DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 149

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1. (00:00:53) Lloyd Banks - Exclusive
2. (00:02:46) Lloyd Banks & Reek Da Villian - The Whole Club
3. (00:02:57) 50 Cent - Here We Go Again
4. (00:00:58) Jadakiss & Fabolous - One In A Million
5. (00:03:18) Styles P & Johnny Blanco - U Don't Want War
6. (00:00:37) Styles P - Freestyle
7. (00:02:33) Hell Rell - On The Rise
8. (00:06:03) Kanye West, Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Vado, Teyana Taylor, Pusha T, Big Sean, CyHi Da Prynce & Musiq - Christmas In Harlem
9. (00:03:07) Cam'ron - Bacdafucup
10. (00:01:10) Cam'ron - Old School Freestyle
11. (00:01:56) Peedi Crack - 10 Feet
12. (00:03:15) Philly Swain, Tone Trump & Tech N9ne - Philly On My Back
13. (00:06:17) Joell Ortiz & Reek Da Villian - Freestyle (Jackin' Beats)
14. (00:02:59) Fabolous & Trey Songz - May I
15. (00:03:18) Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz & Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge Pt. 2
16. (00:03:01) Grafh - 6'7 Freestyle
17. (00:03:35) Jae Millz - End The Year
18. (00:01:10) Sheek Louch - Animal
19. (00:03:19) D-12 - Kill Zone
20. (00:02:36) Ghostface Killah Ft. Busta Rhymes - Superstar Status
21. (00:04:02) Ghostface Ft. Game & Joell Ortiz - Drama
22. (00:01:35) Consequence - Freestyle
23. (00:03:03) Joe Budden - Ordinary Pt. 1
24. (00:03:27) Sheek Louch - Blood
25. (00:03:07) Hell Rell Ft. JR Writer & 40 Cal - The After Party
26. (00:01:55) Bonus Track

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JayJayGemini's picture


Look @ 50 jockin my Phillies LOL, thats whats up though im sure there's gonna be ALOT of bandwagon jumpers wit our amzing rotation, its gonna be a record breaking year for the Philadelphia Heat, i mean Phillies LMFAO "MIKE VICK = MVP..... & RING?"


U have vicks dick all up in ya mouth jayjay. I thought u said blk qb's aint about shit?? whats with the change of heart??

remember this..

Remember the PM u sent me??
JayJayGemini wrote:
LAnd as far as the whole nigger QB thing, what I said was "a nigger QB wil never win a superbowl", and as of right now i am right, if Vick wins a superbowl for us to you honestly think im gonna be upset about being wrong LMFAO, think about it screwy, if i am ever wrong about something I HOPE TO GOD its that
racist piece of shit!
JayJayGemini's picture


am i lying??? a black QB has never won a superbowl??? Im just talking facts thats all, but I can say i hope Vick will be the first LMAO
Slugdeezy's picture

says who mofo

U sound like a dumb lying GOOF get ur facts b4 u spread ur stupidity Doug Williams was starting prior to the 1988 Redskins Superbowl victory, so he is the only starting African American quarterback to win the Superbowl. Also Joe Gilliam had started the first four games for the 1974 Pittsburgh Steelers. Here is the complete list of African American Quarterbacks that won rings GOOF. Joe Gilliam, Pittsburgh Steelers 1974 and 1975 Doug Williams, Washington Redskins 1988 Tony Banks, Baltimore Ravens, 2000 Shaun King, Tampa Bay Bucs 2002 Joe Hamilton, Tampa Bay Bucs 2002 (I/R) Rohan Davey, New England Patriots, 2003 and 2004 Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2005 and 2008 Rod Rutherford, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2005 (Practice Squad) Anthony Wright, New York Giants, 2007 Byron Leftwich, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2008 Dennis Dixon, Pittsburgh Steelers, 2008 **Doug Williams is actually the only African American to own the rights to being the first black Quarterback to have won the Super Bowl. Everyone else was along for the ride! Stay reppin ur Philli teams loser "Who Else But Me "
Jericko's picture


GayJay still showin his sorry ass face around here? LMAO fuckin hypocrite sayin nigger no yo lame ass wanna suck mike's dick. get yo wack homo ass the fuck outta here bruh lol
thatsthatshit's picture

HAHA Who ever said crime

HAHA Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

ha-ha dude just got schooled

JayJay saids sports is his life and half the time he has no idea wtf his talking about??? Ya should see all the racist pm's this faggot sends me. Couple of years ago he had McNabbs dick all up his mouth talkin about he was the BEST! then when he fell off dude not only dissed his game but pulled the racist card on him. I think he even had a name for him, "McNigger".. JayJay u have fucking issues homay.. If i was dat brotha beside u on ur little picture I WOULD SMACK THE SHIT OUT YOU BOB!
JayJayGemini's picture


NOBODY will EVER "school" me on sports, i live, eat, and shit sports, i know everything you could possibly know =)
JayJayGemini's picture

and this guy

names a bunch of bench riders that got a FREE superbowl ring LOL, and i am aware of the Dog Williams thing bro, i may be wrong but Mark Rypien was the starting QB all year and got hurt, williams took over and ended up winning the superbowl, i dont know how many games he actually won but i am not gonna go to wikipedia to prove you wrong like you tried doing to me LMAO fucking clown. Doug Williams did not LEAD his team to the superbowl, he just won it so call it what you want buddy really isnt that big of a deal to me, the whole thing started over Donavan McNabb and HE IS GONE NOW and we have the best QB in the NFL right now so im good, are you?

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another eastcoast failure

this is garbo son! 50 needs to retired wit his old azz. all this dudes is past tense. the east needs new blood 4real

dudes right

hurts to say but this tape is a failure. east coast music is my shit but goddddamn this is one of the worst whiteowl tapes i ever heard. how the fuck did banks fuck up the big l + jay-z freestyle beat!!!!????
dninc's picture

Lame tape

It's only right a lame like 50cent is on this lame shit, it's also only right a lame nigga like 50cent sport a Phillies hat when the Yankee's are pretty much going to dominate for the next 10-20 years again.
JayJayGemini's picture


If any true baseball fan were to read this they would be laughing at you for a week bro, you obviosly dont follow baseball or have ANY IDEA what your talking about, you even told me before you dont follow baseball so lets just keep it that way, but let me school you on a few things that im sure your not aware of. Ok so first of all the Yank-mees had their most disappointing offseason since me and you have been alive. They went after the top 5 free agents and FAILED on all 5, they first went after our boy Jayson Werth but he chose to go to one of the worst teams in baseball (Nationals) over the yank-mees. So then they went after Cliff Lee but he took 50 MILLION DOLLARS LESS AND ONE YEAR LESS to come to the Phillies... (wonder why)??? Then they went after Zack Grenkie & Carl Crawford, BOTH did not want to go to the yank-mees (wonder why???), and then last but not least they went after Jeremy Accardo and AGAIN failed miserably. The yankess have the OLDEST and most WASHED UP team in baseball right now, besides CC Sabitha the yank-mees rotation consists of a bunch of washed up 40+ year olds and a few bums coming off serious injuries, i honestly wouldnt even consider the yank-mees a "playoff team" right now, it will definatly be a few years before they will even be contenders again. Now on the other hand the Phillies have the best rotation baseball WILL EVER SEE, we have the 2 best pitches in baseball on our team, Roy Halladay & Cliff Lee are HANDS FUCKING DOWN the best two pitchers in baseball, you cant even compare them to the heat, it would be like if the heat traded chris bosh for kobe bryant, thats more like what the Phills look like right about now LMAO. Are #3 and #4 pitchers Cole Hamels & Roy Oswalt are considered in the top 10 in baseball, so 4 of our starting pitchers are in the top 10 in baseball, that is seriously unfair LMAO. And our hitting is always BEAST AS FUCK, 6 of our 8 batters are MULTI all-stars and some of the best in baseball, our team on paper looks like the national league all-star team"true story". The Phillies will DOMINATE the next 10 years you watch. I can potentially see AT LEAST 5 to 7 rings in the next 10 years easy! And last but not least the yank-mees have only won 1 world series in the past 9 years, they are not what they used to be, there is a reason why NOBODY wants to play there anymore, players are turning down MILLIONS of dollars to play for the Phillies.... whats that tell you? I mean come on dninc 50 cent is from NY and even he is rockin a phillies cap LMFAOOOOOOOOO, take that to the bank!!! My Flyers are the best team in the NHL right now, my Eagles are the most dynamic and hottest team in football right now, and my Phillies will be back in the WS AGAIN this year wit our team from outter space LMAO, if only the sixers could bring back Wilt or Sir Charles we would be STRAIGHT hahahahahaha
dninc's picture

At first i thought this was

At first i thought this was spam lol.. i aint reading all this shit LOL!... I read your title.. imma say it again, Yankee's going to be the best team for the next 10-20 years.. i don't watch baseball but it doesn't take a genius to see they making the moves to dominate again ESPN is always on, get over it lol.. go back into hiding or logging in your other account or chattin on the other site you said you go to now..
some teams in philly finally start looking good and suddenly your active again on this site lol. ironic.
IStillHatePosers's picture

naw dog

jay jay kill yourself. and dninc you should stick to football cuz the yankees couldnt hold the tampa bay rays nuts. go to one of the games and find out. and yea i know their matchups from this season.*I Just Dont Give A Fuck*
dninc's picture

Even tho i don't watch much

Even tho i don't watch much or follow Baseball all that much or know many of the rules and shit i do know this from what i watch on ESPN and what my homeboyz that know that game tell me.. Rays losing a lot of good players in the season and off-season .. Now ever since i moved to Tampa a few years ago i kinda adopted a couple of they teams except for they football team so i like the Rays a lil bit and been to a few games, they've been good for the past couple of years now but they was picked apart in the off-season, Carlos Pena went to Cubs, Dan Wheeler to Red Sox, And They gonna lose Willy Aybar in Free Agency.. and thats just the few i know about.
JayJayGemini's picture

this guy

yankees ARE NOT better than the Phillies in ANY KIND OF WAY..... I dont have another account nor do I go to any other site.... its called I have better things to do than to argue all day on a fucking mixtape website with a bunch of fruitcake kids that I will never see face to face in real life.... theres NO POINT, all you people do on this site is argue with each other LOL, i come to this site a few times a week and D/L the new mixtapes I just dont comment anymore, i be reading the comments sometimes tho, i still see the same lifeless people on here year after year, i just wonder when the shits gonna get old for ya'll, aint it time to go get some pussy or somethin???


Speak for yourself brah, u been here over 2yrs waaay before i discover this site and u still arguing and bitchin like a fucking broad. Why dont u stop frontin and tell this boyz how u pm on the regular like u have a man crush on me faggot!.. By the way, ur boy vick gettin smacked around by the vikings ritenow. He keeps dropping the football like a bar of soap.. MVP? i think not.. Tom Brady taking that shit watch.
dninc's picture

Wait wait wait.. This nigga

Wait wait wait.. This nigga talkin about gettin pussy and you all hugged up on another dude in your avatar pic?!?? Must i tell you how "Happy" that looks? who takes a pic with anotha nigga and make it a point to post that shit online? lol..
you the only come in here and type a documentary worth of shit nobody reads anyway then talk about arguing, that shit is like listening to my bitch whine about dumb shit for an hour while the game is on..
The shit will get old when im dead and gone. it don't take much for me to waste 45 sec's to type something on my keyboard, i got that much time to spare with ya'll fucks here..


dat faggot gaygay ran off as soon as his sheagles lost to the vikings, hahaha.. Vick got his azz handed to em, lmao!!
SON1END1's picture


rIChsmONeys's picture

not a shocker

that GayJay is from Philly. MOST useless people are. No offense to those few ones that arent and just have bad luck to be in Philly. First off GayJay, Cliff Lee is not a top 2 SP in the league. Holliday, without a doubt is in the top 2 but not Cliff Lee. The only time Lee puts up numbers is in the playoffs. The Giants, Brewers, Cardinals, Mariners, and Yankees all have someone on the staff that is a better SP then you gay lover Lee. Please do the rest of us a favor and plant a bomb in the middle of that shitty city and then press the red button.
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