DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 126

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01 - Intro - You Are Finished
02 - Beanie Sigel - Freestyle Interview Dissin Jay-Z
03 - Beanie Sigel - Dissin Drake
04 - 50 Cent Ft Too Short E-40 - Dont Act Like A Bi
05 - Two-Five - Freestyle World Premiere
06 - Vado - Freestyle Exclusive
07 - Camron Ft Juelz Santana Jim Jones Freekey Zeke
08 - Eminem Ft Joel Ortiz Royce 59 Crooked I - Sess
09 - Eminem - Ryderz Full Songnot On Album
10 - Loyd Banks - Sspaing Tounges Freestyle Funk Flex
11 - Game Ft Jim Jones - Bitches
12 - Lil Wayne Gudda Gudda - Mr Martian
13 - Drake - U Know U Know
14 - Drake - Show Me
15 - Stylesp - 1 Leg At A Time
16 - Capone Nore - My Attributes
17 - Drag-On - Freestyle Stop It
18 - Game Robin Thicke - The Phantom
19 - Peedi Crack Ft Jakk Frost Wacka Flaka - Puttin I
20 - Royce 59 Crooked I - Let The Beat Rock
21 - Young Money - Callin Out
22 - 40 Cal - U Got Me Fucked Up World Premiere
23 - 40 Cal - Im Back Exclusive
24 - Jr Writer - Freestyle
25 - Interlude
26 - Two Five - Bulletproof
27 - Un Pachino Ft Chinx Drugz Dj Diggz Sean Perry
28 - Wwwwhiteowldropthatcom

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mr young n sexy's picture

lmao yall have to watch

lmao yall have to watch dis shit
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i am just getting the beanie

i am just getting the beanie sigel tracks. i listen to drake here and there, he has unique beats sometimes but I am way the fuck more fan of beanie sigel,
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Nothin to see here

White owl just puttin these tracks back in rotation, everything here has already been posted on other mixtapes.
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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thats a hot true religion

thats a hot true religion jean jacket, i bet that bitch was like 200
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do 0ne of you knw any rock torrent sites i c0n go to? or any game music? i wanna get that metroid theme song.
patcol's picture is the torrent is the torrent version of google
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kickdrums here go the kickdrums this the link i think this the only rock or soft rock on this site
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go to this link for some rock....but you dont wanna hang around here too long them wolfs will be on here in a lil bit!.....
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ever hear of google

get your punk azz outt here man, tired of seeing your dumb azz comments about rock and shit. you came to a RAP/HIP HOP/RNB site and all you do is diss rap or talk about some rock bullshit