Young Jeezy And The New USDA - Official White Label (Red Edition)


01.So Sad (Remix) [03:36]
02.Champion [05:29]
03.Aint No Problem [04:20]
04.Checkin Bank [02:52]
05.Blowin Money [02:02]
06.Grindin [03:23]
07.Miss Me [01:52]
08.Scared Money [03:35]
09.Ahhh [04:01]
10.Jungle [02:38]
11.Ballin [04:10]
12.Like A Slave [03:14]
13.Aint I The Shit [04:35]
14.Hood Superstar [04:13]
15.Cloverfield [04:25]
16.Crusin [04:22]
17.Big Dawg [03:25]
18.Head Up High [04:01]
19.Kontact [03:42]
20.Turnt Up [03:25]
21.Shottas [03:41]

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i hate cover art commenting

but this nigga look wild homo in this picture look like some im tryna modle type photo lmao (no homo)
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u sound like a faggot real talk, wtf u care what he looks like lol


where trap or die 2 thought it was pose to drop after the superbowl with all the tracks leakin off the tape its gonna be old news by the time it drop
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Who cares what Jeezy looks like?? Chi Chi Mun. Anyway some recycled heat. Can't wait for that new Jeezy.
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Is Certified Gee Meyhar?

Is Certified Gee Meyhar?
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ya nigga take shit to serious
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Can't wait for TM103 and TRAP/DIE 2
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I hope TOD2 dont disssapoint like Mixtape Monster 2 did. That was a BIG dissapointment.
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I agree

I agree -Live Life Topless-

Everything that nigga drop

Everything that nigga drop is hot fuck all yall.... MR 365