DJ Rob E Rob Presents Michael Jackson - The Final Mixtape

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real cover

THATS WHATS UP!!! tight cover maybe a good tape but i not gone D/L it.
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not possible......

wit 73 tracks eitha the dj made a mp3 cd or each song a 2 min clip; d/l with!!-(Spookz)-


72 MB and 73 songs thats bs
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im downloading it now....
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better fix em...

i'd downloaded it... n ders smthin wrong wit it..
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u missd a spot ash

u still got some nut on the leftside of your mouth


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fake wack kids

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
u still got some nut on the leftside of your mouth
fuck boys dont mind me!! niggas claim they so fuckn grown bitch boy please!!
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Obviously none of you know

Obviously none of you know about Muzik. Rob e Rob is know for giving as many tracks as possible on his "best ofs". So instead of making stupid comments. Respect the nng of POP & comment on the muzik.