Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected And MKW Presents: 50 Cent - The Undertaker

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50 Cent 'The Undertaker' brings you the story of Curtis Jackson, a
man from South Side Jamaica Queens who became one of the biggest
rappers in the world today. The darkest days of his life story are
chronicled, including the unfortunate souls (rappers) who crossed
him, only to meet their demise. The third installment in the "Motion
Picture Mixtape" series, Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected bring you one of
their best efforts to show why they are the best duo in the mixtape
game today.

This is a lot more than your average mixtape. It's meant to present
the life story of 50 Cent in a movie-like style, only on a mixtape!
Big shoutouts to Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected & MKW!

1. (00:03:35) 50 Cent - "Crossing Him Is A Grave Mistake"
2. (00:01:58) 50 Cent - The Year That Changed His life
3. (00:01:14) 50 Cent - Growing To Be Rap's MVP
4. (00:03:35) 50 Cent - The Only Solution
(Featuring Notorious B.I.G)
5. (00:01:27) 50 Cent - Is A Hustler's Dream For Success
(Featuring Marvin Gaye)
6. (00:03:27) 50 Cent - Bringing "Reefer Madness"
(Featuring Barry White, KRS One, Channel Live & Jigsy King)
7. (00:01:07) 50 Cent - But Don't Get Caught Up As A Suspect
(Featuring Tony Yayo)
8. (00:00:55) 50 Cent - The DJ Saved My life
9. (00:01:07) 50 Cent - He Ain't No Regular Joe
10. (00:02:38) 50 Cent - I'm A 134th Street Allstar
(Unreleased Freestyle)
11. (00:00:51) 50 Cent - And I'm Realer On The Streets
(Than I Am On Wax)
12. (00:03:13) 50 Cent - I Showed These Rappers "How To Rob"
13. (00:01:00) 50 Cent - You Cannot Kill Me
14. (00:03:58) 50 Cent - Though Many Men Wished Death Upon Me
15. (00:02:46) 50 Cent - What Is A Wanksta?
16. (00:02:10) 50 Cent - Real Men Don't Back Down
17. (00:02:55) 50 Cent - Or Your life Will Be On The Line
18. (00:01:19) 50 Cent - I Rock Wilder Than The Average
(Unreleased Freestyle)
19. (00:00:46) 50 Cent - That's Me (The Releast In The Streets)
20. (00:00:46) 50 Cent - I Gave You The Game
21. (00:02:12) 50 Cent - But He's Not Rich (And Still Lying)
22. (00:01:20) 50 Cent - Where In The World Is Camron?
23. (00:02:16) 50 Cent - He's At His Funeral
24. (00:00:15) 50 Cent - His Career Is Dead
25. (00:04:06) 50 Cent - Cuz I Put A Hollow Thru Him
(Featuring Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo)
26. (00:02:30) 50 Cent - Last Time You Fuck With My "Piggy Bank"
27. (00:00:12) 50 Cent - You Two Must Be "Part Time" Lovers
28. (00:01:49) 50 Cent - Too Bad Your Daddy Can't Make A Hit
29. (00:00:32) 50 Cent - You Wan't Me To Die Ugly?
30. (00:02:36) 50 Cent - Nigga, Now I'm On Your Heels
31. (00:00:27) 50 Cent - Talk About My Baby Moms?
32. (00:02:27) 50 Cent - Now I'm Going To Fuck Up Your life For Fun
33. (00:03:33) 50 Cent - Plus You Won't Believe What Tia Told Me
34. (00:01:11) 50 Cent - Even Your Man Knows Your A Fraud
35. (00:02:41) 50 Cent - Bringing The "Heat" To Any Battle
36. (00:00:42) 50 Cent - Cuz You Gonna Get "Shot Down"
37. (00:01:37) 50 Cent - Now Your "Bloodclot Mouth" Is Permantely Shut
38. (00:01:25) 50 Cent - I Get Money (Money I Got)
39. (00:02:30) 50 Cent - You Know I Get It In
40. (00:01:12) 50 Cent - Cuz I Aint Never Gonna Fall Off
41. (00:00:49) 50 Cent - Signed, "The Nigga You Love To Hate"

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Game met his 'demise'? Funny shit right there.

50 didnt kill game they

50 didnt kill game they should take games head off and put fat joe's instead..other then that this a tight cover


He never beat game on wax. But wheres he now? Cant GIVE his album away, "This isnt why i got in this hip hop shit man! sob sob" ok tape if u like 50.


can't give it away huh? why would u want to. LAX was a good album....and you do realize it still sold well w/o 50 and dre...smh @ you
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how is games head on this.

how is games head on this. lol

Damm Fiddy

I don giva fuck!, This a sick cova, look at ross's fat fkn head, mista porky da pig. Serve em to da damn public!
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scwestcoast's picture

a shorter more condenced

a shorter more condenced version of 50's life: 300 bars and runnin
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Yo myan this is bullshit how the fuck can they put games head on this when The Game killed 50 an g unit! The Game destoyed them pussys!! 50 ent even killed off rick ross so hsi head shouldn't be there either, this nigga is a joke fo real cant wait to see 50's album flop.
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Im not a fan of either of em

BUT how can anyone say anyone killed anyone's career when they are still rapping, still touring, still selling out concerts still got a fan base and still got a contract deal? This Diss shit is so fuckin Retarded only a fuckin retard can be sucked into that diss shit. it's all a god damn shameless Marketing ploy to sell an upcoming album or to boost sales in a already released album. The train of thought of a real diss going on nowadays is for high school children to bicker about they're "HERO" Artist amongst each other; Go listen to the damn music if you like it, Buy it and support the artist, if you don't move the fuck on and keep searchin until you find the artist you can back, nothing here to see or listen to.. Moving on.. By the way i listened to this shit and it's boring, some tracks sound good, but in all the whole thing could be cleaned of cuss words and played in Elevators.


50 doin his thing, check out this site http://thebiznizz.wordpress.com