DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 113

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01 - Intro
02 - Lil Wayne- Warning 2 You Rappers
03 - Lil Wayne - Im A Giant Exclusive
04 - Jadakiss Stylesp Sheek Louch Red Cafe - Im I
05 - Lloyd Banks Red Cafe Ryan Leslie Chrisette Mic
06 - Stylesp Ft Srob - Ill Take It There
07 - Hell Rell - Freestyle
08 - Grafh Hell Rell - Streetsweeper
09 - Hell Rell - Jay-Z Freestyle
10 - Stylesp Tony Moxberg Joell Ortiz Red Cafe - T
11 - Prodigy - Welcome 2 State Prison The Phone Tap
12 - Cassidy Jr Writer - Goat
13 - Ransom - Answers
14 - Joe Budden - Freestyle
15 - Jadakiss Ft Stylesp Sheek Louch - Ha Ha Ur Kil
16 - Uncle Murda - Freestyle
17 - Uncle Murda - Where Brooklyn At
18 - Dmx Ft Flipmode - We Solid
19 - Nore Ft Fat Joe Dj Doowop Armeggedon - Its Ove
20 - Wu Tang Clan - Its That Wu Shit
21 - Dmx Ft Hell Rell - Real Talk
22 - Vado Ft Jae Millz - Im Up
23 - Interlude
24 - Grafh Ft Jim Jones - We Bout That
25 - Jim Jones - Oh Yeah
26 - Method Manraekwon Ghostface
27 - Bonus
28 - Rick Ross Ft Puff Daddy Sneak Preview
29 - Vado - The Fed Story

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the tracklist looks straight
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hey everyone... i havnt been able to log onto the site yet again for almost 2 weeks because the sites fuckin up AGAIN. it keeps sayin cannot find the web address or the url is havin problems. anyone else havin issues? anyway, whats been worth downloading and adding to the collection?
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as you can see.

If you browse through some of the mixtapes and look at the dates and time people been posting the site hasn't been down for anyone else, so it's just you.. Probably ya connect (maybe you didn't pay ya bill?).. Your browser settings might be screwed, could have a virus, could be a number of things but the site definitely hasn't been down especially for 2 weeks lol.. Scan ya computer with an *UPDATED* antivirus program with the latest updated definitions, and use a good Spyware remover like Spybot or the one built into windows 7
Secondly download another browser Google Chrome seems to be the best bet to use and it's the fastest, Firefox is good too.. Avoid Internet explorer
if you got all that done, then you might wanna have your registery cleaned, there a few good one's out there..
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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shit i dont know... drivin

shit i dont know... drivin me crazy tho. i use pc tools registry mechanic and the newest norton. not gettin it i guess. might have to reformat if this shit keeps up. i always use chrome or firefox too. this is the only site i have trouble with. everything else online works completely normal with my desktop and my laptop and ps3. its this site and only this site... shits weird
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shit i dont know... drivin

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Prolly cause you have that

Prolly cause you have that racist azz avatar homey. You might wana change it cause fizzel dont play dat shyt YA DIG?? .....You aint foolin nobody>>>
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lol... shit aint racist in

lol... shit aint racist in my opinion. if anything it clowns on white people tryin to fit in with the hip hop scene. but shit if its offending people ill change it for their sensitive asses. its more pokin fun at myself and other white folks tho. for real.
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Is not that we "sensitive"

Is not that we "sensitive" is just plain disrespectful. Try sayin that to a nigga face and you will see how muthafuccin sensitive we can get POTNA!
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man all my friends think its

man all my friends think its clownin... but everyones different so i changed it. it all depends on how cats raised up i know that. so what have i missed thats worth a serious dl?
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You aint miss much. This

You aint miss much. This site been kinda dead lately. Niggaz been up'n buncha recycle shit.
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cool. good lookin. my bad on

cool. good lookin. my bad on the pick fellas... on the real was pokin fun at myself and white folks like me who been feelin hiphop since the 90s always tryin to fit in. some folks are more light hearted but i feel those who grew up in different environments and take shit personal... shit i hope that was it cus shits been drivin me crazy relyin on datpiff! LMFAO!
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The pic aint it.. but i think i know ya problem

You'd know if you were banned or paused from the site with message saying so, so your pic aint had much to do with it, i've seen worse, but i'd wanna change it either way..
BUT ya problem might be with Norton Antivirus.. That shit WILL FUCK UP YO COMPUTER!!!
and in most cases a simple uninstall don't work with norton.., Norton Controls your firewall, it uses it's own shitty firewall to block ports it deems a bad port, it blocks on it's own will, but bruh i have to tell you, you can either go through the headache of uninstalling Norton, scanning your registry to remove the rest of Norton (because Norton doesn't fully remove from your system) it's like AOL that sticks around like a virus tucked away temporarily doing damage on the DL.. You have to go into Regedit and do a manual remove of some other files if you don't want to wait 3-5 hours for a Deep system registry scan/fix, and then make sure you still don't have 2 firewalls fuckin with each other.. One of the problem is.. Norton doesn't turn off the builtin Windows firewall, so you end up with 2 firewalls blockin shit it don't need too..
Mcaffee was even worse!.. if you want a good antivirus get BitDefender.. If you want a good free one use Avira AntiVir-free version. AND DO NOT INSTALL THE FIREWALL!!
If you want a firewall use the one built into Windows.. turn it on and your fine.
Or you can do what i usually do when i don't wanna fuck with all that shit, backup my shit to an online storage, Pocket Drive or DVD's and Format that mothafucka, you'll feel like you just Busted a GOOOOOOOODDDD NUT once ya shit is refreshed..
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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lol... thanks. ill keep it

lol... thanks. ill keep it all in mind if it keeps up.
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yo i had the same problem

yo i had the same problem where i wasnt allowed on the u live on a campus? i thought maybe they blocked me for downloading too much shit but im not sure wat it is now. i dont have norton so its not a firewall issue and i can get onto any other website no problem...either way like they said theres been shit on this site-i havnt found new good music on any site for a bit now
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nah not on a campus. shit

nah not on a campus. shit maybe someone is lookin into how much i dl. i know torrents can be tracked. most all tapes on here are free for promotion though so it should be all good.
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Pic Thiz Grape Fruit Sized Nuts Punk Ass Nikka!

5th Ward TX
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go to cnet and get the best spyware and cookies cleaner software they have they shit ranked highest to lowest -WHO SAYS HIP HOP IS DEAD-
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sheer curiosity

A) Aren't you white? B) Didn't I call your ass out for white people such as yourself trying to act black, which was the apparent point of the duck picture, and C) Are said friends white like yourself, cause if so they are just as racist/intolerant/dumbass for using a word that white people such as myself KNOW not to say as you, if infact you and your friends are white. If your black...well...then you were just dumb for having said picture. Props for changing it. Not that I know what the airplane tail even reads.. but still. Better than a racist duckling.
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You ever heard of the

You ever heard of the Beastie Boys?? Doesnt anybody remember wheezy or whatever being that white dude with the camo rag over his face pointing at the cam like he had a glock??
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Haha that dood gettin his

Haha that dood gettin his pantys in a wad. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Meh, I never got into them. BBUTT I do like this VERY underated group called Rehab. You heard the song "Sittin at a bar on the inside"? Great. And that was him? Sad.
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youre such a fuckin rum for

youre such a fuckin rum for even jumpin into other peoples conversations every time you log on. and no i dont act black, i like hip hop, no all my friends are not white but unlike you i dont brag about it and try to use it for a pass, and racism is different in everybodys hearts. thats why i changed it. what some take light heartedly and in a joking manner others could take offense. after that was pointed out i changed it. but maybe my black friends that laugh at similar things are uncle toms in your eyes huh? only you would bring the shit back up and make it a big deal after it was over... and that plane is the first hip hop album i listened to when i was in first grade. didnt listen to much Beastie Boys after that album but it was the first form of hip hop that influenced me... clown
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You said it yourself that the point of that picture was to make fun of you. Oh, wait, lemme be PC real quick and put on my rose colored glasses and try to get that wiggers don't exist, or any other stereotype. Fuckin tool. I noticed that you cleaned up the way you type and speak on here REAALL quick as soon as you got called out for being a racist wigger. Fake bitch. You're just a fuckin follower without a personality. My guess is, when parachut pants were in, you bought five pairs, when Kanye started wearin skinny jeans, you got 9. All over autotune till hova decided to kill it. Fuckin be yourself, and not the fade.


The sites server is having a problem. It had one about a month ago for two weeks. Cleared up for about a week and here recently has been having a similar problem. You'll notice there are days without mixtape updates and then BOOM two pages in two days. It's a server problem. You just happen to be hitting it in the sweet spot.
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exactly... thats what mine did. was screwed up for about a week, worked again for about 4 days then i lost it for about a week and a half... been goin thru withdraws relyin on datpiff. cats on there, no offense, don't really comment on quality music...
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anyone know how to change

anyone know how to change your user name without starting a new account? my names daniel wayne, the whitest name on here, so i used d weezy but everyone keeps thinkin it cus lil wayne, tho dude is tight, when its just my real name. i tried my account but i dont see shit on changin your name...
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Try the contact us button on

Try the contact us button on the left. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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tha 41st side

man you got that i cant find in store any where can i get the hook up i miss that lakey was just home and music was real now we got lil wayne and drake the snack cake
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Yeah I got it somewhere in

Yeah I got it somewhere in my mess of cds, if i run into it. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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You prob couldnt see the key

You prob couldnt see the key strokes with that dried giz in your eye, and typen the wrong shit. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

d wEEZY 1, when I saw you

d wEEZY 1, when I saw you post that the 1st time I contacted you via the email address on your account to get more info but I never heard back. If you don't give me any details I'll never be able to look into what might be causing your troubles. Use our contact form and hit me up, thanks
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sorry... i never check that

sorry... i never check that email address. i use 3 different ones. i just checked and responded. its been working fine all weekend. hopefully its all good but if it happens again i will hit you on that email you contacted with while its happening so you can look into it. thanks...
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Happened to me too, it's not a virus. It may have something to do with what area you live in, I live in Canada. -Live Life Topless-
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it's alright. Not his best

it's alright. Not his best tape not his worst. 7/10
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Where the f**k is 24 hour karate school? Ski beatz needs to stop teasing everybody. ive been waitin for forever on this one mixtape. This one mixtape puts lil waynes career to shame. Shits gunna be reall hiphop, real music for people who think. Waynes a character, an entertainer. Not a lyricist or poet in any form. His voice is gettin worse too. CREATIVECONTROL.TV, support real music and real creativity. Peace and one love..
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Where is fuckin anything

Where is fuckin anything good to bump is the million dollar question? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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You aint fuckin lieing, I

You aint fuckin lieing, I just spent a week working in Philadelphia Mississippi and I just knew when I got home Id have 4 or 5 tapes to bump, but I didnt even have 1 tape that I missed. If you ever want to kill yourself go spend a week in Philly Mississippi and after 3 days you'll gladly chose death over waking up in that town again!
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What kinda work were you doing??
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Man I wired a UPS system in the bank headquarters in town, and some chillers in the server room. UPS is a rack of batteries and converter that supplies power untill the generator is up and running, & its all automatic, now when the power goes out in town the bank will never even blink and nobody even has to leave their desk. I did go to an Indian owned casino for the first time in my life on the Choctaw Indian reservation thats just outside of Philly, for just a sec you forget you're even in Mississippi being there. Goggle Pearl River Resort and you'll see what I mean bout the Indians
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I Love mississippi lol

Im sorry you had a bad time out there, i love Mississippi, yea it has some dead parts, some really country parts and all but thats what i like about it, i own some land out there in Hattisburg,ms and my Mom's buried out there on the family burial ground so i visit it alot.. Mississippi has alot of different cultures and just driving through it, you can see various changes from Jackson to Biloxi, all in one state you can drive from an area thats a thriving metropolis, to a real COUNTRY-Gump lookin, Ghetto's n shit to a Nice Long white Sandy Beach, with casinos/resorts that would make you think twice about going to Las Vegas for any of it.. Not only that it's close to (the Big City) thats what the Mississippian's call New Orleans.. lol. only about a 40/45 min drive outside Biloxi Beach
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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I go to Southaven and Olive

I go to Southaven and Olive Barnch all the time, but unless you see the 'Welcome to Mississippi" sign you'd never know you left Memphis. I guess its cause Ive lived in Memphis my whole life, I might be southern but Im not country at all. Theres all kinds of shit to do here, and in 33 years of living here I still see new people all day every day, everybodys always in a hurry even if they have nothing to do. In that area of Mississippi the people are so bored that there used to it and are in a coma like state, just walking around slow and driving around slow, we worked late trying to get done sooner and by the time me and my helper got back to our room and cleaned up and changed the town was closed. If you are out after 9 o'clock you're damn near alone. North Mississippi is cool cause its really just Memphis bleed over, Jackson is alright, Hattisburg is cool cause you pass the Southern Miss football field and I think about Brett Farve, and the Biloxi/Gulf Shores area is cool but whats not cool thats on the ocean. The counrty is cool to drive thru but I need the city, I need to be cut-off and pulled out in front of everytime I drive, I need lights that drown out every star in the sky, I need to know theres shit to do even if I dont want to do it atleast I have the options, you just never know how much of a "city boy" you are till you spend time in a small ass town, and Philly has 5000 people I couldnt even imagine being in a town of 500
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Yeah i feel ya, imma city boy myself, had to get use to living in Tampa, people out here think it's a real city because all they know is Tampa many haven't left Florida before, most of the one's i know that have are not from here lol go figure..
It took me a LOOONNNGGG ass time to get use to tampa, and to keep the home sickness at bay i go to about every event that goes on back in my birth city, But Tampa grows on you after a while for some reason, i guess because it's close to everything and it's only a 2 1/2 hour trip away from Louisiana lol.. Not far away from anything really, i got my Degree and just really just decided to stay a lil longer and my job keeps me from wantin to up and leave with the type of pay i get now
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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Ive been to Tampa, went deep

Ive been to Tampa, went deep sea fishing out of St Pete beach, I really liked Tampa but most my time there was spent next to or on the gulf. Ive been all over the south, but Ive never been any further north than St Louis. Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, Destin and Tampa are my favorite places that Ive been, Hot Springs Arkansas and Mobile Bama are cool also for short periods or time. You must mean Tampa to New Orleans by plane is 2 and 1/2 hours??
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Yeah plane

chop76 wrote:
Ive been to Tampa, went deep sea fishing out of St Pete beach, I really liked Tampa but most my time there was spent next to or on the gulf. Ive been all over the south, but Ive never been any further north than St Louis. Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, Destin and Tampa are my favorite places that Ive been, Hot Springs Arkansas and Mobile Bama are cool also for short periods or time. You must mean Tampa to New Orleans by plane is 2 and 1/2 hours??
      [- Avoid the ignorance -]
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I love tampa. Almost every year till i was twelv-ish we went down there adn stayed at the no longer existant clearwater beach hotel. Its always interesting to me to hear southerns who grew up in some of our rather large cities (ATL, the suburbs, Houston Nashville y'all know) cause I grew up in podunk nowhere and love it. I'm in Tuscaloosa AL now goin to school and its kinda weird adjusting to a city, even a small one. You really don't like the quite of the country chop? Its about my favorite thing in the world. Or the calm beach areas in south alabama and rural florida. If I don't end up lobbying in AL, the plan, in theory, is to try to be a DA in Florida and live by the beach....Or in NOLA. Not sure. Love them both, alot.
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There is a HUGE controversy in bama right now ver those casinos. Basically, the allegation is that the Bama governor is taking cash from the Indians in MISS to keep gambling out of Bama. On my way to work its got a picture of the guy saying he sold us to MS. Pretty interesting stuff really.
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ski released a video the

ski released a video the other day lettin us no wats good--he needs to get sample clearance on a few songs, he said not to worry tho--ive been buggin waiting for that cd to drop
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Do you know whats up with

Do you know whats up with Curren$y's Pilot Talk album, it was suppost to drop the 23rd, then the 30th, its April now what the fuck??