DJ Spinatik - Hotlanta 2

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Shout to Spinatik!

1. (00:00:06) Yung Joc - Intro
2. (00:05:08) Yung Joc ft. Gucci Mane - posted At The Store
3. (00:03:46) Gorilla Zoe ft. Gucci Mane - Money
4. (00:04:00) Ludacris ft. Lil Wayne - Last Of A Dying Breed
5. (00:04:02) Gucci Mane - Stoopid
6. (00:03:50) Sean Paul - Yean Beat'n
7. (00:04:13) Gucci Mane ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Shirt Off
8. (00:04:53) Gucci Mane ft. Soulja Boy - Get Em Got Em
9. (00:03:40) Shawty Lo - 17 5
10. (00:04:17) Ludacris - Do The Right Thing
11. (00:03:46) Ludacris ft. The Game - Call Up The Homies
12. (00:03:02) Gucci Mane - Way Ova There
13. (00:02:36) Young Jeezy ft. Akon - I'm So Paid
14. (00:01:55) Gucci Mane - I Get Money
15. (00:00:53) Gucci Mane - U Want
16. (00:02:51) Shawty Lo ft. Yung Joc & Big Boi - So Fly (Hotlanta Remix)
17. (00:01:23) Gucci Mane ft. Project Pat - Bang Bang Smack Smack
18. (00:01:41) Gorilla Zoe ft. Gucci Mane - Chain Swang (Remix)
19. (00:03:44) Gorilla Zoe - Break It Down
20. (00:03:10) The Dream ft. Lil Jon - Let Me See The Booty
21. (00:03:33) Soulja Boy ft. Juney Boom Data - Wassup Wit Da Pussy
22. (00:03:15) Gucci Mane ft. Yo Gotti - Light Show
23. (00:01:19) Ludacris - Do It For Hip Hop
24. (00:01:26) Unk ft. Ying Yang Twinz - Sweep Da Flo
25. (00:01:44) Ying Yang Twinz - Wild Out
26. (00:02:45) T.I. ft. T-Pain - It Ain't Me
27. (00:02:53) Yung Joc - What's Really Good

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bout time

bout time

couldnt help it...........

couldnt help it........... 1st


I can't believe how hard Soulja Boy goes on track 21. This kids spittin pure crack. He a true G so stop hatin'.

@jay jay: dude i cant belive

@jay jay: dude i cant belive it, did you really just said toysoulja is a G.... man you need to stop fucking with dat crack
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thats somebody thats on my dick and likes my name so much they figured they would use it LOL, if you dont see A PICTURE next to my name (like this phillies one i have up now) than its JUST ON OF MY FANS LMAO, i hate soulja boy cuzz, one of the WORST rappers in da game BY FAR, he is part of the destruction of hip-hop, PERIOD!!! if you like soulja boy you can suck my cock haha

Look at this dumbass

Wow, you cant even spell or make up your mind. Thats hilarious that a person like you has anything to say about anything. You know what you are. I dont need to say shit. Matter of fact, track 21 is a female song. So, that in itself already says a whole lot about you. Real Shit.
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AGAIN for you slow niggas..... THAT WAS NOT ME THAT POSTED THAT DUMB SHIT BOUT SOULJA BOY & TRACK 21, it is a guest that just types "JayJayGemini" and the guest name, IF YOU DONT SEE A PICTURE NEXT TO MY MANE, ITS NOT MY POST, now can you understand that? i can slow it dont a little more for you, lemme know mr. short bus

LMAO @ This DJ

Look At This Fuck Nigga DJ Who Thinks He Knows Whats Hot Up Here In The A. I Looked You Up Nigga And Seen You From Florida. How The Fuck You Know Whats Hot Up Here? Nigga Do Ya Homework Cuz This Dont Represent The Streets Of The A. Nigga Prolly Couldnt Do A Florida Mixtape Cuz Them Other DJs Down There Hoggin The Space HAHA!