Young Hot Rod - Hip Hop Is Alive

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its definitly alive!!! Fuck

its definitly alive!!! Fuck dat lame nigguh Nas

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yeah, fuck Nas, young hot

yeah, fuck Nas, young hot rod is the true G, bring the streets back.....

bow wow is tearin' shit up to, them 2 niggers are keepin' it alive!

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer

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r u serious?!

u r either a female or kno ABSOLUTELY nuthin bout hip hop. rappers like bow wow n young hot rod r da reason y hip hop died lil 15 yr old rappers n rappers wit no fukin skills talkin shit n people like u think thats hip hop more like hop scotch. Nas new album isnt that good but its wayyy fukin betta den jayz bow wow raps. Nas is a legend man he lost it now but he was great.

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"nas lost it"?

"nas lost it"?..... u crazy? .....nas' new album has one weak track (the changed up voice one)..... "jayz bow wow raps"? ..... yer u crazy..... what lunatic has ever put them two names together in a generalisation?..... heres something to baffle ur head.... "Dank, ur opinions Stank"

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those arent opinions dose r facts. nas flow got weaker he chokes when he flowz now like i heard him choke on radio a while ago n he choked in da booth yesturday. Jay aint on no1z level hes garbage. i mean come on jay been braggin sayin hes da best on his 1st fukin album n every single album after dat. datz his whole style to rap about himself..dude shoulda wrote a biography instead it would have been less painful. but it woulda been false cuz he def isnt n never ever will be a great mc..people jus think hes good cuz he gotz all u hypnotized. he spends all his money promoting himself makin beer commericals computer commercials all sorts of endorsements. n all these people buy his album n CONSTENTLY hear him tellin u hes king hes jordan hes da best n dat shit getz 2 u all n u start thinkin dat. u will never get anything outta jayz flow. dats y da best rapper is pac cuz EVERY1 can relate 2 his lyrics n other mcs like kane rakim g rap nas etc.. gotz delivery n or style n dey DONT brag bout demself like dey sumthin special. FUCK JAY seriously dudez weak swagger jacker lame n bullshitter all in 1.

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hip hop useta be lyrical mcs were spittin hard shit wit mad delivery NOW all dey have is hooks n beats n FUKIN DANCING!!
dats real gangsta havin bunch of niggas dancing around like ballerinas what da fuk is dat man dat aint hip hop hip hop died n da late 90s when bad boy was on top makin gay remixes n when r&b mixed wit rap. sure der r a few good mcs out now but there becomin extinct n dis nigga hot rod def aint 1 or ne of them gunit pozers.

hip hop got assfucked..

since da attention moved to da fuckin south hip hop got fucked in the ass the attention jus needs to be back on the BX n brooklyn.... them niggas from da south talkin shit about lettin they shouldaz lean but they never have real talk id say fuck all em niggaz from da south

Bow Wow???/ HAHA

I hope to God you are 12 years old. And Nas came correct on Hip Hop is Dead. And "Who Killed It" is actually an ill track, the voice may make it wierd but the message and concept is sick. Something no one in the game would think about doing. Just like "Rewind" Nas always brings something new.

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neva said

manne i never said his cd bombed its juz not as good as da rest, n im not da 1 who mentioned bow wow 1st otha dude sez bow wow 1 of da greatest rappers so i had 2 set shit str8 n i comparez bow wow 2 jay cuz dey both suck dick.

dank - message not directed at u

wasn't commenting on your reply, my message was directed at the Bow wow lover

yall smoking crack

This is the first and last time I will ever post anything on the net(it just aint my forte), but what some of yall is saying blasphemy. Since when bubble gum rapper Bow Wow, and some lame ass nigga name Hot Rod, earn the right to even come at Nas, someone who the both looked up to. Thats one of the reasons hip hop is dead right there. When these smart dumb mother fuckers come at the very same peson that had some sort of inspiration on them directly or indirectly.
Bottom line is Nas is respected as one of the best lyrcist and poets in the rap game by both the orginal hiphop generation and the younger cats. All 7 of his previous release albums platinum, and for the record Hip Hop is Dead is a real creative album, so what he forget his words, on the radio or rap city. A wiseman once said if a man did a 1000 great things, and one bad thing would he still not be a great man. I mean I got write a book on this shit, Igot so many points. But look Hot Rod wack, Bow Wow is Bow WoW WTF!!! need I say more

BlEndMaStA101 yo u think u

yo u think u no everything about everything but stop talkinn about nas n gunit n them dont get me wrong i like nas, gunit is a bunch of bithces but young dice and domination is where its at...i bet u never even heard of them niggas..young dice is only 16 and hes nice as fuck

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omg u all r stupid as fuck

omg u all are stupid as fuck....r u kidding me, it hurts my eyes to read the first few comments posted...YOU ALL DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT RAP...nas is top 5 of all time and i dare someone to disagree with me on that....and plus if u dumbasses would use ur brains, he sisnt saying its dead....and BOWWOW AND HOTROD?? R U SHITTING ME!!??!?!...first off they both suck badly, and who the fuck is hotrod? never heard of his lame ass....u guys who listen to these kind of cats are the reason hip hop might be dying...fucking go buy illmatic before i smack you all

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now that aint right

kdude87 wrote:
who the fuck is hotrod? never heard of his lame ass...

where the fuck have you been? you telling these dudes "they dnt no shit about rap"??
u gotta be jokin, come back wen ur up to date man...

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man stfu

man shut the fuck up please....i jjust looked up that faggot and found out he was in g-unit which makes me laugh....get off 50s nuts bitch....take a hiphop lesson

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you reli do make me i gotta get of fifs nuts? just coz i kno hu hot rod is...u think i fuck with g unit? well ur intelligent...

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mixtapetorrent needs to put up a list of users who will always say stupid shit so we can know who to ignore.

At the top would be foc^ simply because he is annoying with the way he rides g-unit's dick all the time

Oh, by the way...just because he has a picture of lloyd banks, always supports the g-unit fagel team and knows hot rod's life story DOES NOT mean he fucks with g-unit, in fact he hates them with a passion

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ignore list gd idea

just coz i kno hu hot ord is...i "have" to kno his life story? yeh i have a banks pic, i had wen he was gd...i cnt change it tho...coz it wont let me...

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ok ma bad, cos i know what you're talkin about with the picture thing it did that shit to me once. Don't change the fact tho that no-one should get hit at for not knowin who hot rod is because in a way, rod was 50's replacement for game and rod flopped cos he has no talent of his own....yet(mayb when he leaves g-unit, just like game). This track gets no love from me tho, Nas is in another league.

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i agree

..i agree wiv wat u sayin, hot rod cudnt have thought he cud even get compared to nas...his stupid ass on nas' beat. nah game was gd wen he was wiv the rod isnt. even if he leaves he'll b shit, hot rod is the RnB cherry on the top of the units crappy camp... i ddnt mean to come across aggersive, just thought it kinda weird, sayin these ppl dnt no rap n he doesnt no hot rod...m'bad

shut the fuck up stupid bitch

foc wrote:
kdude87 wrote:
who the fuck is hotrod? never heard of his lame ass...

where the fuck have you been? you telling these dudes "they dnt no shit about rap"??
u gotta be jokin, come back wen ur up to date man...

he said he dont know hotrod so you think he cant tell people to learn shit about rap? earth to fucking moron; hotrod is the flavor of the month rapper. no point learning shit about him as he will be gone befor the years end.

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...yeah, I can honestly say

...yeah, I can honestly say that I was being sarcastic

and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer


Let me guess; Nas did a song with Game, so now these G-Unit cats are gonna go and diss him. God damn, will their shit never end? Guess who produced that track Nas did with Game, Hot Rod? YOUR BOSS. Now get cancer.

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hip hop is dead

hot rod is tha is one of the greasiest cunts ive ever heard and that bow wow fag would get his neck snapped in the real streets. hip hop died wen these grease monger rappers got nothin to say but just wat cars and jewlry they got but they aint doin shit they dont use there guns only at gun range and only make there money thru rap sales and endorsments and commercials not thru keys thats why i wont help kill hip hop buy buying there cds. nas's old school shit was sum of the best but he should retire or bring that old shit back these dayz i jus listen to the new rap becoz of the beats not becoz of the grease chatter.

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Fuck hot rod

This is one of the most lamest diss track ever nas will shut this dumb nigga up just like he did jay

Off Brand!!!

hot rod + bow wow = OB "On the, rise to the top, many drop, don't forget
In order to survive, gotta learn to live with regrets"


BOW WOW,HOT ROD? Speaking on NAS? HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alright wat the fuck was

alright wat the fuck was that shit, sounded like a fuckin nursery rhyme that fifty wrote for this lil hot rod fuck.......gunit is done.....lloyd banks is garbage, fifty is garbage, spider loc garbage, tony yayo garbage, i will listen to SOME of young bucks shit but otherwise garbage, 40 glocc rip off of 40 cal.....Nas is a legend and this hot rod is nowhere near his level....

Mainstreem hip hop is dead

Take it back to the 90's for real shit fuck this lame ass mainstream bullshit, it was the shit where your single could be a diss and sstillll get played. now its full of a bunch off pussys, and shitty SHITTY Southern beats that sound like someone gave a retard fruity loops. Hot rod is wack GARBAGE, Nas Is sick face it ( I'm not even gonna talk about bow wow, he might read this and clack on my ass..... yeahhhhh lame ass garbage)

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if u don't like da dirty dirty shit u better get tha fuck outta

if u don't like da dirty dirty shit u better get tha fuck outta here cuz this is southern take ova bitch.....get some crunk in your system or get stomp!!!!!!
all them pussy ass new york shit guess what your time is up fuck that i got shot 20 times and those borin ass beats from new york ....... the only new york crew that i respect is Wu-tang nucca and nun else gotta problem get at me nucca...
if you think your new york shit is hot then why do we alwayz chopp it and screw it up?

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top 5

1. Biggie
2. 2pac
3. Jayz
4. Nas
5. Big Pun

NO hot rod or bow wow in sight ...

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da real top 5

1. 2pac
2. Kool G Rap
3. Rakim
4. Big Daddy Kane
5. Nas

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top 5

Just addin my two cents..

1. 2pac
2. Rakim
3. Nas
4. Biggie
5. Jay-Z

Thats wuz up

Not to many people give credit to Big Pun Nas Himself said he put Big Pun on top with Biggie and Pac. My opinion top 6 no order they all have there own style and there all so lyrical (my opinion)

Big Pun
Big L
and there so many more in that level like
Kool G Rap
Tali kweli
Big Daddy Kane

In the South
Ludacris is the best to me

FUCK HOT ROD ''..rap is like


''..rap is like wrestling, everything is FAKE, but its a good pussy getta and the cash is great...'' - Tony Yayo G-Unit Radio Part 8


so if i bought a 20 inch tv in the 80's then coppa 55 inch 06. yea its betta nicer n shit BUT do that mean tv is dead.......dum ass nas he coo and all but i bet anything he regets sayin HIP HOP IS DEAD!!!TRUST ME

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rewind: this got me sayin hot rod is good/got potential

i know its old but hot rod's verse has grown on me when i had no other option but to listen to this track over and over = had to open mind. In fact his flow is more on point than papoose's(less breaths, more punchlines). Even tho he cant back up any of the shit he's sayin, this verse is fuckin hot and id recommend tha song just for the sake of hearin him spit. Still dont mean im feelin hot rod but i gotta respect his lyrics/flow/delivery here + the fact that unlike most crap rappers he only said the N word 3 times. This his verse (w/ some changes cos i cbf to get it exact):

Man these n*ggas is so shook
I had to get an alarm on my pen
And insurance on my notebook
You lil rappers is textbook
Still tryin to bounce past while I hit em with the low hook
Now gimme the loot
Hennesy and juice
While I’m spittin with Papoose
In my fireman suit
If hip hop is dead, we goin to its grave (yep!)
To hold a concert and watch the ish raise up
The dead call is the second coming
Real MC’s is celebratin
Fake ones start running
You aint poppin ya gun if you aint got one
You aint pimpin no hoes if you aint got none
Shotgun in the old school
But im from the new school
My whip, '07, new shoes
Conditioned for winning my lyrics unlimited
I got ish for the children
I got ish for the womens
N*gga you aint feelin all the bars that im spillin
I leave a lyrical puddle you walk by and slip in it
Download my crack Ill have you beggin
Timbo to ya kneecaps no bootleggin
If you want it that bad nigga come get it
I spit premium rap your ish is unleaded
From the west to the east
I murder tracks
I got producer’s puttin vests on they beats n*gga

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First of all...this is a VERY opinion based topic..

There are so many things wrong with each and every comment..

First of all there are too many different sub-categories of rap/hip-hop/r&b to say that any of it could be dead..yes there are no more(if not..very few) lyrical tracks being put out on the mainstream but that does not mean that hip hop is on that sorry nas..but u were wrong on that much as i respect are

Second of all..not knowing the name of an MC does not make them trash...nor does it give u a reason to diss them

THird..dissing people..(especially large names) is one of the fastest ways to come up.. IE: 50(even tho IMO he fell off)

...Many people come up using a group then break off and start solo careers

...Bow wow is coming back...whether you like it or not..he is..i personally hate him but that doesnt give me a reason to bad mouth him...

...this comment will be hated on because everyone hates someone who tells it like it is...cus they all wanna say how they think it SHOULD be(including me..)

I ain't got nothin' against nobody trying to make a decent living
It ain't the money that's the issue
Only if that's the reason why these cats ain't makin' decent music
That's when I got beef wit' you
And I'm a bring it to you like never..
Go ahead, try to jump my crew if you cats feel boggy
You need to wake up and smell the damn coffee
-Binary Star