Evil Empire - Trending Topics R&B

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01. Lil Wayne & T-Pain - Damn Damn (4:58)
02. Nicki Minaj - Little Freak (4:32)
03. Trey Songz Feat. Keri Hilson - Invented Sex (Remix) (4:19)
04. Rihanna - Wait Your Turn (3:46)
06. Robin Thicke Feat. Ludacris - Sex Therapy (3:55)
07. K. Michelle Feat. Keyshia Cole & Keri Hilson - Number One Sex (4:36)
09. Drake - Say Something (2:15)
10. Plies - Hey Daddy (4:13)
11. Shonie Feat. Trina - What Do The Lonely Do (3:25)
12. Shanell Feat. Lil Wayne & Ne-Yo - Other Side (3:20)
13. Chris Brown - Sing Like Me (4:11)
14. Missy Elliot Feat. Lil Wayne - All 4 U (3:15)
15. Bobby Valentino - Sillettos & A Tee (3:50)
16. Nicole Scherzinger Feat. Pharrell - I M.I.S.S. U (4:05)
17. Lloyd - Everything I Do (3:41)
18. Jamie Foxx Feat. Lil Wayne - Straight To The Dance Floor (4:19)
19. Rick Ross - Put Some Money On It (4:35)
20. Cassie - Skydiver (3:47)

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wtf? this shits mad old

wtf? this shits mad old
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Yeah, I agree. This shit is

Yeah, I agree. This shit is really old. But again, at least it's quality. The average track on this mixtape is over 8MB in size. That's pretty impressive. There's only a handful of tapes out right now that can compete with the quality of Evil Empire.


Just like DJs to jump in on the Twitter trend a full year after the fact. Follow Me and Trending Topics indeed. I also agree that this stuff is old, but old stuff seems to linger on tapes until music really picks up in April.
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Thats why you stick to one mixtape series.

First niggas should learn how to leave feedback like they got common sense. Second of all there's like a thousand and one dj's so stick with a series and you want have that problem. of hearing the same thing over and over again.