DJ Whoo Kid & Memphis Bleek - Heir To The Throne

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01 Memphis Bleek - Intro
02 Memphis Bleek - Thinkin Of A Master Plan
03 Memphis Bleek - Grip
04 Memphis Bleek - Rip Biggie Skit
05 Memphis Bleek - Skys The Limit
06 Memphis Bleek - Tonite
07 Memphis Bleek - Half Step
08 Memphis Bleek - Back Down
09 Memphis Bleek - Top Back
10 Memphis Bleek - Outro

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i was waitin for this.

i was waitin for this. should be hot.

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for eveyones knoledge

import_fighter wrote:
i was waitin for this. should be hot.
just to tell u and eveyone the entire tape its 18 minutes long
A True Mixfiend Uploader, Fuck The RIAA all day

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memph bleek is a bitch

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wrd haa

wrd haa


The mixtape game is fallin off!!!!!!All we see is weak comp. tapes, and a large majority of artists tapes are a disapointment, check the snowtrap mixtape what a sorry ass mafuka just down load the two jeezy albums and u'll be right!!!!!!!!
Where are the fuckin real DJ's, I used to never care about that shit!!!!
These sorri mafuca with a couple of connects wanna be Dj's stick to being a fan!!!!!

i took my back pack off 2 years ago, i might have to put it back on,FUCKIN 18 MINUTES LONG, fuck!!nothin else to waste my downloads on!!!!

Gheck Ali Vegas tho, and Redman and the LIl flip one's ok But Slick Pulla is the Shit!!!!!!!!!Were's Jeezy on the Boyz n the hood shit,Jody Breeze's last tape was lack luster!

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dis biter aint been heard in awhile n he gon come up wit an 18min mixtape wit intro outro n skits!! no fukin worth ethic bleek n jay aint nothin but sum str8 up karoake singers wit no originality n no original lyrics

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it might be a little short but bleek is under rated.

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how can bleek b underrated when his best song was robbed from nas n his other mini hits were club/pop trax.

bleek is OVER rated, he's

bleek is OVER rated, he's that bad.


I agree the Bleek's work ethic is poor, but he still is one of the hottest rappers out there. Did you not listen to the understanding, or coming of age. If your man throw you a couple million and basically a you dot have to work ever in life card. would you really be that motivated? He just not hungry, Its like he lamar odom, he can go off or get hot at anytime but why when you have Kobe on your team, let him carry the load to you forced too.

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shit he's never been rated

shit he's never been rated

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Well,1st of all i would like

Well,1st of all i would like to say thanx 2 jlaudiosw7 4 this one.I love Memph Man.But i don't understand why Whoo Kid made a mixtape only 4 18 minutes...Well,its all gud anyway.Thanx again man.Shout out from Moscow City.

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why doesnt this big wanker give up

i dont really do this (waste my time on bitch niggers) but these rocafella dudes are just on a diffrent planet than the rest of us.
first and foremost i heard this mother fucker (jay) say since he became ceo of def jam he would give himself an B for what work he has done at def jam.tru life sam scaro (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah)
i stop listenin to jay when he said we dont have to sell crack no more cos he did.
then when he and his stupid little bitch try COVER yes i mean COVER that 2pac song me and my girlfriend i just wanted to kill this dum cunt
i ait even say nothing bout what he did to dame and biggs his best friends the niggers he stared this with
i could go on

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Niggy you must be smoking or

Niggy you must be smoking or snarling something stupid. Fucking Wanker!

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smokin yeah

your mum looks like jay z

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bitch niggers

now u got me wastin my time on bitch niggers

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exqueeze me?

exqueeze me?


is not terrible... just as people have said has no work ethic. Jay said it best Bleek can be one hit away forever and he is still set for life.

Having an 18 minute mixtape is kind of smart b/c it is promo. you dont get money so why have a long ass mixtape. I would rather have a long mixtape but business wise it isn't smart and Jay knows this.

Little Brother said it best on "And Justus For All" why "freestyle" over someone elses beat and have it on mixtapes when you can "freestyle" over a new beat add a hook and you have a new song??
Freestyle is in "" b/c I 90% or more of these "Freestyles" are not freestyles

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bleek is hard, def underated. he never got the respect he deserved because he was hyped up too much

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is some wack shit

Wrong mixtape

Yall know this aint the real mixtape. on mixtapemurder bleek got 13 songs andof course this has ten. this site is falling off all they have here is wack ass mixtapes and when they get something hot its fucked up. DAAMN!!!!!!! Its still the ROC bitch

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just missing tha track go to war and a skit, get away is joined on half step

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the only reason this guy is

the only reason this guy is still rapping is standing behind him
stop eating off jay you f*cking bitch-ass