santana - Beamer, Benz Or Bently (Blend)
18 Timbaland Ft. Drake - Say Something (Blend)
19 Young Money Ft. Loyd - Bedrock (Blend)
20 Drake - Over (Blend)
21 Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane - Steady Mobbin (Blend)
22 Birdman Ft. Drake - Play Ball (Blend)
23 Waka Flaka - O Let's Do It (Blend)
24 Roscoe Dash & Soulja Boy - All The Way Turnt Up (Blend)
25 Drake & Lil Wayne - Money 2 Blow (Blend)
26 Ciara & Ludacris - Ride (Blend)
27 Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak (Blend)
28 Gyptain - Hold Yuh (Blend)
29 Drake - Find Your Love (Blend)

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Im so fuckin hiigh rgitht now im readin through these old comments on otha tapes and shit just too fuckin funny.. I wish ya'll waz feelin like i am right now oooh shiiit.
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this is why i wanna meet some hispanic girls

yall need to check out alexis jordan jay z just signed her to roc nation and shes sexy as fuk, i wud dick herr soo good. i want her to sing for me while i'm fuking her lol, shes gotta new song with trey songz

we all kno u ghey

shut up.
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But acccorrding 2 you Jay Z is satan, so she mus be like a demon slave to his cult or somethin, you don't like Jay Z Illuminatiness, she's obviously going to be part of the cult when she sells her first mil so you betta get that Pussy quick before she start doing like Rihanna! lol.
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lady ga ga, bey, ri ri, i wud dick them all!

lol i dont give a fuk i wud still fuk the shit outt her and Ri Ri can get it too, theres something sexy about a devil worshiper. but alexis jordan aint really that hot i've been with hotter girls but im attracted to girls that sing and like i said before cuz we dont have any hispanic girls here we go crazy for them..
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Florida got the best lookin one's

Florida got some of the most beautiful Spanish speakin momma's in the States... Texas got a lot to sort through, but if you just lookin for the hottest Latina'z it's FL.
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lol u shud come here, the girls go CRAZY for black guys. cuz they love lil wayne
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I heard them women out there be hardcore, they be runnin shit.. I like my women to be "women" and know their place.. But i been to London before and Women LOooooOooVe Black Southern Accents, and i got that strong Nawlinz accent too when i wanna turn it all the way on to charm the femalez, they luh that shit, all i gotta do is speak my normal self and they melt, love when i say Baaybea.. Panties get saturated, lol..
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i wanna go to england cuzz english accents on girls are sexy


too many suspects in here. i'll just leave it at that.
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anything for attention smh

lmao dis nigga trying to get attention cuz everybody ignored him...

Im tryin to get you started

Im tryin to get you started bitch wzup?? I dunno why you talk about bitchez like you like pussy. We all know you like to suck dick and lick ballz! You a fucking faggot!!
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dis niggas deusional

last time u said that i roasted u so bad u didnt reply fukin bitch, i dont have time. it's nearly 8 im about to go out in like 20 mins

nigga u get roasted everyday!

By everybody!! I dont even remember you roasting nobody. Post the link faggot cause i dont remember this??? and stop frontin you aint goin nowhere.
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nigga dont worry

nigga dont worry about the link i dont have time to look for that shit, i gotta take a shower and get dressed. ur comebacks are gay as fuk anyway ur not fun to fight. but wait till i comeback, i'm gonna fukin rape u (no homo) im gonna roast u so bad ur gonna wanna kill urself lol

yea bitch run off before i make u look bad

Oh too late! Remember this mr ladies man....
Yung Screw 817 wrote:
From: Mehyar To: Yung Screw 817 Subject: IM GAY SO WHAT! Date: Sat, 01/09/2010 - 3:02pm: So what if im gay? Thats me, I love to suck dick and lick balls so what! I bet i can suck better dick than you girl. You people are just a bunch of homophobic racist losers! I LIKE TO SUCK COCK SO DEAL WITH IT!!!
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ur lame as fuk smh

u just proved my point u dumbass nigga, ur comebaks are wack as fuk. how old are u? u immature motherfuka. do me a fava go to wikipedia research some suicide methods and choose the one that hurts the most... here

You a fucking queer homey.

You a fucking queer homey. And you got Drakes nutz all in ya mouf! And stop talkin about pussy tryin to change niggaz minds! We all know you a fucking homo! Go sample another drake track and shut the fuck up!
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lmao just wait till i come back nigga, im gonna have fun with yo bitch ass (pause)

Just do it now bitch cause

Just do it now bitch cause you know you aint goin nowhere. Your bitch azz aint got no friends. Thats why you know all the latest scoops on all celebrities cause you sit around reading stupid azz magazines like the one on your avi. HAHA fucking queer puttin anotha nigga face on his shit. What a fucking LAME!

mr young n sexy

LMAO!! even your name soundz fucking homo! You were better off with Mehyar.

ohh shit im so thowd ritenow!!

This is too much fun HAHAAHA!!!
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Imma let you smoke on the rest of that blunt i couldn't finish screw lol..
Shit be funny tho! Nigga's stop comin for me lately cuz i don't let down, especially when im fizzed the fuck ouut! so i just been sittin back laughin at all these comments..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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I guess since you posted

I guess since you posted that at 5:40 in the morning Ill give you a break on not being able to finish that blunt, you're suppost to smoke till you have to crawl like that bitch on that movie The Grudge
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yea mane!

after i typed that last message i was knoooocccked out, and the only thing that woke me up was thunder, because it's storming out right now so lite up the rest of that blunt now im back at it, i love smokin while it rain outside.. can't let a storm go to waste.. lol
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