Fast Eddie - Live From The 412 Vol 4


01 Intro
02 Kev Da Hustla - I Wanna Rock
03 Wiz & Curren$y - Another One
04 F-Block - Hnic Ups & Downs
05 1,2 - Make It Happen
06 Tolly Ft. Clyde. D - Smokin Smokin
08 S.Money & Brucie - East To Da West
09 Bless - G'd Up
10 Clyde.D & Jr - Fish Grease
11 Wiz Khalifa - Goin' Down
12 1,2 - Freestyle
13 Sk - Freestyle
14 Da P - Fuck Wit Da P
15 Kev Da Hustla - Killa
16 Bless, Owey & Belvy - Big Boy
17 Clyde.D - In The Bag Freestyle
18 Stink & Shizzy - Loud
19 1,2 & Mossberg Pimp - Freestyle
20 Flee - Drop It In Da Pot
21 Cook Da Monsta Ft. S.Money - Bout My Dough
22 Dj Deez Ft Owey & Wiz Khalifa - Like Damn
23 Kev Da Hustla - Bmb
24 Belvy & Bless - I Know
25 Yung Monk - Street Nigga
26 Mossberg Pimp & Yung Luvey - Pimp Ya Ass
27 Mister Ft. S.Money & Chavo - Make A Movie
28 Geo - Blood, Sweat & Tears
29 Gs & Riz - Murder Rap
30 F-Block - Wasted
31 Da P - Freestyle

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Stuiped ass cover Who ever

Stuiped ass cover Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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grandma's coin purse, that

grandma's coin purse, that aint gangsta..WAKA!.....laced!

i bet

i bet u wish u had a grandmas coin purse full of paper planes
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lol@ gmas coin purse that

lol@ gmas coin purse that bitch got more weed in it then u can afford a week my dude haha* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *


this mix is ok..nothing special. KUSHXORANGEJUICE better fucking coming soon damnit!!! i could listen to wiz n curren$y allll day smokin
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Man you look like that

Man you look like that rapper Sam Adams that came out of nowhere to top itune charts, I dont know how cause the EP called Bostons Boy is garbage to me but I dont like 80% of what comes out these days, and that Curren$y Pilot Talk is comin soon and if you find the track list of google it looks fire, but all 15 curren$y albums on my zune are fire so expect nothing less


every album n mixtape of curren$y n wiz is in my zune..fuck an ipod. n they keep pushn back there release dates on there mixtapes..waitn for the right time i guess.....
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Pilot Talk will be in

Pilot Talk will be in stores, after being signed to No Limit and Cash Money it takes Dame Dash to finally get my boy on shelves
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my guess is 420

i think wiz is gon wait till 4/20 to drop...i'm just mad cuz we could have been bangin that during late feb.-early march with that Smokee Robinson Curren$y dropped... then cabin fever and pilot talk could have both dropped on 4/20 and fuck the game up for real...those def gon be some smooth joints to blo too tho
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wiz kills track 11 * Taylor

wiz kills track 11 * Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *

If that's killing a track

Then your ears are dead. It's would be hot if I thought Gucci or Waka was hot. But since they aren't. Thanks for wasting my time making down load that track. Wiz sucks. How many times have you heard that beat and the same flow over that track. Did you just starting listening to rap music. Seriously.
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rest of the mixtape that i

rest of the mixtape that i havent already heard is decent kev kills shyt sometimes wiz a monster but another one with spitta is wild old 7/10 KushxOj Pilot talk and cabin fever gonna fuck the game up bad* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *

Listened to the Kev track. Your easily impressed.

He dropped classic lines like.---- "Dress to impress and my jewels so bright I can take you coal mining you don't need no lights. My dogs gone bark like what you puppies barking at. You gone end up finished so why you starting that." ---- OOOWWWWW. Are you serious. Now back to the Wiz dude. He sounds like an amateur with Currency. No word play basic ass cat and the hat rhymes. Man your easily impressed. I'm now seriously wondering how he made the XXL list. And you call him a monster.
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you got real heated over MY

you got real heated over MY OPINION why is that?* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *
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plus u didnt have 1 good

plus u didnt have 1 good point all u did was ramble hater bullshit* Taylor Gang or Head Butt a Knife *

Looks like this might be some good shit

WIZZLE ! "...Why do I have feet? "



16 big boy biiiiiggggg

16 big boy biiiiiggggg traaaccckkkk!