DJ Haze, Nu Jerzey Devil & JR Writer - Double Trouble

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1. JR Writer - Lets Get It Started
2. JR Writer & Fred Money - Double Trouble (Prod. By Nu Jerzey Devil)
3. Hell Rell - Lets Go (Prod. By Heatmakerz)
4. JR Writer - Where You At
5. Fred Money - Writers Block Records Freestyle
6. JR Writer - The Cut
7. Hell Rell - Loyalty to Killa (Jim Jones & G-Unit Diss)
8. Hell Rell ft. Camron - I'm the Shit
9. JR Writer - Still In The Building
10. JR Writer - Writers Block Six
11. Hell Rell ft. JR Writer - Respect Me
12. JR Writer ft. Hell Rell & 40 Cal - Don't Do It
13. Hell Rell - To Be A Gangsta
14. JR Writer - Grill Em (Remix) - (Prod. By BT)
15. Hell Rell ft. Juelz Santana - Where You From
16. JR Writer - Let Me Run It Down

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7. Hell Rell - Loyalty to

7. Hell Rell - Loyalty to Killa (Jim Jones & G-Unit Diss) this should be hot
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A-Goddamn Son

Let the fueding begin, this fued B.W.S. & Dipset vs. G-unit & Jimmy Jones should be classic.

what about juelz?

i wonder why this isn't a jim jones/juelz/g-unit diss? i mean both juelz and jimmy were at the g-unit concert. but i mean where is cam'ron? he shouldn't be watchin this play out.
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where yall @?

cam's makin a mixtape

cnow1983 wrote:
where yall @?
Cam's mixtape is about to drop real soon, Public Enemy #1, answering all the bullshit and beef. don't sleep on that. "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

THis shit is HOTT, wow jr

THis shit is HOTT, wow jr writer n hell rell KILLEd this mixtape, DEF worth a listen, DIPSET holla back. and of course these niggaz ARE LOYAL ASS NIGGAZ I don know magic, but i make faggots levitate. shotty blast make ya top and bottom half separate.