DJ Suss One & Uncle Murda - Summer Time Shootouts


1. (00:00:48) Uncle Murda - Summer Maddness Intro
2. (00:03:21) Uncle Murda - Summertime Shootouts
3. (00:02:01) Uncle Murda - D.O.A (Street Mix)
4. (00:03:43) Uncle Murda - Make A Movie
5. (00:04:34) Uncle Murda - My Niggas (GMG)
6. (00:02:21) Uncle Murda - Bitch Ass Niggas
7. (00:01:37) Uncle Murda - Your Nobody
8. (00:02:41) Uncle Murda - I Smell Like Money
9. (00:03:35) Uncle Murda - Where We At
10. (00:02:54) Uncle Murda - Shotti On Me
11. (00:02:42) Uncle Murda - Director's Cut
12. (00:02:34) Uncle Murda - We Kill Em
13. (00:02:26) Uncle Murda - This How I Get Down
14. (00:04:25) Uncle Murda - I'm Good At What I Do
15. (00:01:56) Uncle Murda - New Generation
16. (00:01:53) Uncle Murda - NY 2 LA
17. (00:01:01) Uncle Murda - Bang Bang Shot Dead
18. (00:02:16) Uncle Murda - Okay Okay
19. (00:00:12) Uncle Murda - Outro
20. (00:03:51) DJ Suss One Feat. Uncle Murda, Red Cafe & Maino - Who Shot Ya 2009 (BONUS)

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dis shit right here.

dis shit right here. straight fire! leave it alone if u aint gangsta wit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Standard NY Rap style

Its a lil boring, i like what he talkin about but i couldn't get around being bored in the mean time.. he has that old school NY style when NY was the Murda Capital and nigga's talked about real nigga shit.... [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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y this nigga always talkin

y this nigga always talkin bout shootin sum dam body
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It's like ol'e school thats why

It replicates what Ol'e school NY (1970s-80's NY) shit, When NY was the Murder capital with over 2000 murders a year, only Compton, Detroit, Miami and New Orleans swapped between that status............... However with NY having the lowest crime and being the least dangerous city in America, his Poetic Chaos is irrelevant now, New York is like heaven compared to the rest of the cities i mentioned now. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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nigga how you gonna say new

nigga how you gonna say new york is the safest city in the world when you dont live here. statistics? fuck statistics nigga ..come lay your head with yo ova confident ass believing yo ass wont get yapped i know 12 yr olds that would body you in broad daylight LOL
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I think those stats are off son..

yeanukka wrote:
nigga how you gonna say new york is the safest city in the world when you dont live here. statistics? fuck statistics nigga ..come lay your head with yo ova confident ass believing yo ass wont get yapped i know 12 yr olds that would body you in broad daylight LOL
Truth indeed, not even a week ago some little nigga about 13-14 yapp'd a dude for fucking 50 bucks. Son no bullshit I have no fear for old nigga, I'm scared to death of the elementary schools you know what I'm sayin'? I told my son, "nigga you on your own the second we get 2 blocks away from that school. I pull up you better tuck and roll little nigga cause daddy is breezin'."

Doesn't the "LOL" kinda

Doesn't the "LOL" kinda negate everything that precedes it? just curious

hes right you dont shit

hes right you dont know shit about what goes on in NY til u lived here..BK all fuckin day !
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lowest crime rate? da fuck u talkin bout u bummy ass nigga. u always act like u kno everything bout every mixtape and artist now u talkin shit bout my city actin like u kno what goes on day to day. u soft bitch shut yo ass up
dninc's picture

This nigga always got something to say.

Yo ass always get shut down by every post i post back to yo dumb fuckin ass, you always wait to co-sign somebody elses shit so you can have a partner in crime, nigga i'll shut both ya'll dumb fucks down, here's your statistics,Most-Dangerous-Cities-in-the-United-States-%282009%29 New York Ranks bottom in all categories except thefts and rape. ... ... Now here's a link to the Safest Cities in the US........ Notice several New York Cities ranked very high on this list. I speak what i know thats why i think i know everything, if i didn't know it i wouldn't speak it, makes sense to yo stupid ass yet? and i lived in NY for 3 years in Brooklyn and then in the Long island area that ain't a thing, all i got was frost bite during them long ass winters, take yo Yankee asses to my old neighborhood in New Orleans and see how long it take for ya face to end up on a tee shirt, NOW THATS HARD LIFE...... and if you don't know shit about me or what i do don't mention it, you just look stupid taking guesses and leavin ya self open to be a verbal punching bag lol [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

No Disrespect

But that most dangerous cities list is bullshit!!! It's an opinion peace and all you have to do is hit the up or down arrow on the left to move the cities !! Also I'm from Jersey and the list had Atlantic City as being more dangerous than Camden, Irvington, or Newark!! That's straight BS! Plus it's got Philly on the list twice at #20 and #6, which one is it! I mean Gotham City is on the list for christ sake!!! And where the fuck is Strawberry Banana!! And if you lived in NY for 3 years like you claim. Then you would notice that none of those places on the Safest Cities list are in the 5 boroughs which means they are not in New York City, they are in New York State!!! If your gonna try and make a point please come with some facts to support the shit!!!
dninc's picture

I guess i'll make it simpler for you

Since you can't hit a google search up.. here's official data from Forbes: AND if you want it broken down for the simple nigga's here: ............. make sure you highlight all of the bold otherwise the link wont work. Initially i posted a link that would have it down in simpler terms because i know half the nigga's here have a low tolerance for anything that has more than 2 Paragraphs on it but here's some more official stuff you can read, that first link is basically a discussion/poll site and they are pretty good because people from those actual cities post about crimes.. But above is more solid because it's statistics are based off FBI, CIA and Local Sheriff data.......... also 3 years is not even remotely enough time to learn everything about New York as in Boroughs etc.. so really i could careless, i come from a place where we have "PARISHES" so i get everywhere confused when ya'll start talkin boroughs, counties and shit, i was relocated there for work, and work is all i did, it wasn't because i "WANTED" to live there, that should have even crossed your mind about somebody breaking down whats what out there, i still haven't even been to half the shit in NY. lol. ya'll wild with that shit lol. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

So What!!!

Your the one getting all your info from google!! Those Forbes links don't mean jack!! All they are showing is that N.Y isn't in the top 15!! No where does it say that it's the safest city in America like you claim!!! Try again!!!
dninc's picture

Nigga yo ass can't read lol

First of all there's another link in my first second post that has the safest cities in America thats from an official site, secondly where the fuck did i say "Safest city?" Bitch stop makin shit up, Basic 3rd grade reading and comprehension was not your strongest mark in school was it? [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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i dont believe everything them sites be showin. is all bullshyt just like the damn newspaper! they dont wana scare everybody outhere or nobody will go back to NY! --NO-NUTZ-NO-GLORY--

Stop Talking Out Yo Ass Stupid!!!

And I quote "However with NY having the lowest crime and being the least dangerous city in America" Those are you own words dumbass!! Read your 1st post again, stupid!! Do you always talk out your ass?? I already pointed this out but I'll do it again for the slow kid! You read in that "safest cities" article and you show me a place in New York City that is listed you dumb fuck!!!!! Those are areas in New York State!!! There is a difference!!! 3 years ain't enough time to learn that New York City consists of the 5 boroughs are you serious??? What did you do while you were up this way lock yourself inside and sit in front of your computer talkin bullshit?? Here since you like google so much learn something about the city you used to live in: - !!!
dninc's picture

Wow you obviously need ya head examined..

And obviously comprehension and BASIC 3rd grade reading skills is not your strongest point.. What does the word "LEAST" mean to you? Does it mean "is" " close to" "Near" or "Smallest amount" I wont give hints, feel free to google. This is Taken from my 3rd post that has the links it.: Now here's a link to the Safest Cities in the US........ If you gone talk shit read first so i wont have to make you feel like shit. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]


I've seen your stupid links and none of the places are located in the 5 boroughs (The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island (a district also known as Richmond County)). Which means NYC is not on that list DUMBASS!!! You keep FAILING!!! You might as well give up STUPID!!! Stop talking about shit you don't know about!! I've had more intelligent conversations with my pitbull!!
dninc's picture

You still slow wow..

Maybe thats why you can have intelligent convo with Dogs because you don't read or comprehend.. Where is NYC mentioned in any of my post? I SAID NY.. as in (NEW YORK) not new york city.. please come back when you can read.. for now go finish communicating with pittbulls obviously thats your strongest point.. I could care the fuck less about Boroughs and counties, i said NY, that means "SOMEWHERE" in NY, the places on that list has "NY" next to it.. I mentioned No where specific, the list mentions cities in "NEW YORK" (Abbreviation "NY"), No where i said "NEW YORK " CITY .. .. How is this not sinking in?, you too busy reading what you want instead of reading to understand whats being said. Case closed im done here.. keep arguing moot points about nothing all you want... they obviously don't teach basic comprehension and reading skills up there. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Dear Bitch Boy....

bitch boy who da fuck u talkin to shuttin who down in what comments? #1 you aint shuttin shit down bitch boy #2 thats all about all you can attempt to do is try and shut a nigga up because you feel you always have to be right. OVA THA INTERNET. I bet you went to bed real happy last night knowing you shut a nigga down on yous a straight lame ...tryin to sound educated yet you so damn hood ...actually being INTELLIGENT & GANGSTA in most cases is an (IN YOUR CASE) OXY-MORON. but you feel real safe in front of your computer poppin off to niggas you will neva have to meet in life. this gives you the courage to act tough. If you really was intelligent you wouldnt claim to be a street nigga cuz then you know niggas is gonna test you... but we are on the internet! you aint provin shit bitch boy... you can keep commenting and posting but the truth is is a bitch with nothing betta to do ..than attempt to appear intelligent and tough ...things you will never be in life.
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did you even need to post this or you just want your 15 mins of fame? Here ya go .... .. ... ..... .............. ........... .................... .......... ....... .............. ............. ...... ............Well thats 15 sec's but thats all ya worth...... you too worried about my posting behavior to worry about yaself, thats a shame, but im glad you spent half ya life on here following my comments.. lol [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

you right...

yeah my dude you right about the crime stats and New York. i actually research stats, murder rates, and all that stuff myself. i do it for fun and after i'm done in school i'll be doing it for a living. but New York's murder LOW. the top three switches between detroit, new orleans, and baltimore. 2007 detroit was first in murder rates followed by baltimore and then the N.O. 2008 it was N.O. camden, NJ, detriot, and then baltimore. i mean N.Y.'s crime rate is 5 for every 100,000 people....while baltimore is 46 for every 100,000. I moved from bmore to Phoenix 6 months ago and Phoenix's murder rate is way higher than New Yorks. Shoot...New York might be a nice, safe place to raise my kids. LOL. but right and these New York niggas can't handle the truth. Last time new york was even in the top 15...was like 95. lol [aye yurp]
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Look @ His Name

I mean, the nigga's name IS Uncle Murda! LOL. What did u expect? ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

Ain't All That

I'on really like this shit tho. Don't see what the big hype surrounding this fool is. I'd rather hear DMX go off! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Holy Hell This Niggas Is a Demon...Don't listen to his demonic ritual Babel..its designed to enslave and corrupt your mind...but i must admit, this shit is

its cool

but it all old shit??? every song been out, some for months now. who this dude really shot anyway?
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The Guy Who Played B.I.G.

Gravy, right in his ass LOL

Gravy is nice boy...but i

Gravy is nice boy...but i duno...Murder i think he might be a little nicer. it's a close one. [aye yurp]
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This Shit Is Killa

Heart Of A Hustla$ Dont Like East Coast Rap But This Shit Is Aiight
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its that summer time

thats what im talkin bout when i say its hot its the summertime madd bodies gon drop-uncle murder gon drop "South Cak coming soon believe it or not" by way brooklyn AAHHH!
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my kind of muzik

I LOVE THIS KILLA GANKZTAH SHYT!!! needz better beatz tho? --NO-NUTZ-NO-GLORY--
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well if that aint the ugliest dog i ever seen!
who cares's picture

murda's da shit. evry1 h8s

murda's da shit. evry1 h8s dis dude cuz dey pussy & so used 2 hearin all da bullshit on da radio.
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soft ass puta

nigga yous nothing more than a computer thug u softer than babyshit NIGGA .. think you know it all fam ill smack the living shit out you fam... fuck you talkin about what ya old neighborhood will do... YOU DONT WANNA KNOW WHAT ILL DO TO YOU BITCHBOY word to your motheR...since you seem to know it all you should know enough to know your place in the food chain nigga fall the fuck back bitch boy...thats ya new name..fuck dninc or whateva the fukk...ya new name is BITCH BOY
dninc's picture


Use a condom next time you get on the dick, none of that shit made a bit of sense you talkin, keep it movin lil one, your not worth my time so i'll let you talk like i do my lil brother and laugh.. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Noise Pollution

This shit is a prostitute's mouth, it sucks!!! {The secret of getting ahead is getting started}

u reallydont know what ur

u reallydont know what ur talking about.. ny crime is down since 94.. brownsville.. eny and bed stuy used to average 140+ each.. a year.. now eny avg. about 40 bville is like 37 and bedstuy about 35.. but thats still high murder rates for just neighborhoodds.. loook at comptons murder rate.. compton is a city and they get like 60 bodies a year.. thats only 20 more then a much smaller and less populated ENY brooklyn neighborhood.. NY crime rate is low.. but thats because of manhattans population and crime dropps are dramatic in manhattan.. only spots that are still gangsta in manhattan is LES and uptown.. back in the earlt 90s dudes used to get robbed out in time sqaure in broadday.. murder rates are done by percentage per population.. soo when ur lookin at the whole nyc which is very populated the numbers look low.. but neighborhood for neighborhood specially in the bronx and brooklyn things are still pretty baad.. just not as bad as the early 90s.. pre mayor gulliani... who cleaned up most of NY