Do Or Die - Trunk Music Mixtape


1. (00:03:30) Do Or Die - I Wish (Feat. Hezeleo & Adonis)
2. (00:03:00) Do Or Die - You Know (Feat. Kanye West)
3. (00:04:40) Do Or Die - Gotta Get It All (Feat. C-Bo & Johnny P)
4. (00:03:49) Do Or Die - Yo Body (Feat. Twista)
5. (00:03:55) Do Or Die - Hustla (Feat. Bun B & Lil Flip)
6. (00:03:35) Do Or Die - Ohohoh
7. (00:03:37) Do Or Die - Hood (Feat. Layzie Bone)
8. (00:03:25) Do Or Die - Bend Da Block (Feat. Trey Songz)
9. (00:03:33) Do Or Die - Wont Stop (Feat. Twista)
10. (00:00:15) Do Or Die - Beenie Man Said Dat
11. (00:03:23) Do Or Die - Wake Up (Feat. Emzain)
12. (00:03:41) Do Or Die - Keep It Gansta
13. (00:02:07) Do Or Die - Pimp C Speaks (Feat. Young Buck)
14. (00:01:30) Do Or Die - Yukmouth Freebelo
15. (00:03:45) Do Or Die - Respect (Feat. Jadakiss)
16. (00:04:17) Do Or Die - Crazy (Feat. Hezeleo & Big Bubb)
17. (00:04:36) Do Or Die - 12 Play (Feat. Johnny P & Mocha)
18. (00:04:40) Do Or Die - Sexdrive (Feat. Johnny P)

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i guess all the old school

i guess all the old school cats are making mix tapes now. good look. Do Or Die Auto D/L~AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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Damn Do or Die takes me back!

Auto DL for me! Thats some of the shit I grew up on!
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Its cool they came out wit a

Its cool they came out wit a mixtape but too many features i dont know bout this one . I always bump they old shit tho "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang

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Do Or Die Gotta Mixtape?

Gotta get this one.
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Fo Sho

RSS wrote:
this is fire. real mello playa shit with a tinge of gangsta. 8/10 would of gave it a 10 but too many features. jus wanna here that classic do or die flow. (Love & Hated Equally)
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Dont know whats going on with all this love for this tape, for me this is a crock of shit nothing special about this at all d/l it an judge for yourselves for me a straight 3/10 not even good old tunes. I think its about that time of the year to ask what was the best mixtape 2010 for me only 1 winner an that is Big KRIT, KRIT WUZ HERE what a mixtape, better than every album that come out to, dare i say way better than pilot talk 2 sign this nigga up someone please. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!

I agree

KRIT Wuz Here was the hardest mixtape of '10, and Pilot Talk 2 was the hardest Album in my opinion? But that dont mean im going to diss D.O.D. This boyz go waaaaay back and they deserve their respect! I smoked alotta blunts to niggaz songs, real talk..


Wiz Khalifa's Kush N Orange Juice was also one of my favs for 2010.. Lil Wayne's No Ceilings went pretty hard too i cant front.. And last but not least I gotta put it down fo my neck of the wudz, BIG TEXAS! Bun-B's No Mixtape had niggaz shook when it hit the streetz.
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I def agree wit tha

I def agree wit tha wiz!!!!~Mizz Sleepy~

I agree, but that has nothing to do with this fuckin mixtape!

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Krits def doin his thing...

But those of us who got excited when we saw this most likely grew up on this shit. Do or Die, Twista, Mo Thugs, Bone, etc all went together back in the day. I cant even tell you how many times I was rollin with Do or Die, or the likes of, in the ride throughout my teens! That was back before and when No Limit first started, and 3-6 Mafias early shit. Before cats even heard of them. With Ice Cream Man and 99 Ways to Die and Silks first album, and TRU. Music was different then. You cant compare Wiz or even Krit to that era...

yea, yea

I remember back in the day comaparing D.O.D & Twizta with Bone and 3-6. They all had similar stylez. Super fast lyrics but some how u could still smoke to it and mellow out. 90's and early 2k muzik was the best!
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yeah!!!K.R.I.T. wuz here is the best tape and i dont even think fizzle posted that shit on top. 2010 is the year some BULLSHIT got posted on top. what yall said plus dont forget that killa kleaon with drama tape went hard, and the 10 toes down 8 ball tape, play that trap or die 2 2night and you will see that it was ahead of its time. the beutiful struggle was alright. I also picked up the 'jack johnson sessions' off datpiff. And found 'The northern lights','journey through your minds eye' online somewhere an that tape waz cool. Happy new years hoe asses..
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Please Shut the fuck up

Please Shut the fuck up
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I saw do or die was like helll yea, download this right now. Not good at all. MAjor MAJOr let down. I only got myself to blame cuz I amped it up but 4real fellas, dont expect too much for this tape. But it is worth the download jus on the fact that its do or die
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First of all I like to say MAJOR Chicago rappers stick together; the only rapper missing on this album was Common. Do or Die with assistants from Johnny P are the ONLY rappers that can pull of the smooth pimp gangster persona and still be real. This mixtape picks up where Headz or Tailz left off; meaning the other subsequent albums didn't live up to Picture This and Headz or Tailz Quality. Tracks to bump: 4. Yo Body 7. Hood 8. Bend Da Block 9. Wont Stop (with the old skool Po Pimp Beat) 18. Sex Drive (maybe if u like to fuck to music)
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i take it back. don't d/l

i take it back. don't d/l this shitty mixtape!!!!!!!!!! AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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co sign

co sign
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my bad

Must admit jumped to conclusions on this, but man do or die was cool back in da day. This seems some throw away tracks. I guess them nigga gettin to old.(Love & Hated Equally)

check out the patch

Anyone peep the patch.

These muhfuckas are so throwback!

No they didn't try to drop a mixtape after being out of the game for almost 10 years. LMFAO, FUCK NO! I ain't fallin for this shit again! These ol' school cats need to start droppin new hits before they start droppin shit like this. Otherwise, it's a waste of my muhfuckin time and bandwidth. " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "
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They hadnt been out tha game

They hadnt been out tha game that long more like 4 or 5 years, they dropped cds in 05 and 06 I think Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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this shit is weak. BIG LET-DOWN!!!! [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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i cant fuck with this shit then big ups do or die $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$


wtf nigga where the fuck u been big homay!??
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been around

been around homie i havent been commenting but ill check in here and there been on the road driving trucks and chilln $-STILL GOT A BRAIN FREEZE-$


stay up mayne! and keep it real.