Mark Ronson Presents Rhymefest: Man In the Mirror


01 The Cipher (Rhymefest & Michael Jackson)
02 Can't Make It (Rhymefest) [prod. by Best Kept Secret]
03 "Thriller" Skit
04 Get Up (Rhymefest ft Wale)
05 Dancin' Machine (The Jackson 5 ft Rhymefest)
06 Flip It Skit
07 Never Can Say Goodbye (Rhymefest ft Talib Kweli) [prod. by Best Kept Secret]
08 Mike The Mentor (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson)
09 No Sunshine (Rhymefest) [prod. by Emile]
10 Caught Up Skit
11 Foolin' Around (Rhymefest ft Dres) [prod. by Mark Ronson]
12 Set The Mood
13 Breakadawn (Rhymefest ft Daniel Merriweather & alpha.)
14 Windbreaker Skit
15 Higher Intro
16 Higher (Rhymefest)
17 Mark vs. Mike
18 All That I've Got (Rhymefest ft Ghostface Killah & Mary J. Blige)
19 Maybe Tomorrow (Michael Jackson)
20 Sunshine Skit
21 Coolie High (Camp Lo ft Rhymefest)
22 Family Reunion (ft Tito, Randy, Mike & Rhymefest)
23 Much Love Skit
24 Man In The Mirror (Rhymefest ft Michael Jackson)

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This is some real innovative shit. Rhymefest & Mark Ronson took a bunch of Michael Jackson interview clips & blended them in brilliantly. Fest on some Jackson 5 samples? Hot. I appreciate the creativity. These dudes deserve at least a nomination at the Justo awards.
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The realest tribute EVER!!!

This was and is the best tribute album I heard for an existing artist. Mark Ronson former producer for Saigon, kills the entire album and uses str8 up old school MJ only. Rhymefest is a G for making this album at a time when MJ may not have been so popular. A true testament to what MJ meant to music "PERIOD". I forgot about this mixtape till recently but it was steadily on rotation in my ipod. highly recommended if people look for this album, great find. R.I.P. KOP but just know that "Legends Never Die"