DJ Whiteowl & DJ Moe Sticky - Dipset Disciples 3 (Hosted By JR Writer)

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1.Intro - Dipset Disciples 3
2.Jim Jones Ft Noe , Sandman - Bg Brawl (Exclusive)
3.Jim Jones Ft Mel Matrix & Noe - Mobbin All Day
4.Camron - Dipset Reunion
5.Jim Jones - Dissin Camron
6.Jim Jones - Resolves Issues With Cam'ron
7.Camron - Cookies & Apple Juice
8.Jim Jones - Enemies (Dissin Max B & Camron)
9.Jim Jones & Oun P - $100
10.Jim Jones & Noe - Hard Luck
11.Jim Jones - Name In Lights
12.Jr Writer Ft - Freestyle
13.Hell Rell - King Kong
14.Hell Rell - Services Needed
15.Jim Jones - Hustla
16.Camron - Get It In Ohio
17.Jim Jones , Noe & Ludacris - How 2 Be A Boss
18.Camron - The Trap
19.Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne - With My One Arm
20.Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne - Pyrex Rap
21.Hell Rell & Jr Writer - Extermination Levels
22.Jr Writer & Fred Money - Put Ya Hands Up High
23.Jr Writer - Die If U Try Me
24.Juelz Santana - Swagga
25.Camron - Cook It Up
26.Jim Jones - Electric
27.Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne - No More Lying Friends
28.Jim Jones ,N.O.R.E, Cardan & Nature - That Sizzurp
29.Jim Jones - Na Na Na
30.Jim Jones Ft Noe & Mel Matrix - Pop It Off

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wowww look at all that jim jones... ill pass on this shit just like that pink shirt cams wearing.

fuckk a dipset

IK3SD 4 LIFE cam,ron a beast max b a snitcgh cam,ron u a beast my nigg,, kkeep geting it in chicago,
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why named dipset stupid dj's dipset is over