F.D.A. & B-Luce - Mission 4 Commission


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1 Pots And Pans (Fda & B-Luce)
2 Can You Fel My Pain (B-Luce & Fda)
3 Making Money All Day (B-Luce & Fda)
4 Misunderstood (Fda)
5 I My Zone Part 2 (B-Luce & Fda)
6 That Girl (B-Luce & Fda)
7 Skit
8 Grip On Life (B-Luce, Nikki & Fda)
9 Hate In Your Blood (Fda & B-Luce)
10 Speak Up ( B-Luce)
11 Skit
12 World To Know (Fda & B-Luce)

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I'm Ballin Now

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Texans getting they ass beat!

Texans getting they ass beat! by dallas once again..Texan's aint got no defense What soo ever..Ima lose my mothafuckin Bet off them mofos! *Fuck ATL!!!