Lil Keke - Only The Strong Survive (Chopped N Screwed)


This is the Chopped n Screwed version, click here to download the original version

1. RNR Speaks/Real Nigga Radio 2:59
2. RNR Speaks/Real Nigga Radio 0:13
3. Tryin' To Eat 1:51
4. Alive And Free 2:32
5. Alive And Free 0:08
6. Alive And Free 2:18
7. I'm Still Holdin' 0:06
8. I'm Still Holdin' 1:06
9. I'm Still Holdin' 0:06
10. I'm Still Holdin' 2:33
11. Let Your Nutz Hang 0:35
12. Let Your Nutz Hang 2:40
13. 1st Class Swag 0:20
14. 1st Class Swag 1:46
15. 1st Class Swag 3:03
16. Back 2 Tha Streetz 2:05
17. Haters Watching 0:24
18. Haters Watching 0:58
19. Haters Watching 0:20
20. Haters Watching 2:00
21. It Don't Stop 0:33
22. Hood Niggas 4:51
23. I'm A G 6:28

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finally some more lil keke

finally some more lil keke real talk nigga this cd is by far not his best but its chooped and screwed niggaz dl this shit if you aint got the tracks michael 5000 watts

who chopped it up???

who chopped it up???


what the fuck is this with mixtapes on 30 mbs? its the same with the dblock tape that just came, terrible quality

that nigga bigga rankin from

that nigga bigga rankin from texas chopped it up worth the download i dun know bout your computer you goof nucca this cd downloaded for me in 5 mins shit

Bigga Rankin is from FL......

Rankin is from Florida and I highly doubt he chopped it, more then likely it was Watts....

yo nigs bigga rankin is

yo nigs bigga rankin is from florida and is choppin with swishahouse and michael 5000 watts this is the third mixtape this year swishahouse put out with bigga rankin hosttin bigga rankin id due time will be second to watts in swishahosue mark my words rankin chops nigs



The DJ sucks

This CD is jammin xcept that damn dj screaming in the back and fuckin the songs up.... sounds like a rasta dj clue.... other than that CD/Lil Keke got me on it.... real shit