DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 46

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01. Intro
02. Drag-On Ft Cassidy - Drugs (World Premiere)
03. Jadakiss - Juelz Santana Jim Jones - Busta Rhymes Ron Browz - Arab Moneypt 3 (Official Remix)
04. Styles P Ft Snyp Life & Bully - Freestyle
05. Sheek Louch Ft Bully , A.P & Snyp Life - Freestyle
06. 50 Cent - Freestyle
07. Max B - Square One
08. Hell Rell - Dissin Max B
09. Uncle Murda - Brooklyn
10. Joell Ortiz - Brookly Pt 2
11. Drag-On - Interlude
12. Joe Budden & Joell Ortiz Keep Movin Æ (Exclusive)
13. Fabolous Ft Red Cafe & Paul Cain - There He Go
14. Lil Wayne - I Canæt Miss
15. Dr Dre Ft Clipse & Kardinal Offishal - Set It Off Pt 2
16. Busta Rhymes Ft Barrington Levy & Kardinal Offishal - 1
17. Dmx - Jesus Loves Me
18. Doeboy - Jazz Flow
19. Pokerface Ft Lady Gaga - Pokerface (Remix)
20. Lil Wayne - Hot Revolver
21. Busta Rhymes, N.O.R.E, Rick Ross , Flipmode & Ron Browz - Arab Money Pt 2
22. Drag-On - Interlude 2
23. Freeway - Madness
24. Busta Rhymes - Datshit
25. Lil Wayne Ft Swizz Beats , Currensy, Mack Maine & Boo - 1st Place Winner (Fullsong)
26. Lil Wayne - Let It Rock (Remix)
27. Young Cash - Autotune
28. Drag-On - Outro
29. Jim Jones Interview
(Dissin Max B)

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good tape


this dj needz to step it up...if hes trying to compete and keep up with jiggy...hes not even pulling...i herad a rumor ..all these dj's are the same person...but i think that shits not tru at all...cmon whiteowl...if u got that new shit then play it..dont just cut it up homie....this mixtape hurts ur name mayne...44 was way better


All of this was on Exclusive Tunes 50 and 51....Ill wait for Biggy Jiggy's next tape...and how the fuck can all the djs be the same person???!??? Thats the most retarded thing i've ever heard...loool...its physically impossible to drop this many tapes

not impossible

dj screw was dropping mixtapes as another dj in Houston, look at beef four, it's possible

WhiteOwlz A Jokity JOKE 10 reasons

White owl one is a fake DJ. two dresses in ladies clothes. Three cant blend or spin cuz he's a fake ass DJ. Four dude the guy wears panties Mane!?! Five you cant be recognized as a DJ if you make a mixtape with this weeks blog Leaks. Spin that or do something with it mane, I mean Instead of your Whitefoul drops. Six, the whole 1st place winner song was released as a WHOLE song already. Seven you change the names of the tracks. Eight Ladies clothes Bro?? Nine, no real hip hop artist works with him on a real level. Ten all his mixtapes are weak, and yall probably being fooled. Look him up mane. DJ Whiteowl, fake ass DJ.

How can you hate on

How can you hate on ANYONE........I repeat,ANYONE who's literately giving you your music, for FREE??!?? Until you start dropping exclusive snippets or full songs...Whiteowl DROP THAT!!!!


Jimmy Newtron & Me be TBaggin all yall to Harlem
Milwaukee Bukk's picture


Biggy Jiggy got us (mTT community) spoiled. so any other dj betta step it up or keep tha mixtapes as personal failures....If I was White Owl, Scope and anyone otha mixtape dj, I'd figure out where I went wrong in 08 and try 2 shoot for a better year in 09

Fuck whiteowl hes hating on

Fuck whiteowl hes hating on Max B... tryin to promote that old beef and shit
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GUEST23 YOU DUM AS HELL!!!!!! its about 6 songs i can name on here that waSNT on biggy jiggy!!!!!!! and i fucks wit biggy but........keep it real this nigga will have 5 exclusive RAP songs than the other 12 will be that snap ya fingaz i love you bull shit music!!!!!!!!

no no no no no no no

first of all that "new" set it off track has been releasded on every mixtape since the begining of december and its fucking weak, dre sounds like he's rapping from a retirement home or somthing. im sick of hearing the Arab money remix that song is wack too. i dont know what the fuck is up with the beat and the hook but its more anoying than autotune. and what the fuck is up with dmx jesus loves me? come on man that track blows. the joel ortiz and budden track has been out for a bit and its the only track from this tape worth listening too. and what the fuck is up with the artist labels all of them say what good is that? swizz beatz is a fag too he ruins track 25 with his stupid voice it would be a good song if anyone but swizz beats did the hook. okay im done bitching. why would you be scared of getting money?


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a yo jada can put some old

a yo jada can put some old whoo kid shit on here