DJ Fletch & Gorilla Zoe - Planet Of The Apes


01. Gorilla Zoe - Intro
02. Gorilla Zoe - Where You From
03. Gorilla Zoe - Trap On Fire
04. Gorilla Zoe - Miro
05. Gorilla Zoe - Fuck U
06. Gorilla Zoe - Row Row Row
07. Gorilla Zoe - I Am Gorilla
08. Gorilla Zoe - Million Dollar Trap
09. Gorilla Zoe - On Fire
10. Gorilla Zoe - Look Like Money
11. Gorilla Zoe - Stop Calling My Phone
12. Gorilla Zoe - Warning
13. Gorilla Zoe - So What
14. Gorilla Zoe - Whatcha Know About
15. Gorilla Zoe - Alaska In Da Summer
16. Gorilla Zoe - Outro

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dont really fuck wit zoe's type music but zoe be going in on a few tracks
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This guy really can't rap, I just check his stuff for the beats.
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gorilla zoe wtf he love gorillaz maybe gorilla fuck him
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Gorilla Zoe is wack ass

Gorilla Zoe is wack ass hell.... The only rapper that left Boyz N Da Hood and that's getting recognized is Jeezy.. The rest of the cast were left as scrubs.
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whats up with all the zoe

whats up with all the zoe mixtapes out of no where? he isnt any good
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zoe not up there with cats like jeezy ti luda and ect. but when you got cats like gucci, oj, and wacka then ask yo self damn zoe not that bad...decent tape got some old and new
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i like zoe. put him in the

i like zoe. put him in the same class as gucc. not the greatest mc but he makes some music worth listenin to. def not a great lyricist or anything but he does his thing...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...

i'll agree he's not a

i'll agree he's not a lyricist but the nigga brings fire to the car and he got catchy ass hooks and nice lines that keep u interested --------------if u dont believe me then leave me be
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he aite

I thought his first album "Welcome 2 Da Zoo" was pretty dope. It had alotta decent singles in there like. But he never really cought my attention after that?
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3 outta 5 for this one

Good tape, Zoe goin hard for these 28 days! I aint gonna say i like it all but i find like at least 4 tracks on each tape that are bangin, imma make me a helluva mix after these 28 days lol I.. GO.. HAM I DO IT! I ..GO ..HAM I DO IT!