DJ Diggz - Dipset Next Generation (Hosted By 40 Cal.)

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01. Camron - Weekend Girl
02. A-Mafia - Interlude
03. A-Mafia - Young Fresh Thuggin
04. 40 Cal - Interlude
05. 40 Cal - Hustlers Bounce
06. 40 Cal And Akon - Survivor
07. Hell Rell - Crack Commandments (Prod. By Dj Lazy K)
08. Hell Rell - Hell Rell Anthem (Prod. By Knoxville)
09. Hell Rell And Lil Dee - Get That Doe
10. 40 Cal - Chicken Noodle Soup
11. A-Mafia And The Game - One Blood (Remix)
12. Hell Rell Ft. Papoose And Remy Martin - The Hardest Out
13. Jr Writer - Live From The Kitchen (Prod. By Gm Productions)
14. Jr Writer And Chubbie Baby - Freestyle
15. A-Mafia And Chubbie Baby - Freestyle
16. Jr Writer And Jha Jha - What It Do
17. A-Mafia - Comin Out The Bank
18. A-Mafia - Interlude
19. A-Mafia - Hot Boy Freestyle
20. Hell Rell - Flow Retarded
21. Hell Rell - Chevy Ridin Freestyle
22. Bezel - Get That Bread Boy
23. Bezel - Dipset Bitch
24. 40 Cal - Interlude
25. 40 Cal - Toke Gats And Clap
26. 40 Cal - Interlude
27. 40 Cal - Get Mouga
28. Hell Rell - Up And Down
29. Hell Rell - Apocalypse
30. Jr Writer - So So Sick (Prod. By Scram Jones)
31. Jr Writer - Where Da Cash At
32. Jr Writer And Hell Rell - What Makes Me A Man
33. Jr Writer And Hell Rell - Stayin On My Grind (Prod. By Headbangerz)
34. 40 Cal And Freaky Zeeky - Real Bitch
35. Chubbie Baby Ft. A-Mafia 40 Cal Hell Rell And Jr Writer - Block Huggaz
36. A-Mafia Ft. 40 Cal And Hardy - Bloods And Crips
37. Hell Rell Ft. 40 Cal And Smoke-N-Numbers - Me And You
38. S.a.s - Interlude
39. S.a.s And Smoke-N-Numbers - Blackout
40. Tom Gist And Chozen Few - Harlem 2 Darkcity

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smo6dog's picture

40 Cal!

Yeah 40 Cal in this!! In my opinion he's the best of the dipset-crew.
tha ding's picture

If Only

If only they could rap better...atleast they have some good beats.
towhamir's picture


u obviously no nufin bout rap....dipst run dis rap game shit bitch....IYTE
tha ding's picture

Quiet Noob

Shut up fool. You've been a member of this website for 7 weeks wtf kind of authority do u have? Little kid, your probably to young to remember the old school NaS and Mobb Deep so really u know nothin about good rap. 13 yr kids- just leave
PolarB15's picture

Your dumb

Your an idiot these mans can rap do u even fuckin listen 2 der lyrics u faggot and if u try 2 kum at me wit noob bs i been listenin 2 rap since i was in gr 4 so fuck u dumbass u kno nutin bout rap!!!!
tha ding's picture


"these mans can rap" Wow, you are a well-spoken person. Where did you learn your grammer? From the crack whore you call mom?
PolarB15's picture


Make up ur mind do u think dey kan rap or not? and as for da crack whore comment u actin all tuff talkin shyt on da net all i have 2 say is fuck u pussy. And why wud i type in proper its da internet i aint tryin 2 impress any1 here wit my grammer...bitch by da way listen 2 40 cals lyrics den tell me dey kant rap!!!
tha ding's picture


Listen to Ice Cube and then tell me that The Diplomats can rap. They make absolutely no sense when they rap. Cam'ron makes up words to make it rhyme- thats no talent. Tru Life destroyed them. People only like them because of their good beats and cuz Cam'ron SOUNDS GOOD. They arent even in the same league as NaS, Cube, Scarface, or even Papoose. And before you call people a pussy, grow a dick you little kid. Ive been around for a while and i know what shits like.
PolarB15's picture

Wow ur a fool

Did i say camron kan rap?? um......No camron is fuckin garbage i just like juelz,40, and j.r writer.
tha ding's picture

That makes absolutely

"Did i say camron kan rap?? um......No camron is fuckin garbage i just like juelz,40, and j.r writer." That makes absolutely no sense. Cam IS dipset.
Van-Hell-Sin's picture

Same Ol' Same...

Ha!Ha! I just typed 'the ding' into the search engine and suprise! suprise! he's hatin' on Dipset again!
I don't know why I bothered - u can go to any Dipset tape and find this idiot weeping about the movement.
The only thing thats more predicitable is the way i make u look mad foolish everytime! So... what have we here?
Ahhh, here we go again:

The ding: "your probably to young to remember the old school NaS and Mobb Deep so really u know nothin about good rap."

is that how far ur knowledge goes back? no wonder ur a fuckin' idiot! when people say 'old school' they ain't talkin' bout Hip-Hop from the 90's!
U seem to like callin' people 'kids' and shit but if u think 90's Hip-Hop is 'old school' then u must be young as fuck. p.s Real folk don't call it rap - it's HIP-HOP, you corny-ass cracker! what's next?...

The ding: "Listen to Ice Cube and then tell me that The Diplomats can rap."

ICE CUBE??? is that the best u can come up wit'? also, what the fuck does cube have to do with anything? What ever time warp you be stuck in - I hope u die there! oh yea - don't even dare to use the name of Papoose to justify ur moronic statements.
this shit is funny.... PolarB15 says: "i just like juelz,40, and j.r writer." but that ain't enough for Stalin jr.!...

The ding: That makes absolutely no sense. Cam IS dipset.

this is how it makes sense: dude likes who he likes, period, and Writer, Juelz & 40 are big part of Dipset.
Tell u what chump, there are alot of emcees in the Dipset movement but u seem to think they ALL garbage - that can't be.
so why don't u prove ur not just bitter and give at least one some props?
Go ahead bitch...

towhamir's picture

tha ding

wat kinda of fukin name is of the crew u and 3 white boyz started up jks...ur a fagggit...str8....and i aint 13 incase u cant count BITCH...u cum out here runnin ur mouth lyk a take show host...lyk u a big shot...ur a fukin pussy...and dipset iz runnin dis shit IYTE

F**ck dat...

This guy is the only guy here that knows what's good music. What y'all mad about? Is it that you guys are stuck in the past? Man, I got tired of listenin' to '90s hip hop a long time ago. I get tired of listenin' to the same old shit. I'm 23 years old. I've been listening to hip hop since age 7. I don't care what y'all say, the Dips are sick!

Damn shut the fuck up

(PolarB) stupid bitch. Your a 13 year old white boy livin in your mommas basement still, stop trying to act cool son. And to both you dumbasses: it's grammar you stupid fucks. If you are going to try to insult each other at least get it right. And 40 Cal is the shit stop listening to G-Unit Polar.

yo! dipset s cool they run

yo! dipset s cool they run the game u know shit kinda they do is awesome i cant say that all members are Weird but A-mafia , this gangsa keep ril he does good shit u know is ril boss