Illanoise - Street Wars (Hosted By P-Cutta) (Street Wars #16 BONUS DISC)

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01-movie_skit-homely.mp3 188.78 KB
02-illanoise-scarface_the_movie-homely.mp3 2.93 MB
03-illanoise-full_effect_freestyle-homely.mp3 2.94 MB
04-illanoise-freestyle-homely.mp3 2.17 MB
05-illanoise-late_night_skit-homely.mp3 3.65 MB
06-illanoise_feat._styles_p._jadakiss_and_sheek_louch-p-work-homely.mp3 5.03 MB
07-illanoise_feat._cafe-block_work-homely.mp3 3.60 MB
08-illanoise_feat._currency-aint_nobody_fuckn_wit_me-homely.mp3 3.60 MB
09-illanoise-nightmares-homely.mp3 3.96 MB
10-illanoise-the_pavement_freestyle-homely.mp3 2.88 MB
11-illanoise_feat._text_sosa-bullets_go_bang-homely.mp3 4.76 MB
12-illanoise_feat._ryan_banks_and_cashmere-streetwars_anthem-homely.mp3 4.05 MB
13-illanoise_feat._playboi_and_reynolds-bang_bang-homely.mp3 3.54 MB
14-illanoise-mobb_freestyle-homely.mp3 2.30 MB
15-illanoise_feat._debs-i_dare_u-homely.mp3 2.98 MB
16-illanoise_feat._anhk_amen_ra-yall_aint_gangsta-homely.mp3 4.86 MB
17-illanoise-look_what_i_got_freestyle-homely.mp3 6.08 MB
18-illanoise-they_aint_about_nothing-homely.mp3 2.39 MB
19-illanoise-uncut_raw_freestyle-homely.mp3 1.99 MB
20-illanoise-got_money-homely.mp3 2.15 MB
21-illanoise-puttin_n_work-homely.mp3 2.11 MB
22-illanoise-bonus_track_interview-homely.mp3 5.67 MB

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Why no other comments? Oh I get it: you'd all rather whine about Jay-Z, 50 Cent and shit...this just proves real Hip-Hop is DEAD, killed by the 'lil drama queens, who talk about commerical emcees like they know them on a personal level and shit! all the while Illanoise slips under the radar with a tape that is straight crack. Shame on you... "who's Illanoise?" I hear the bitches ask? I'll tell u - he's the next big thing you dumb motherfuckaz and he's bringing that shit back to the east.