Issa - Back To The Future (Hosted By DJ Holiday)


01 - Intro
02 - Back To The Future
03 - 16
04 - Look At Me Now (Feat. Jacquees, Don Juan, Lil Ch
05 - Ringing Up My Phone (Feat J Real Don Juan)
06 - Time Is Paper (Feat. Tc)
07 - Issa Freestyle #2
08 - Issa Freestyle #1
09 - Beautiful Day
10 - Fallin In Love
11 - Green Eyed Goblin (Feat. Deonte)
12 - War
13 - Issa Freestyle #3
14 - Get So Fly
15 - She Wait (Featuring Silva Wolf)
16 - Letter To My Dad
17 - Unpredictable

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henderson's picture

Aye ya'll dont sleep on this

Aye ya'll dont sleep on this kat this cd's hot bro. I mean he aint got much to talk about cause he 16 but i heard on datpiff and he go hard. Check em out.

fuck off

U say this hot, then u go to say "u heard" on datpiff it went hard? Fuck outta here ur lil young azz dont know what the fuck u talkin about?? U always giving out half azz opinions on mixtapes.. And why in the fuck would i want to listen to a 16yr old rap?? Fuck out of here Henderson. Stupid lil cracker u.
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haha Who ever said crime

haha Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout

fuck you with the crime don't pay shit!!

muthafaka get a ya know how many times av seen that comment on mixtapes!!! Ya retarded o smthn'???!!!