Frontier Presents - The Hum Drum


New York beat maker Frontier is back with his latest instrumental installment The Hum Drum, following up on his extremely popular Hearing Kolor "Instrumixtape" series this is a must download for aspiring MCs and producers.

1. Hum Drum (Intro)
2. The Coalition
3. Flat Leavers
4. Meal Ticket
5. Wish Me Gone
6. Not Buying It (Interlude)
7. Keep Ontruckn'
8. Boozed Up
9. Turn Table Luv
10. Copastetic
11. Bunny Hoppn'
12. People Talk (Interlude)
13. Boy Scouts Honor
14. Hunt & Kill
15. Elevator Music
16. Question Mark
17. The Farewell Monolouge (Outro)
18. (Bonus) Chip On My Shoulda

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Pretty Good

But i think ima Add More Drums to This Shit with My Fl Studio 8, Too Make It Sound More...Decent ...G.F.T.B.(Goons From The Block)5th ward TX Off that Lockwood Dr.
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Some great instrumentals on this one. hearing kolor and hum drum; superbness - Ririzzlm
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Can i use these beats on my own mixtape legally.?

Can i use these beats on my own mixtape legally.? »

unless youre making millions off your mixtape, the owner of these beats wont have time/money to sue you for using his shit. it isnt 'legal' but in reality their never gonna know and if they find out they wont care.
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use dat last beat on a local

use dat last beat on a local mixtape.........decent tape...................STELIO