Gorilla Zoe - The Book Of Zoe


01 - Intro
02 - So High With U
03 - A Week Ago
04 - Greatest Stoy Ever Told
05 - Book
06 - Everybody Gone
07 - I Just Might
08 - Like A Rattle
09 - Money Fold
10 - Suthun Nights

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Whereya'at bole? cum tag yo nigga mixtape with that same shit you be sayin in every single tape he put out you know.. """ {{{good tape by zoe this is one of the better ones....cant nobody do it like zoe he killn it...nigga bout his paper... i love him.. he threw his jock strap at me in a concert.. i hang it above my bed and take a deep wiff before i beat my blow-up bitch pussy up.... den i make dat bitch shake her azz too zoe shit... damn i wish i was zoe hoe... i'll get high and let him make my booty jiggle on his shaft.. oooh.. }}}"""..................... LMAO! Yeah thats bole 4 ya, that nigga aint lay off that nigga zoe dick this entire month, every single zoe tape he in it.. click every link down at the bottom related to zoe, i bet bole on it talkin bout block ent! like he signed to em.. lol.. fuxin faggotz yeah you definitely one of these Faggalanta niggas that be all out here in the A fah sho. [ |_-GAYTL CUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]
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Man zoe proved him self that he got the ability to put out musical format songs tracks 6,7,8,9,10 are my fav the others are ok zoe got niggas cryn and haten like bitches...gattl shut yo dick mouth ass up you aint dead yet you and screw love that internet attention I know you proud of your gay life but I don't give a fuck...nigga! Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420
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lawd, SMH

Don't have a issue with gays, but now comments like this player, isn't called for. You want respect, you have to give respect. In all my time in coming here, i have NEVER seen anything so rude and so offensive. But........don't complain when ppl start bashing you on here. Or is that want you really want ? Attention? At any rate, Yes, the Mixtape is good. And yes, one of his best, for the moment, hence, there will be 30 mixtapes in 30 days. But i guess you didn't know that about the man's jock strap you are sniffing. Now did U?
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this is a horrible artist. 28 days of BULLLSHIT. i downloaded 3 zoe mixtapes to give him a chance and that was enough to bann him from any music playing equiptment in a 3 mile radious of ME.young jock save yo boy lol Either OR
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i think most of us blaze before we search for tapes,thats why all the rude and funny comments,questions and the mindless chat...what was i saying, i'm blazed.peace. p.s. fuck gorilla zoe
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yea that pretty much sounds

yea that pretty much sounds about rite haha
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Another garbage azz tape takin up space.... Bole420, make sure you post Zoe's greatest hitz when this shit is over aite! Holla at chu people's kid.
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No doubt there'll be tapes of the 'good' tracks off all this shit he's dropping. ...Screw'd up ~ Lo'd down...
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this is the first time i

this is the first time i downloaded him since he started dropping akk of the tapes and im pretty sure that i wont do it again peace
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WOW @ The Homosexual undertones in here

Stuff i really could have not read and had a visual of man, please keep that shit in PM's.. last thing i want to be reading about is some nigga playin in another nigga's booty, it's gettin too graphic in here, i mean a lil homo humor is aiight, but don't get carried away.
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This dude is terrible got to say fuck his effort, I was good seeing 3 tapes a year from this clown fuck this shit