DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 131

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01 - Djwhiteowl - Intro
02 - Two Five Ft Mike Baggz Melz Block Boyz Hot Rig
03 - Jae - Puttin In Work World Premiere
04 - Large Amounts - Freestyle Exclusive
05 - Large Amounts - Freestyle 2 Exclusive
06 - Cassidy - Drumma Bass New Single
07 - Mysonne - Let My Tape Rock Hot
08 - Nore - I Cant Do Nuthin 4 Ya Man Hot
09 - Nas Game Akon - Street Riderz
10 - Jay-Z - Shade 45
11 - Camron Ft Yo Gotti - U Got Me Fucked Up
12 - Jim Jones Byrdgang - Light It Up Freestyle
13 - Vado - I Usually Do
14 - 40 Cal - Summertime World Premiere
15 - Lil Wayne - Live From Rikers Island
16 - Lil Wayne - Speaking On Carter 4 I Am Not A Huma
17 - Lil Wayne Drake - We Above That
18 - Jae Millz - Freestyle
19 - Drake - Be What I Want
20 - Drag-On - Letter 2 Dmx
21 - Stylesp - Problem 2Nite
22 - Joel Ortiz - I Wont Go Broke
23 - Papoose - Salute Me
24 - Swizz Beats Gucci Mane - The Way U Like It
25 - Ras Kass - Jackin 4 Pop Beats 13 Minutes
26 - Public Enemy - The Truth About America

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oh no

LOL this tape is weak as fuckkkkkkk. When the first track's some Two Five bullshit you know a series done fell off, HAHA
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whiteowl drop that

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aye man

Two five go hard wtf you talkin' bout

I used to look foward to

I used to look foward to Biggy Jiggy but now I have to accept this weak ass White Owl Bitch
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/\ ------yo bitches quit your whining

and dont download this if you dont want it
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wtf public enemy? and that

wtf public enemy? and that swizz & gucci is on every tape i see now
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eat a dick for a

eat a dick for a change, carpet cleaners.... $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$
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fuck the world ant

fuck the world anthem video by freddie from his str8 killa ep if you dont like gibbs you like hiphop this nigga sick the new pac with that gangsta shit $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$ still ear fulln that str8 killa no filla tape and i cop the ep haha
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Stop Bitchin free music

It wasnt da best but it was ok. It was some new joints on here. I liked 10 tracks on dis tape. Maybe ya need go listen to travis porter or some shit. Oh n biggy jiggy was worse to me he was puttin nothing but R&B and pop shit on his tapes. M.O.B.
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Since biggy jiggy fell off we all stuck wit WhiteOwl. the only thing i dont like about him is that he puts his DJ tag in EVERY FUCKIN SONG! that shits annoying on my ipod. thats why biggy jiggy was my nigga. he aint do that shitt. he dropped LIME LIGHT EXCLUSIVES 01 last week. it aint badd. idk why that shit aint on this website. he says he will return on september 1st. the S.G. 29 album artwork is out. that means the tape is on its wayy
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lmaoh!!! a fuckn queer this kid is lmaoh!!! $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$

LOL hop da fuck off deez

LOL hop da fuck off deez nutz. You cryin over biggy jiggy. Go download that new usher offa limewire and youll be just fine