Gucci Mane - Official White Label (The Second Edition)


1. Im On One 3:48
2. Lookin At Me 1:43
3. Mr Tonight 3:21
4. Hood Up 2:13
5. Get This Money 2:18
6. Hood Rich 4:12
7. Front Me Front You 1:53
8. Cocaine Pure 3:15
9. 20 Gz 2:11
10. Break Up 2:35
11. The Re-up 2:55
12. Call The Weedman 4:29
13. Start It Off 2:07
14. Yeah 2:40
15. Throw It Away 2:36
16. Awesome 3:13
17. Let em Have it 3:07
18. Keep Gettin It 3:54
19. Go 3:06
20. Burrrr 3:08
21. That Man Hustle 2:13
22. Aint Nothin 1:12
23. You Aint Do It 3:54
24. We Be Steady Mobbin 3:51
25. Got em Gone 4:39
26. Brand New 3:47


gucci is still that nigga

gucci is still that nigga but fuck this dj mane u gona put im onone on this shit i was on one two years ago bumpin im on one now god damn where the exclusives at mah ngga

good dl or no???

good dl or no??????
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It's aight if you like him

not too much transition and diversity in his flow, but if your like any other Gooch fan your not listening to him for his Lyrics or his flow, your listening to the Beats which i've quickly learned is like 99% of everybody who get into Gooch.. If you can't find the Instrumentals then this is your shit.. But i have a feeling if they released the Instrumentals along with the Gooch Mixtapes i wonder which one would get more listen?? HMMMMMmmm... [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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how can you call this aiight?

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Did you.

Did you even bother to read the rest? [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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gucci bitch

gucci burr cold like polar bear toe fuck a hater wanna talk to the arm and hammer charm
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what did u say???

im confuzed with your ignorance --no nutz no glory--
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annoying bitch

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
im confuzed with your ignorance --no nutz no glory--
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You aint ever had a bitch! If so you have other shit to do, every mixtape on here has your bitch ass talking shit to somebody thats just speaking there opinion, apparently you think everybody should think just like you, I dont comment bout how dumb you are for liking somebody like dj screw, if he was still alive you wouldnt even fuck with him, shit I started that screw shit back in 86 with my fat boys record when I put it on the wrong speed! What genius!!
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chop and screw u nigga!

BLAH BLAH BLAH NIGGA i dont give a fuck about u or wut bothers u. u aint payin for my internet bill. I DO!! so ima keep doin wut im doin and if u dont like it then i feel bad 4ya dawg. And dont diss Screw cuz he a "genius". If you were smart enuff u coulda made mad dollaz with dat screw dat day back in 86. but na u choked u dumb fuck! Now take your middle age couch potatoe stick up the azz back to sleep! u mean old basterd. --no nutz no glory--
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gucci has some nice songs

gucci has some nice songs you can't lie you just gotta find em and i've never listened to his songs and said damn i wish he wasn't rapping on that so i can just hear the instrumental, no disrespect intended, he's got it locked down here in GA and as much as i'm tired of hearing gucci is the best rapper come out of everyone's mouth i have to admit he USED to have decent tracks
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Those beats could have been given to anybody else, i would rather someone else get those beats and make music i can actually listen to, i mean lets face the facts riding around listening to instrumentals is just plain stupid unless you are practicing your freestyles in your car, but the world is bigger than GA and in order to be successful in the industry the way it is now you have got to make music other people can relate to in order to sell records not everyone on this planet sells drugs so they cannot relate therefore gooch does not sell records, most people are just going to dl his music in the long run. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Rep VA All Day No matta Where I Stay

...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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but i dont only listen to

but i dont only listen to down south artists just because i'm from the south, and gucci's recording is based in ny mostly it's just matter of opinion everybody has artist they like and dislike but by no means is gucci anywhere near my top 10 or 20 artists
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

thats good to hear....bc....

if gucci mane is in anybodys top 10 or 20 they need to go commit suicide lol757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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but half of these are old if

but half of these are old if you just look at the tracklist you can tell i don't know if there is anything new yet though just because people rename tracks
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I havn't heard some of them

I havn't heard some of them so i'll download. And I actually like gucci's flow generally, as long as he actually pronounces his words. Its hit or miss. edit: theres only 3 I havnt heard, or 2. Renamed most tracks
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Some new beats and production on this tape. Good tape for a Gucci fan. It gets a 4.4/10
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I am so tired of recycled mixtapes all of this is old, i agree with dninc i pretty much listen to gooch for the beats while i am smoking bud, he has no substance. All he talks about is (not knocking his hustle) being icy, trappin, etc thats why i listen to jeezy bc granted they talk about similar things jeezys flow has more substance, there is no substance to most RAP music example Gucci, Souljaboy, Juiceman, etc. If you are looking for substance go try some Jay-Z, Kanye, Nas, Styles P, Kweli, Mos Def, Etc all of that is HIP HOP. But everyone has their own taste in music that is just my personal opinion. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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I will always rep for the A

I will always rep for the A but i am tired of these lame ass djs puttin the same ol songs on a mixtape an tryna pass it off as a new one, wont be downloadin this one already got these tracks

your alright

holla back