DJ Scream & Future - 1000

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01 Future - Intro
02 Future - Life Of A G
03 Future - All I Want Is Some Money
04 Future - So Cold
05 Future Feat. Alley Boy & Young Scooter - Splurge
06 Future - Future Speaks
07 Future - Do It To Em
08 Future Feat. Rocko - Yeah Yeah
09 Future - Just Like I Want
10 Future Feat. Big Rube - Statistics
11 Future - All The Time
12 Future Feat. Young Scooter - Notice Me
13 Future - Everybody
14 Future - Future Speaks
15 Future Feat. Tasha - Good Look
16 Big Bank Black Feat. Future - Stop Playing
17 Future Feat. Young Scooter - Ain Nun
18 Future - Future Speaks
19 Future - Like Ohh

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Krayzie Bone??!

Looks just like him ...5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.

Fucken autotune

WTF! This guy shitted all over this tape (and not in a good way)! I guess he didn't get the memo that autotune does not equal talent. The sad thing is, most of the tracks aren't that bad, but they're all autotuned; not even just the choruses, all the verses and even most of the drops. If the Future is autotune, count me out.

This shit go hard as fuck

This shit go hard as fuck and if u listen to most of the tracks he wasnt even using autotune but otherwise he was flowin
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so that bitches to rags episode really happened

this nigga pulled a thugnificent-when i burn in hell i want to know i brought ruin to the earth not because i had to sell a mixtape....fuck illuminati-