DJ Smallz - Southern Smoke 30

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1. DJ Smallz Aka Mr. Southern Smoke - Intro 0:06
2. T.I. feat. Jay-Z, Kanye West & Lil' Wayne - Swagger Like Us 5:25
3. Kanye West & T-Pain - Grind Hard (DJ Khaled Album) 3:29
4. T.I. feat. Usher - My Life, Your Entertainment 5:06
5. Young Jeezy - Vacation 3:41
6. Young Jeezy - Word Play 3:10
7. Trick Daddy - The Realest 2:49
8. Plies - Put On Freestyle 0:57
9. Yo Gotti - Cash Flow Freestyle 2:09
10. Gucci Mane feat. Yo Gotti, Shawty Lo & Gorilla Zoe - Lodi Dodi 3:32
11. Shawty Lo - I Knew It 3:32
12. Shawty Lo - Don't I 1:46
13. Young Jeezy - Amazin' 4:02
14. Young Jeezy - Don't Know You 4:17
15. Young Buck - There Will Be Blood 3:14
16. Lil' Wayne - Stunt Hard 2:06
17. Lil' Wayne - I Want Dis Forever 1:43
18. Dolla feat. Lil' Wayne - Make A Toast 3:38
19. Dolla feat. T.I. - We Stay Fly 2:24
20. Young Dro - We Can Do It 3:56
21. Lil' Wayne - Pussy Monster (New Version Produced By David 4:51
22. Willie Da Kid feat. Gucci Mane, La The Darkman, Bun B, Yung 4:22
Joc & Trey Songz - Love For Money
23. Big Tuck feat. Paul Wall, Trae & Slim Thug - Not A Stain On 4:35
Me (Remix)
24. Supastaar feat. Hurricane Chris & Tum Tum - Halle Berry 4:12
25. DJ Smallz - Outro 0:15

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First post, that Southern Smoke is back! The series that made the mixtape game what it is, ya feel me?


ExplosivoFueled wrote:
First post, that Southern Smoke is back! The series that made the mixtape game what it is, ya feel me?



southern smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!

YESSSS da Master is Back!!!!!! It'z about tyme.


this might be a dumb question..but like soujla boy and T.I had the song WE STAY FLY on soulja boy's Dolla just freestylin on the beat..i jus wanna kno who had it first..i luv em both :]

Smallz is Slippin

this mixtape been slippin for a while now. and why is boosie on the cover? he aint nowhere to be found on this tape.

tell me why the shit im

tell me why the shit im listenin to is so much more advanced than this ... what is wrong wit the dj

Same Ol' Shit

Aint Nothin New Here
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yeah he shoulda made this

yeah he shoulda made this exact tape(same songs and all) right after southern smoke 29 cuz thats how old these songs are lol

Hot mixtape, glad southern

Hot mixtape, glad southern smoke is back
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Yeah it has a couple older tracks but what mixtape doesnt these dayz. He put tha best Jeezy songs on here. And 'Lodi Dodi' is tha shit. But 'Dont I' is cut short(damnit). And of course 'Swagger Like Us' is classic. I fucks wit it.

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thanx 4 the tape


its cool the southern smoke is back. but man this is all some recycled shit. smallz needs to get back on to those exclusive remixes and shit. i remember the old tapes each one had a new remix on that bitch. djs need to go back and start putting shit back together like they did. best djs are ones that actully mix shit together. examples: Green Lantern,Dirty Harry, Dj Vlad & Few Others. PEACE


i've been down w/ mtt for going on two years now and for the last i'd say 6-9 months this site has been nothing but trash. sorry mfizz, it's not even you're fault either. i think its a true testament to the state that hip hop is in. and that would be life support. smallz always used to come hard and have the exclusives. i've heard all this weeks ago, and the shit on here i haven't heard looks like straight trash. i remember when it used to be big mike, smallz, kayslay, mick boog, and drama droppin fire all day.. now we got dj "i download my shit off limewire and throw it all together and i'm a mixtape dj." if i can do the same thing they can while sitting in front of this computer, it ain't a mixtape. and smallz, i could have put this out three weeks ago with better filler shit on it ten tracks from shawty lo. fuck this shit. go d/l kid cudi, add-2, wale or charles hamilton's new shit. any of that is better than this, and it's free too. that ain't a plug either, just shit that's way better than anything on this site. very disappointing. will not be coming back.

i feel ya...plenty of good

i feel ya...plenty of good stuff drops just gotta weed through the stuff you arent interested in...charles hamilton, wale etc is posted here