DJ Smallz & Exclusive J Present Chopper Young City - The Purple Tape

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01. The Purple Tape (Intro)
02. Universe
03. Dope Game
04. Coca Cola
05. Smoke Break
06. Mapatnahthem Feat. Young Boy, Hot Boy, Bulletz & Chemist
07. Deeznuts
08. Once Upon A Time
09. Gun Cocked
10. Who That Is
11. Doubters
12. Paper Chase
13. Fresh Off The Block Feat. Shawnna
14. Bring It Back
15. Risky Business
16. Diamond In The Back
17. I Do Feat. Hot Boy, Young Boy & Chemist
18. Lean Break
19. Oh You Know Im Sexy

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Just ignore it

Maybe he'll go away..
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lot of his shit sucks but im

lot of his shit sucks but im tellin u moe4 is dope as fuck


How can he be dope if he sux??? That makes next to no sense

im sayin the mixtape moe 4

im sayin the mixtape moe 4 is dope as fuck but a lot of his songs and that whoole last tape he had on here sucks imma fan tho better to listen to then most rappers out.. aye, anybody ever see the rap snaks? or something like that? theyre pork rinds wit his picture on the bag and shit funny as hell bra