DJ 31 Degreez - Forecast 21

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1. (00:00:43) DJ 31 Degreez - Stop Being Greedy(Intro)
2. (00:01:51) Young Jeezy & Slick Pulla - Lets Roll
3. (00:04:09) Shawty Lo Ft. Birdman, Rick Ros - Foolish(Remix) Awty Lo Dissin
4. (00:04:37) T.I. - No Matter What (Dissin Shawty Lo)
5. (00:04:25) Lil Wayne & Kayne West - Lollipop(Remix)
6. (00:04:54) Young Jeezy & Kayne West - Put On
7. (00:04:30) Bun B - Keep It 100
8. (00:02:56) Kiotti - Im A Rider
9. (00:04:01) Slim Thug, Killa Kyleon, J-Dawg, Chris Ward, Pj The - Ride With No Ceiling
10. (00:03:57) Blood Raw Ft Young Jeezy & Ric - Chevy Boyz
11. (00:03:55) Gorilla Zoe - Doeboy
12. (00:03:34) Maino - Hi Hater
13. (00:04:22) Nas -
14. (00:01:26) Rich Boy - Buried Alive
15. (00:03:34) DJ Khaled Ft. Yo Gotti & Rick - Going To Mia
16. (00:04:19) DJ Khaled Ft. Rick Ross,plies, - Out Here Grindin
17. (00:04:22) Ugk Ft. Chamillionaire - Underground Thang
18. (00:04:18) B.G. - Born Hustler
19. (00:02:28) Kochece - Hell 2 Da No
20. (00:03:43) N.E.R.D Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco - Everybody Nose(Sniff Sniff)
21. (00:03:40) Gucci Mane - Trapstar Ice

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no new gucci no download its

no new gucci no download its just a fake name

Yeah I downloaded that last

Yeah I downloaded that last track and it's just that "Jewelry" track from those older mixtapes.

i aint been funny right and

i aint been funny right and no disrespect to gucci mane but fukkin hell what do you see in him he sound blokked up mosta tha time and i cant name one song of his that is decent except for tht 'bitch i might b joint' but tht wernt even his beat

Where da fuc is da new Gucci shit?

Where is da new gucci shit da streetz is beggin fo dat shit to drop dis nigga just put gucci name on da mixtape so muthafucaz could download it dats sum pussy shit.GIVE DA STREETZ WUT DA WANT AND WUT THEY WANT IS SUM NEW GUCCI OR SUM OJ DA JUICEMAN.SUC A DIC IF U DISAGREE PUSSY NIGGA,FUC A HATAH

old shit

most of dis shit been done b4 on other mixtapes....


learn how to label tracks, real pathetic.. btw learn how to rip in vbr, p2p still seems to be blind to the idea of standards